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Foster Children

Shedding Light On Foster Children In Need, From Rosie O'Donnell (VIDEO)

Posted 02.10.2014 | MarloThomas

When asked what’s next in the career of an entertainer who’s done it all, actress and comedian Rosie O'Donnell had some exciting news to share wit...

Top 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Accomplishments in 2013

Marybeth Gasman | Posted 02.19.2014 | Black Voices
Marybeth Gasman

Each year we search the nation for the very best of what is happening at HBCUs. This year we found some terrific successes including significant philanthropic contributions, great new programs, and legal and moral victories. Consider our choices and feel free to add your own.

Celebrating Success for Foster Children on Adoption Day

Judith Sandalow | Posted 01.27.2014 | DC
Judith Sandalow

I couldn't help but tear up when a little girl told the crowd that "adoption is when your auntie becomes your mommy." So much power in one sentence.

Lucky-Dad Parking

Allen Delong | Posted 01.25.2014 | Gay Voices
Allen Delong

When people say, "Those boys are so lucky!" I'm quick to counter that I am the lucky one, to be entrusted with their care. Maybe that's my sign at the grocery store, a succinct description of a single gay man who adopted older biological siblings: "Lucky-dad parking."

Davion's Plea for A Family (And The 101,000 He Represents)

Kristen Howerton | Posted 01.23.2014 | Parents
Kristen Howerton

Maybe Davion's plea will create a bigger change than he ever imagined. Maybe it will prompt our nation to listen to the voices of foster youth who are asking for a family before it's too late.

Why Is Doing Good So Hard?

C. Ugent | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business
C. Ugent

Necessity is the Mother From the hospital, I called a patent attorney. I didn't have much else to do, and I was tired of hearing myself complain. ...

How to Prevent Child Identity Theft Part Two: What Business Can Do

Joe Ross | Posted 11.06.2013 | Parents
Joe Ross

Child identity theft is a growing problem. It is cruicial for businesses to make sure any personal information they collect for children is properly protected.

Foster Children and Obamacare: The Exchanges Could Help

Erin Havel | Posted 11.04.2013 | Politics
Erin Havel

Many parents are unable to care for their children, but are unwilling to release their parental rights to family members or adoptive parents. What does this have to do with Obamacare? A lot.

How to Prevent Child Identity Theft Part One: How Parents Can Help

Joe Ross | Posted 10.30.2013 | Parents
Joe Ross

To reduce the number of child identity theft cases, it's important for parents to get in the know. Here are a few tips for parents to help prevent child identity theft from occurring.

Butterflies in Boxes

Glenn C. Altschuler | Posted 10.12.2013 | Books
Glenn C. Altschuler

Informative, poignant, passionate, and persuasive, To The End of June is almost certain, however, to generate a sense of urgency in readers to fix a broken system that has sometimes managed to fly beneath the radar.

20,000 Kids Placed With Adoptive Families Through National Website

AP | Posted 06.22.2013 | Parents

WASHINGTON -- Federal officials say 20,000 foster children have been adopted after being listed on a national website that links adoptive families wit...

'A Family Is Where There Is Love'

Steve Majors | Posted 07.17.2013 | Gay Voices
Steve Majors

The Every Child Deserves a Family Act is a federal bill to eliminate discrimination in foster care and adoption based on gender identity, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Change a Child's Life

Angela Featherstone | Posted 06.30.2013 | Impact
Angela Featherstone

Sadly, many people have a preconceived idea that kids are abandoned because something is wrong with them. A common response to meeting children in foster care is, "They are so sweet! How could anyone abandon them?'

Reimagining the Future for Foster Youth

Sixto Cancel | Posted 06.09.2013 | Impact
Sixto Cancel

Young people are told that the sky is the limit, but not everyone has the same opportunities. Some youth have to overcome the trauma of neglect. Some have had physical, sexual and emotional abuse. There's a major contradiction for children in this society, and as a foster care alumnus, I know it all too well.

A Message for the Kids: 'If You Dream It, You Can Do It'

Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels | Posted 06.08.2013 | Impact
Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels

I will always be the King of Rock, but I only got there because of the people who believed in me. Each and every day that I have the privilege of spending with these children is inspiring. I see a piece of myself in all of them.

Chelsea Kiene

Helping Teens In Foster Care Find Adoptive Parents | Chelsea Kiene | Posted 03.01.2013 | DC

WASHINGTON -- Each year in the United States, more than 100,000 children wait to be adopted. In 2011, less than half of them were matched with adoptiv...

'We Were Told To Leave Nina In The Playroom, All By Herself, And Depart'

Posted 01.23.2013 | Parents

This is the fourteenth post of "30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days," a series designed to give a voice to people with widely varying experiences, includ...

Here's The Rub Of Being A Foster Parent

Posted 01.23.2013 | Parents

This is the seventh post of "30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days," a series designed to give a voice to people with widely varying experiences, including...

The Heart Gallery

Angela Featherstone | Posted 12.17.2012 | Impact
Angela Featherstone

The Heart Gallery is an exhibit of photos featuring LA foster youth that highlights the need to find adoptive families for waiting children. As someone who spent more than a year in foster care, at first I felt conflicted about the concept of taking pictures of foster kids for public display.

An Open Letter to My Adopted Mom

Victor Lopez | Posted 10.18.2012 | Impact
Victor Lopez

There were days that I thought you would kick me out and I ran away. I wanted to give up and you would not let me. You would not accept failure and yet would understand when I made mistakes.

We Can Do Better: Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Youth

Michael Piraino | Posted 11.26.2012 | Impact
Michael Piraino

There's a group of young people who might experience the start of school with more mixed emotions. Their route to educational success is more challenging. They are foster youth.

Swept Under the Rug? An American Tale

Victor Lopez | Posted 11.17.2012 | Impact
Victor Lopez

How many children will go to bed at night with the same confusion I once experienced? How many of these children will grow up and become drug users or criminals and what could we have done to help?

Providing the Support that All Our Children Need and Deserve

Sam Macer | Posted 10.16.2012 | Education
Sam Macer

It is the foster family that makes the educational difference and it is the PTA that will be there to provide support. We need the foster parent PTA.

Interview with Keith Bulluck, Former NFL Player Turned Sports Psychology Analyst

Teddy Wayne | Posted 09.15.2012 | Sports
Teddy Wayne

A known advocate for players and foster children alike, Keith Bulluck revealed to me his post-career plans to get a masters degree in sports psychology to help him better understand the athlete's psyche and enhance his insight as a mentor and on-air analyst.

Passing It On

Terry Blackhawk | Posted 07.10.2012 | Detroit
Terry Blackhawk

As teachers, we touch many lives. Sometimes we know the effect, but often we do not. When I received an email from a former InsideOut student, now a Teach for America trainee, I had the pleasure of spreading the word to a very special teacher.