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Return to Homs at Middle East Now: Syria's Freedom, at Any Cost

E. Nina Rothe | Posted 04.15.2014 | Arts
E. Nina Rothe

It's as if we're all watching the daily show of a developing catastrophe, one too gigantic for us to believe, and so we tune out, turn off and try to reason that it's perhaps media propaganda... I know I felt that way, until Derki's film set me straight.

What After Homs?

Kristalina Georgieva | Posted 02.19.2014 | Politics
Kristalina Georgieva

It is not normal to take 14 months for the UN to negotiate a humanitarian pause in Homs.

Fear And Suspicion Infuse Homs Evacuation

Reuters | Posted 04.14.2014 | World

HOMS, Syria, Feb 12 (Reuters) - The men covered their faces as Syrian army soldiers used mobile phones to try to take their pictures, convinced thes...

Homs Truce Extended

AP | BARBARA SURK and DIAA HADID | Posted 02.10.2014 | World

BEIRUT (AP) — Aid officials rushed to evacuate more women, children and elderly from rebel-held areas that have been blockaded by government troops ...

Mortar Fire Delays Aid Mission In Besieged Syrian City

Reuters | Posted 04.10.2014 | World

BEIRUT, Feb 8 (Reuters) - United Nations-led efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to a rebel-held, besieged district of central Homs were delayed on...

Syria Begins Evacuating Civilians From Besieged Homs

Reuters | Posted 04.09.2014 | World

By Khaled Hariri HOMS, Syria, Feb 7 (Reuters) - Syria began evacuating civilians from a besieged area of Homs on Friday while Russia ...

Syria: There's A Deal To Evacuate Civilians From Besieged City Of Homs

AP | RYAN LUCAS | Posted 04.08.2014 | World

BEIRUT (AP) -- State-run Syrian TV says an agreement has been reached to evacuate civilians from besieged parts of the central city of Homs. The TV...

Eline Gordts

A Gut-Wrenching Glimpse Into Besieged Homs | Eline Gordts | Posted 02.03.2014 | World

The first images that came out of the Syrian city of Homs right after the start of the protests in the spring of 2011 were pictures and movies of chan...

Aid To Besieged City At Center Of Syrian Peace Talks

AP | JOHN HEILPRIN and ZEINA KARAM | Posted 03.30.2014 | World

GENEVA (AP) — Syrian government anger over a U.S. decision to resume aid to the opposition prompted the U.N. mediator to cut short Tuesday's peace t...

War Threatens Palmyra, UNESCO Pleads for Syrian Heritage Protection

Magda Abu-Fadil | Posted 11.01.2013 | World
Magda Abu-Fadil

It's another urgent call to protect Syria's irreplaceable historical sites amidst the fog of war, loss of life and limb, and steady drumbeat of outsid...

Blasts In Homs Weapons Depot Leave At Least 40 Dead

AP | ALBERT AJI and ZEINA KARAM | Posted 10.01.2013 | World

DAMASCUS, Syria — Rebels sent a wave of rockets slamming into regime strongholds in the central city of Homs on Thursday, triggering a successio...

Attacks In Key Syrian City Kills At Least 17

AP | BASSEM MROUE | Posted 09.29.2013 | World

BEIRUT — A powerful Kurdish militia said Tuesday it is mobilizing against al-Qaida-linked rebels in northeastern Syria after a Kurdish oppositio...

Report: Syrian Troops Recapture Key Homs Neighborhood

AP | ALBERT AJI and BASSEM MROUE | Posted 09.28.2013 | World

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria's beleaguered opposition forces suffered another blow Monday when government troops captured a key district in the embat...

Syrian Troops Capture Historic Mosque In Homs

AP | ALBERT AJI and BASSEM MROUE | Posted 09.26.2013 | World

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syrian government forces captured a historic mosque in the central city of Homs on Saturday, expelling rebel forces who had be...

Syria Troops Push Into Center Of Homs

AP | ALBERT AJI | Posted 09.25.2013 | World

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syrian government troops gained ground in clashes Friday in two rebel-held neighborhoods in the central city of Homs, edging c...

Syria's 'Evil Man'

Claude Salhani | Posted 09.21.2013 | World
Claude Salhani

British Prime Minister David Cameron did not beat around the bush. He went straight for the jugular and called Syria's president Bashar Assad "an evil man."

Syrian Army Claims It Made Crucial Gains In Homs

AP | ZEINA KARAM and BASSEM MROUE | Posted 09.07.2013 | World

BEIRUT — Egypt restricted the ability of Syrians to enter the country on Monday, with officials citing reports that a large number of Syrians we...

Syrian Troops Pummel Rebel-Held Areas In Homs

AP | BASSEM MROUE | Posted 09.05.2013 | World

BEIRUT — A former Syrian political prisoner with close links to Saudi Arabia was picked Saturday to lead Syria's main Western-backed opposition ...

Syrian Army Unleashes Massive Bombardement On Homs

AP | BASSEM MROUE and ZEINA KARAM | Posted 09.04.2013 | World

BEIRUT — Syrian government troops unleashed a major artillery barrage on the city of Homs on Friday, hitting buildings near a 13th century mosqu...

Syrian Fighter Jets Hit Homs

AP | BASSEM MROUE | Posted 08.29.2013 | World

BEIRUT — Government troops launched a series of attacks in central Syria Saturday, striking with artillery, tanks and warplanes in a drive to ca...

Car Bomb Rips Through Syria's Homs, At Least 7 Killed

AP | SARAH EL DEEB | Posted 08.08.2013 | World

BEIRUT — A suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden car Saturday in Syria's central city of Homs, tearing through an area largely populated...

More Than 1,000 Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter In Local Schools

Reuters | Posted 08.07.2013 | World

HOMS, Syria, June 7 (Reuters) - In one district in the battered city of Homs, one school educates children while the other three shelter families wh...

Supercharging Medical Assistance in Syria and Libya

Ethan Chorin | Posted 08.04.2013 | World
Ethan Chorin

It is not surprising that the power of technology available to support post-conflict humanitarian action vastly surpasses the ability of governments, ...

Syrian Troops Push Into Center Of Homs

AP | BARBARA SURK | Posted 07.02.2013 | World

BEIRUT -- Syrian government troops pushed Thursday into the central districts of the city of Homs in an effort to oust rebels from the country's third...

Color Blind to Red Lines: No 'Best' Worst Options for Syria

Amb. Marc Ginsberg | Posted 07.01.2013 | World
Amb. Marc Ginsberg

I am resigned to having the U.S. remain color blind to red lines, largely because the options for credible retaliation are so wretchedly unpalatable. We will be hearing in the coming days about lots of options... until they are exposed to the cold, cruel light of day.