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Gender Bent

JD Roberto | Posted 09.26.2011 | Home
JD Roberto

The worst part of gender neutralization is that it makes the terrible assumption that gender, itself, is the problem and if we remove it from the equation, everything will be better

Why We Need More Female Music Role Models

Emma Gray | Posted 09.25.2011 | Women
Emma Gray

My 10-year-old self (and the almost 24-year-old that I've become) owe a lot to Dar Williams.

The New Boys' Club: Google+

Joan Williams | Posted 09.18.2011 | Technology
Joan Williams

According to early data, Google+ membership in the first few weeks was close to 90% male. Now it's more like a 75/25 split -- better, but nowhere near parity.

WATCH: Boys Really Do Like Pink

The Huffington Post | Ellie Krupnick | Posted 09.17.2011 | Style

This just in from "Good Morning America" -- "pink is making a stink." More and more young boys are choosing to wear the rosy hue, from contestants on ...

Adele and Eminem: Singing the Same Digital Song?

Marcia Dawkins | Posted 09.15.2011 | Entertainment
Marcia Dawkins

The artists seem to be a pair of space bound rocket ships aiming for the moon. But soaring success in cyberspace is not all they share. A closer look reveals they might be singing different versions of the same song.

Maybe Men Are the More Romantic Gender

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright | Posted 09.14.2011 | Women
Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright

Looking for something hot to do this weekend? Why don't you get carnal and... cuddle? A recent study involving more than 1,000 couples suggests that it's quite important for -- men.

On Dads, Daughters, and the Women's World Cup

Sam Sommers | Posted 09.14.2011 | Sports
Sam Sommers

Make sure to plop your kids in front of the TV for a good two hours straight this Sunday. It's important. Sports -- like other cultural diversions -- provide a contemporary backdrop for family bonding.

Gender Diversity and Kids: Happiness Matters, not Nail Polish

Stephanie Brill | Posted 09.13.2011 | Impact
Stephanie Brill

It all begins at home. Should you allow your son to wear nail polish out of the house? If he likes it, why not? It won't make him gay; it won't make him transgender. It just may make him happy.

The Costs And Benefits Of Coming Out In China

Economic Observer/Worldcrunch | A Kuai | Posted 09.12.2011 | World

After he left Tianjin last year, Zhang Xiaobai realized that homosexuals are not "rare birds." When he was still in primary school, Zhang (not his ...

Men Account For Most Job Growth During Recovery, While Women Suffer

The Huffington Post | Alexander Eichler | Posted 09.06.2011 | Business

The recession, famously, hit men hard. It was dubbed the "mancession," with male-dominated industries, like construction and manufacturing, among t...

Our Fathers Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers, and the Changing American Family

Dr. Peggy Drexler | Posted 08.28.2011 | Women
Dr. Peggy Drexler

How are today's fathers serving as models of strength and assertiveness for their daughters? How much of this example are their daughters observing, absorbing, and deploying in their lives?

God And Gender: Missing The Divine For The Sign

Rabbi Shais Taub | Posted 08.28.2011 | Religion
Rabbi Shais Taub

The bottom line is that the language of gender is no different than the language of emotions or consciousness. These are descriptions of the human experience of the divine.

The Big Deal About Breasts

Sam Sommers | Posted 08.22.2011 | Women
Sam Sommers

They say the most important word to include in a book title is "you" because it draws the reader in and makes the topic seem relevant and accessible. ...

Wal-Mart Gets A Free Pass For Bias From The Supreme Court

Rinku Sen | Posted 08.23.2011 | Politics
Rinku Sen

The lesson of the Dukes v. Wal-Mart decision is that Americans can't rely on the courts alone to check all forms of bias, especially the kinds that don't require explicit direction

How to Talk to Little Girls

Lisa Bloom | Posted 09.26.2011 | Books
Lisa Bloom

I always bite my tongue when I meet little girls, restraining myself from telling them how darn cute and well-coiffed they are. What's wrong with that? It's our culture's standard talking-to-little-girls icebreaker, isn't it?

NPR And Lasers: Inside The Mind Of Larissa Bates On Beautiful/Decay

Posted 08.20.2011 | Arts

(Via Beautiful/Decay) Larissa Bates both celebrates the male gender identity within the history of art while struggling to disassemble heteronormat...

New Study: Powerful Women Cheat As Much As Powerful Men

The Huffington Post | Stephanie Marcus | Posted 08.17.2011 | Women

Women cheat just as much as men -- at least if they are playing on the same power level. A new study that will appear in Psychological Science fou...

Women Warriors: Not Your Everyday Desperate Housewives

Dr. Sharon Ufberg | Posted 08.17.2011 | Women
Dr. Sharon Ufberg

The women warriors I am referring to are not packing a pistol or taking orders from anyone. These women warriors are fiercely feminine and fully equipped with more powerful energy, creative inspiration, deep intuition, knowing, and vision.

Gender Gaps Exist In the Very NGOs that Address it Internationally

Tom Murphy | Posted 08.07.2011 | Impact
Tom Murphy

There are many problems within the very NGOs that attempt to address gender-related problems related to the issue of poverty.

More Diversity Will Help the IMF at Work

iMFdirect | Posted 08.01.2011 | Business

Nemat Shafik, who took over as IMF Deputy Managing Director in April, says she has been surprised by the vigor of internal policy debate at the IMF. "...

PHOTOS: Kara Walker On Sexuality, Slavery And Shadow Puppets

Posted 07.30.2011 | Arts

The exhibition “Fall Frum Grace, Miss Pipi’s Blue Tale” at Lehmann Maupin Gallery is a collection of three new video works from Kara Walker. Tho...

Women, Growth and Generational Change

Marcelo Giugale | Posted 07.26.2011 | World
Marcelo Giugale

Better policies and bigger projects will not by themselves achieve gender parity. Real change will come about only when gender becomes as integral and natural to development as environmental protection or fiscal transparency.

Why Women Aren't Pigs

Robin Lakoff | Posted 07.25.2011 | Style
Robin Lakoff

Because of the DSK and Schwarzenegger scandals, there have been questions like: Are powerful men pigs and if so, why? But I've yet to see any discussion of a related and relevant question: Why are powerful women so seldom sexually predatory?

Transgendered In The Music Business

Baltimore Sun | Posted 07.24.2011 | Arts

On a YouTube video, Tona Brown is first seen playing some Bach on the violin. Then she breaks into song, delivering "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" in a full-t...

A New Voice for Women in U.S. Aid

Ritu Sharma | Posted 07.05.2011 | World
Ritu Sharma

Women are the majority of the more than one billion people living on just a dollar a day, and account for 6 out of 10 of the world's hungry. Despite this, they very often get left out of assistance programs.