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What Should HR Leaders Focus On in 2014?

Ed Lawler | Posted 03.27.2014 | Business
Ed Lawler

The most important thing that HR should focus on in talent management is assessing the skills the organization needs to implement its strategy, and the plan for recruiting and managing that critical talent.

Enterprise Software: Simplicity Drives Customer Benefit

Vala Afshar | Posted 03.27.2014 | Technology
Vala Afshar

I recently spoke with Stan Swete, chief technology officer at Workday, about simplification of enterprise software to drive increased adoption and cus...

On Running the EPA

Tom Fox | Posted 03.26.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Robert Perciasepe is the deputy administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and for a time served as acting administrator. Prior to joi...

Useful New Year's Resolutions for Federal Leaders

Tom Fox | Posted 03.26.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

THE NEW YEAR provides a great opportunity for federal leaders to make fresh start. Sure, the old problems have not gone away, new challenges undoubte...

How to Be an Effective Manager

Bruce Tulgan | Posted 03.26.2014 | Business
Bruce Tulgan

Remember the old rule when it comes to school teachers? Start off very strict and then, after the students come to expect, accept, and adapt to the strict regime, you can relax a bit. The same basic rule applies to managing employees, but you have to do it one person at a time

Missing Steve Jobs. The Vision Time Machine

Spiros Margaris | Posted 03.24.2014 | Business
Spiros Margaris

Also Apple's CEO Tim Cook should develop his own personal founder's vision as a guiding principle. Especially, if he wants to project a company vision that communicates to employees, shareholders and clients a credible and promising future.

Training a New Generation of Special Agents

Tom Fox | Posted 03.19.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

B. Todd Jones, a former Marine and U.S. attorney, was confirmed last July as the first permanent director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms ...

How Businesses Hinder Innovation

James C. Gibson | Posted 03.18.2014 | Business
James C. Gibson

Owners and managers may not realize that only they can be a catalyst towards innovation within a company. These factors can hinder not only innovation, but also employee leadership, and accuracy of projects.

Should Management and Leadership Be Separated?

Jacob Morgan | Posted 03.18.2014 | Business
Jacob Morgan

What makes a great leader? What makes a great manager? Should the two be separated?

How 100 Business Leaders Spot Potential in New Hires (Hint: They Nearly All Said the Same Thing)

Danny Rubin | Posted 03.16.2014 | Business
Danny Rubin

Palmer Luckey is poised to change video gaming forever. The 21-year-old prodigy has created a virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift. Watch ...

Chris Christie and Bridgegate: Two Things Leaders Should Learn

Phil Cooke, Ph.D. | Posted 03.16.2014 | Business
Phil Cooke, Ph.D.

For whatever reason, we generally take a very casual approach to email -- which is a huge mistake. We say private things, criticize people and otherwise write emails thinking they will never been seen publicly. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Surviving Disasters in Project Management: An Interview with Dr. Harold Kerzner

Kyle Dowling | Posted 03.15.2014 | Business
Kyle Dowling

While we can't go about ignoring its existence, we can surely learn to extrapolate certain lessons from a failure.

Tips From Federal Agencies With Happy Employees

Tom Fox | Posted 03.12.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Our newly released 2013 'Best Places to Work in the Federal Government' rankings show a continued decline government-wide in employee satisfaction and...

Stay Small to Be Big

Andrey Grehov | Posted 03.11.2014 | Small Business
Andrey Grehov

The business world changes fast. And you have to keep up with it unless you decide to retire. Staying small gives you that flexibility that millions of companies are trying to achieve.

Fail Forward Fast: Get Over Being Right and Get On With Getting On With It

Edward Muzio | Posted 03.09.2014 | Business
Edward Muzio

I'd like for you to get over the idea that you should be making correct decisions. If that sounds like a dumb thing to say, consider this: When you...

The 3 C's of the New Beta Organization: Communication, Collaboration and Curation

Dana Ardi | Posted 03.09.2014 | Business
Dana Ardi

With the advent of the Information Age and increasingly rapid waves of technological change, the Alpha model of doing business -- top-down, command-and-control leadership like an army led by a commander whose orders flow in only one direction -- is on its way out.

Future Bernie Madoff, Meet Immanuel Kant

Jay Halfond | Posted 03.08.2014 | Business
Jay Halfond

Ethics is about actions -- not what we say, but what we do -- often in the heat of the moment, in opportunities that can further our cause even at the expense of others, and vulnerable to the pressures around us.

7 Important Personal Musts In Business And Life

Gregory P. Demetriou | Posted 03.08.2014 | Small Business
Gregory P. Demetriou

In business, as in life, our interpersonal actions have consequences...good and bad. Pay attention to the following, and you'll be on very firm ground no matter the circumstances.

What to do when the 'Best Places to Work' rankings come out

Tom Fox | Posted 03.05.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

The 2013 "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government" rankings, released on December 18, provide managers with important insights into the satisfac...

Leadership lessons from the president of American University

Tom Fox | Posted 03.05.2014 | Politics
Tom Fox

Neil Kerwin became American University's 14th president in September 2007. Kerwin joined AU in 1975 and has held numerous faculty and leadership posit...

Management Hacks for the Recently Promoted

Magnolia Ripkin | Posted 04.10.2014 | Business
Magnolia Ripkin

What can you do to learn the ropes of your newly acquired and complex role? What kind of manager are you going to be? The answer has a lot to do with what kind of person you are, and the culture of your workplace.

Key Social Business Tenets that Can Help Startups Overcome Marketing Fatigue and Drive Brand Loyalty

Ilina Dimitrova | Posted 02.28.2014 | Small Business
Ilina Dimitrova

While social business is not a silver bullet for entrepreneurs looking to extend the span of their limited marketing budget, it offers valuable best practices that can guide business owners in building scalable and recognizable brands.

10 Ways to Rule at Customer Service, Hint: Watch Out for Astroturfing

Craig Newmark | Posted 02.26.2014 | Impact
Craig Newmark

I've been doing customer service in different capacities for the last 32 years, more or less... I joined IBM in '76, became a Systems Engineer in '82,...

Serial Entrepreneur Talks Leadership, Margaret Thatcher and the Importance of Taking Risks

Dr. Sasha Galbraith | Posted 02.19.2014 | Business
Dr. Sasha Galbraith

"I sometimes do still have that sort of intimidated girl in me, but the thing is, as founder and CEO, I have this inherent self-confidence because I know the buck stops with me. I don't really need to be threatening for people to understand that I have the power to make decisions."

Build an Effective Nonprofit Committee

Shayla R. Price | Posted 02.19.2014 | Impact
Shayla R. Price

With one or several subgroups operating, more focus can be directed on even the smallest of work areas. This allows the board to concentrate on the bigger issues and determine the best final decisions.