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Your Ultimate Guide To SAT Subject Tests

| Posted 11.17.2014 | Teen

By Malone Ryan As an upperclassman in high school (soon to be collegiette!), you are likely berated with the same question from your teachers, pare...

4 Ways To Deal With College Admissions Competition

| Posted 11.10.2014 | Teen

By Winnie Ma You used to be those friends: the ones who told one another everything, did everything together, laughed at the same things together a...

4 Secrets For Making Your Extracurriculars Look Best On Your College Apps

| Posted 11.06.2014 | Teen

You’ve probably been told all throughout high school to get involved and participate in clubs and extracurriculars. For many college admissions offi...

How To Nail Your College Interview

| Posted 10.29.2014 | Teen

By Sara Heath After countless hours of SAT and ACT prep courses, endless drafts of personal essays and tackling the monster that is the Common App,...

The Truth About Counselor Recommendation Letters

| Posted 10.27.2014 | Teen

It’s that time of year again when you polish up your college essay, approach teachers for recommendations and get started on that dreaded Common App...

Schools Have a Responsibility to Be Courageous About Teen Dating and Domestic Violence

Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D. | Posted 10.22.2014 | College
Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D.

As we see an increased number of domestic violence incidents among high school, college and professional athletes, we should be acting to have schools, coaches, teachers, counselors and parents do more to identify the signs of abuse and to act accordingly to intervene and prevent physical and emotional injury.

5 Websites To Help You Pick Your College

| Posted 10.15.2014 | Teen

By Morgan Hegarty Between the stacks of snail mail you receive every day, the emails regularly coming into your inbox and the countless college fai...

The 3 Best Ways To Travel In High School

| Posted 10.15.2014 | Teen

By Brianna Susnak As a high school student, you’re probably super pumped about potentially studying abroad. After all, who hasn’t dreamt of esc...

5 Ways To Make This Your Best School Year Ever

| Posted 10.08.2014 | Teen

You know those back-to-school clothing commercials with kids in new jeans and stylish tops sporting backpacks and gripping notebooks? The students on ...

The 7 Worst College Application Clichés -- And How to Avoid Them

| Posted 09.30.2014 | Teen

Now that senior year is underway, only one thing stands between you and your totally awesome collegiette years: college applications. Sure, they may s...

7 Must-Have Items You'll Need For College

| Posted 08.25.2014 | Teen

You’ve probably been back-to-school shopping for years by now, so you know the drill –- new pencils, backpack, notebooks, the works. But here’s ...

7 Apps All College Students Need

| Posted 08.19.2014 | Teen

by Megan Shuffleton By now you may have started working on that seemingly never-ending checklist for college. You got your bed risers, your mini fr...

10 Questions To Ask Your Roommate Before Move In Day

| Posted 08.05.2014 | Teen

by Sydney Nolan Moving day can be summed up in three words: hectic, awkward, and exciting. You’ll definitely get your workout in for the day by c...

7 DIY Dorm Decorations To Make This Summer

| Posted 08.04.2014 | Teen

by Rachel Petty As college comes closer and closer, you’ll definitely be looking to make your dorm room the cutest it can be. Dorm decorations c...

4 Ways To Get To Know Your Random Roomie Before Move-in

| Posted 07.28.2014 | Teen

by Danielle Jackson Meeting your roommate for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Having a random roommate invites the possibility o...

Want To Intern For Beyonce And Be Paid With Selfies?

Posted 04.03.2014 | Entertainment

Made ya look! The best April Fools joke on the web wasn't Google's Shelfies or Lululemon's spray-on yoga pants. It was HerCampus' Beyonce-seeking-a...

6 Things To Do When You're Deferred From College

| Posted 01.23.2014 | Teen

By Katherine Varga The biggest benefit of applying to college early decision or early action is finding out whether or not you’ve been accepted t...

6 Ways to Spend Less Money This Semester

Her Campus | Posted 03.17.2014 | College
Her Campus

"A penny saved is a penny earned!" Does anyone really live by this creed? Unfortunately, it was adoption of this very attitude throughout last semester that rendered your bank account emptier than your 8 a.m. Monday class.

4 Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview

Her Campus | Posted 03.08.2014 | College
Her Campus

You showed up on time, dressed to impress, and your answers to every question the interviewer asked you were flawless. Now the end of the interview is drawing near, and the interviewer is about to ask you his last question: "Do you have any questions for me?"

6 Things You Need To Say In Your College Interview

| Posted 12.31.2013 | Teen

By Megan Shuffleton Applying to college on paper is nerve-wracking in itself, so it’s no wonder that a face-to-face conversation with an admissio...

3 Meaningless Resume Phrases and What to Write Instead

Her Campus | Posted 02.14.2014 | College
Her Campus

There are certain words and phrases that can kill the resumes of even the most experienced college women. You could be working hard juggling internshi...

Should You Go To College Far Away From Home?

| Posted 11.21.2013 | Teen

By Sarah Wainschel Once the long, grueling process of making your college list is over, you’ve finally sent in your college applications and your...

Why You Should Seriously Consider Applying To Art School

| Posted 10.10.2013 | Teen

By Nicole Knoebel Has art class always been the best part of your day? Have you always been the standout of your high school concerts and plays? Th...

10 Things No One Told You About Applying to College

Her Campus | Posted 11.24.2013 | College
Her Campus

As you're starting the college application process (if you haven't already, you overachievers), most people will be telling you one thing: what colleg...

How To Talk To Your Parents About Applying To College

| Posted 09.19.2013 | Teen

By Janine Ko College application season is in full swing! From Common App essays to what seems like a million supplements to fill in, applying to ...