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The Grown Woman Series: Gossip

Dr. F. Emelia Sam | Posted 04.11.2014 | Women
Dr. F. Emelia Sam

Let's face it: The only time you have to feel like you have the upper hand is when you're already convinced of your own insignificance. When confident, you never have to tear down another woman to build yourself up.

Passover, Idle Gossip and Competitive Altruism

Dana Beyer | Posted 04.10.2014 | Gay Voices
Dana Beyer

The reality is that human beings are selfish as well as altruistic, and we live not only with saints but with sociopaths. Nowhere is this more evident than in politics.

The Grown Woman Series: Competition

Dr. F. Emelia Sam | Posted 04.01.2014 | Women
Dr. F. Emelia Sam

The reality is that there was a time when the presence of even one woman was considered a serious disruption in the workplace. If you have time to waste, do a search for some of the old training videos addressing this issue.

How To Banish Negative Conversations

Laurie Gerber | Posted 03.29.2014 | Healthy Living
Laurie Gerber

Maybe your family or friends like to gossip. Or maybe they play misery poker about their ailments. I challenge you to be the one to set the tone of conversations.

The Grown Woman's Oath

Dr. F. Emelia Sam | Posted 03.19.2014 | Women
Dr. F. Emelia Sam

The old paradigm of "there's only room for one" continues to be broken down. We still have a way to go, but it is up to us to create room for the next woman -- not elbow her out of the way.

Gossip: Weeds vs. Vines

Amanda Slavin | Posted 03.29.2014 | Healthy Living
Amanda Slavin

Here is the funny thing about gossip, the truth always wins. I believe this. I'm not saying it's always as quick as spreading gossip. The truth takes longer, it is like a vine that spreads slowly but it lasts longer, and gossip is like a bunch of weeds that grow everywhere and anywhere it can, but in the end weeds die.

I Like Talking About People Behind Their Back

Galanty Miller | Posted 03.07.2014 | Comedy
Galanty Miller

If we couldn't psychoanalyze our friends behind their backs, what else would we have to talk about? If you don't have the guts to say something bad about me to my face, then do it behind my back. In fact, I'd prefer it that way.

Courtney Stodden's New Man Speaks Out

RumorFix | Posted 01.26.2014 | Celebrity

Does Courtney Stodden have daddy issues? You decide. The 19-year-old has gone from the arms of a 53-year-old right into another one. tracked down Edward Lozzi, who was photographed Friday in an embrace with the Internet darling.

Good Gossip

Kait Sawyer | Posted 01.23.2014 | Hawaii
Kait Sawyer

Does such a thing really exist? The more I learn and the more I grow, the more I want to always see the good in people -- the happiness, the joy, and...

Why I Gossip at Work (and You Should Too)

Adam Grant | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business
Adam Grant

Sure, it pales in comparison to coveting thy neighbor, but the Bible does warn us that we should "not go about spreading slander." And if your mother is like mine, she probably told you that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say it at all. But what if our moms were wrong?

10 Things To Give Up In Exchange For Happiness

Tamara Star | Posted 12.10.2013 | Women
Tamara Star

I'm told happiness is a choice. Unfortunately we complicate our lives to the point of being unable to recognize happiness when it appears before our eyes.

The 10 Most Profitable Business Secrets

MaryEllen Tribby | Posted 11.26.2013 | Business
MaryEllen Tribby

Building strong relationships is one of the most important business tools you can master. When you have good relationships, running your business is so much easier. People respond to you faster and are willing to go that extra mile for you.

Why Feeling Competitive Is A Good Thing

Lisa Firestone | Posted 11.24.2013 | Healthy Living
Lisa Firestone

Competitive feelings are an indication of what we want, and acknowledging what we want is key to getting to know ourselves.

Devil May Care: An Interview With Gossip Protégés Magic Mouth

Logan Lynn | Posted 09.25.2013 | Gay Voices
Logan Lynn

On the heels of a tour with fellow hometown heroes Gossip, Portland's Magic Mouth is about to release their first full length record Devil May Care on August 15th.

The Sex We Didn't Have

Matt Nestor | Posted 08.18.2013 | College
Matt Nestor

Now that I've graduated, I'm having oodles of sex. Oodles. There's just something so appealing to women about being young and underemployed... But the fact remains that I was once a pernicious exaggerator. This puts me in good company

He's a Bad Boy, But She's a Hot Mess: Is It a Gender Thing?

Sheila Moeschen | Posted 08.06.2013 | Women
Sheila Moeschen

Amanda Bynes is, without a doubt, an 11 on the media dubbed "hot mess" Richter scale, and it seems like there is some kind of cultural payoff in watching her seismic mishaps expand.

A Conversation With the Founder of Media TakeOut

Bryan Cain-Jackson | Posted 07.24.2013 | Black Voices
Bryan Cain-Jackson

Media TakeOut is one of the most visited urban websites out there. It truly makes for a fun read about people who we love and are entertained by -- Media TakeOut shows us that just because they might be rich it doesn't mean they are above engaging in common foolery.

Wounding Words: The Dangers of Gossip

Rabbi Melissa Buyer | Posted 07.24.2013 | Religion
Rabbi Melissa Buyer

We all know how hard it is to refrain from gossip, particularly in moments of anger, pain, frustration or exhaustion. But our Torah reading reminds us that we need to be vigilant in monitoring our own speech and helping others do the same.

5 Ways To Make Your Relationships Stronger Than Ever

Dr. Carmen Harra | Posted 06.26.2013 | Healthy Living
Dr. Carmen Harra

Spring and summer are the quintessence of backyard barbecues, outdoor festivities, and beach bum days, which means a lot more mingling and mixing is done during these months. But increased exposure to others can also easily increase tensions.

The Queen Bee's Deadliest Weapon: Gossip

Dr. Peggy Drexler | Posted 06.04.2013 | Women
Dr. Peggy Drexler

As more and more women in the workplace compete with each other for jobs, they're calling on gossip as a means to get ahead--or keep others down.

5 Strategies To Help You Forgive

Paula Davis-Laack | Posted 05.31.2013 | Healthy Living
Paula Davis-Laack

While research indicates that training in forgiveness can actually bring about improvements in both well-being and health, actually forgiving can be easier said than done. If forgiveness is something you want to practice, try one of these strategies.

Gossip -- Hotbeds Of Hearsay

Jocelyn Greenky | Posted 05.13.2013 | Women
Jocelyn Greenky

The right kind of office gossip will keep you in the know and on your toes. Here's how to manage unofficial office communications.

Open Season On Liars

Gini Graham Scott | Posted 04.20.2013 | Celebrity
Gini Graham Scott

It seems like an open season on liars these days, with so many of them shot down and exposed by the media -- and often by postings on the social media...

What Makes Us Love Celebrity Gossip

Dr. Sam Von Reiche | Posted 03.19.2013 | Entertainment
Dr. Sam Von Reiche

Let's face it -- we'd still admire Halle Berry if she were happily married for 20 years, but we adore her all the more as her dysfunctional romantic life is strewn across the media.

Elizabeth Wurtzel As a Cautionary Tale

Pauline Millard | Posted 03.10.2013 | Women
Pauline Millard

The next time a friend is going off the deep end, say something. Be rude. Hurt her feelings a little. It's a new year and a perfect time to try it out the honesty principle