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Somebody Call Security! My Scarf's In the Laundry!

Lorne Jaffe | Posted 06.17.2014 | Parents
Lorne Jaffe

What is it about this scarf that calms my daughter so? Why does she find such solace in it? Why does one thing call out to a toddler more than another be it a doll, a stuffed animal or a scarf?

My Proudest Parenting Moment I'll Never Share With You

Stephanie Gates | Posted 06.17.2014 | Parents
Stephanie Gates

My children mean every prayer they utter. They also mean it when they cry in despair because they are too tired to brush their teeth. It's not that their faith isn't real. It is. But it is too immature to be held out for the world to see.

How to Keep the Learning Cap on Over the Summer

Suren Ramasubbu | Posted 06.17.2014 | Parents
Suren Ramasubbu

Summer is officially here! Well, almost. It is a time to relax and have some fun. For parents and educators, however, it is time to ponder over the 's...

How Two 9 Year-Old Girls Saved the Rainforest of Costa Rica

The GypsyNesters | Posted 06.16.2014 | Green
The GypsyNesters

We wondered what was up, and the answer was a bit surprising, most of the ropes can be traced back to a couple of 9-year-old girls. What? That's right, two kids with a big idea had a huge impact on the ecosystem of the region.

What Your Kids' Camp Counselors Want You To Know

Beth Woolsey | Posted 06.16.2014 | Parents
Beth Woolsey

Dear Parents, Thank you for trusting us with your whole world, because we know that's what you've handed us -- your whole world, and your trust along with it, and we're grateful.

Why I Still Use A Baby Monitor For My Big Kid

Michelle Longo | Posted 06.16.2014 | Parents
Michelle Longo

He's only 7. It's not like he's 10. That would be excessive. I'll turn it off by 10. Twelve at the latest.

Leave It to Ritalin

Susanne Antonetta | Posted 06.16.2014 | Parents
Susanne Antonetta

We did have Ritalin as a therapy for attentional problems in the 1960s; it simply wasn't dispensed as it is now. In the CDC's latest figures, 11 percent of all kids are diagnosed with ADHD, and a big chunk of those diagnoses were made before age six.

Splish Splash!

Bill Couzens | Posted 06.14.2014 | Good News
Bill Couzens

I would toss my kids up on the larger than life horse with their little chubby legs sticking straight out across its wide back. Huey, who had his own celebrity status among kids, enjoyed peppermints, water from the hose, and an occasional swig of Coca-Cola.

Trans Dad: My Kids' Favorite Stuffed Animals Are Transgender

Mark Daniel Snyder | Posted 06.13.2014 | Gay Voices
Mark Daniel Snyder

Just in time for Father's Day! Willy Wilkinson is a Bay Area father of three kids, author, and public health consultant. In this video he tells adorab...

The Truth About Single Moms

Lisa Marie Wilson | Posted 06.13.2014 | Divorce
Lisa Marie Wilson

It may be true that we will hook you on our line quicker for a date, as we don't have much time when the kids are away, but it doesn't mean you won't get thrown back in the lake just as fast. So here's the truth about us single moms.

This Kid Invented A Special Cup So Her Grandpa With Parkinson's Can Drink Without Spilling

The Huffington Post | Melissa McGlensey | Posted 06.13.2014 | Good News

One imaginative little girl observed her grandfather's struggles and was inspired to do something about it. Lily Born, an 11-year-old from Skokie, ...

It's Not Too Late To Stop Yelling At Your Kids. Here's How I Know.

The Orange Rhino | Posted 06.16.2014 | Parents
The Orange Rhino

As a gift for my dad this Father's Day (an odd gift, I know, but trust me, it's a good one), and as a way to offer hope that it isn't too late to stop yelling, I share this story with you.

The Tragic Results of Complacency, Wishing, Hoping & Praying Is More Dead Children

Jon Hotchkiss | Posted 06.13.2014 | Politics
Jon Hotchkiss

Anyone who tells you the words of the constitution are immutable... is a liar. Anyone who tells you that if the constitution gives an American a "right," there is absolutely nothing that the government can do to take it away, is also a liar.

We Could All Learn A Thing Or Two From This Divorced Couple

Deanna Glick | Posted 06.16.2014 | Divorce
Deanna Glick

We divorced through mediation. We have no custody arrangement, no court-approved schedule or visitation, no alimony or child support. We are still a family.

Traveling Mom: The Ultimate Hypocrite

Janie Porter | Posted 06.12.2014 | Parents
Janie Porter

Who goes to Paris and isn't head-over-heels, can't-stop-smiling excited about it? A Mom, that's who.

The Problem With Date Night

Zsofi McMullin | Posted 06.12.2014 | Parents
Zsofi McMullin

Before we had a kid we didn't need date nights to have an adult conversation or a meal that lasted more than five minutes. But now, date nights have become a necessity and suddenly, we are back to the pressure of having to carry on a witty conversation, put on cute underwear and have sex.

Celebrating the Superhero in Every Dad

Kate Carr | Posted 06.12.2014 | Parents
Kate Carr

Just like a real superhero, my dad always made me feel safe and protected. It's a special power shared by so many other dads as well. Of course, every superhero needs a little help, whether it's a good sidekick or simply access to the right information.

What My Husband Really Wants For Father's Day

Joelle Wisler | Posted 06.12.2014 | Parents
Joelle Wisler

He likes a perfectly-brewed Americano in the morning and that he doesn't mind walking around with holes in his socks. He loves the small children that make him a Dad more than bacon. He is one of the good ones, so I really want to make sure he has an amazing Father's Day.

10 Tips On How Dads Can Help With Breastfeeding

Sojourner Marable Grimmett | Posted 06.12.2014 | Black Voices
Sojourner Marable Grimmett

Attend a breastfeeding seminar: For dads, sit there, look interested, and be supportive. Believe me, you will gain from the experience and build a stronger relationship with your partner.

Why My Kids Won't Have a '70s Style Summer

Sandy Roffey | Posted 06.11.2014 | Parents
Sandy Roffey

I am a creature of habit. I thrive on a schedule. So, I make a lesson plan for my children in the summer and yes, I schedule activities.

11 New Parenting 'Lasts' That Will Make You Cry

Galit Breen | Posted 06.11.2014 | Parents
Galit Breen

When our babies are little, there are so many lasts that people warn us about. We're on alert for the last time they pronounce that one word in that sweet, incorrect way. The last time they toddle. But as my girls get older, I realize that I'm entering a whole new round of lasts.

Why It Is Important to Take Our Littles Out in Public

Sylvia Bass | Posted 06.11.2014 | Parents
Sylvia Bass

If you have children, you know the look. That look that strangers give us when they see us venture out in public with our young children.

Kid Finds Lost Driver's License, Offers The Best Advice

The Huffington Post | Dominique Mosbergen | Posted 06.11.2014 | Parents

When a boy named Steven found a driver's license on the street, he didn't throw it away or demand a reward. He returned the ID to its owner and includ...

Dear Kids Clothing Retailers From Parents Everywhere

Samantha McGarry | Posted 06.10.2014 | Parents
Samantha McGarry

Dear retailers, here's a plea from me and, I suspect, parents everywhere: please don't label clothes aspirationally. I mean we all know that kids are going to grow -- it's their job. But I'd very much like to walk into a kids clothing store and purchase clothes with the confidence that, if it says 7, it'll fit an average 7-year-old.

Kids of Divorce Turn Out Just Fine

Honoree Corder | Posted 06.10.2014 | Divorce
Honoree Corder

You have two choices: you can spend your time worrying about what might happen, or you can get busy doing what would make a the biggest and best positive impact.