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Marketing Best Practices

5 Tips for Marketing to Millennials From a Millennial

Ryan Donegan | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business
Ryan Donegan

By now, smart businesses realize the Millennial generation isn't just a bunch of hipsters with smart phones taking selfies but rather a generation of consumers 86 million strong-- that's 7 percent more than baby boomers -- and they're ready to spend money.

The Sales Funnel Is Dead

Ernan Roman | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business
Ernan Roman

Article posted on September 17, 2013 on Direct Marketing News ( The sales funnel is dead. A circle of continuous engagement is born. W...

Transforming Intrusive Customer Tracking to Valued Information Exchanges

Ernan Roman | Posted 11.25.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

The bad news is that consumer resistance to unauthorized data tracking is growing. The good news is that many consumers understand that in order to receive more targeted and relevant communications, they need to provide companies with more of their personal information.

5 Questions You Should Ask in Every Selling Situation

Marc Wayshak | Posted 11.13.2013 | Small Business
Marc Wayshak

Salespeople often have no clue as to why their prospects would even want to buy from them. This question is the ultimate paintbrush in the hand of your prospect. This is where you fully understand what the prospect wants to accomplish from a high level.

Preference-Driven Personalization: What Men's Wearhouse Can Teach Us

Ernan Roman | Posted 11.12.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Many companies are still not using preference based personalization. This compromises relevance and sacrifices engagement and potential sales.

Miley Cyrus, Marketer Extraordinaire? 5 Marketing Lessons From Her Infamous VMA Performance

Marc Wayshak | Posted 11.04.2013 | Business
Marc Wayshak

At the end of the day, Cyrus came out on top with massive sales. Do you have the guts to create the same experience for your business? (You don't have to twerk if you don't want to.)

Live Event Marketing - Content Strategy's New Star... and the Most Underutilized Content Marketing Tool!

Diane Primo | Posted 10.29.2013 | Business
Diane Primo

Customers remember experiences--from what they saw or heard to whom they met--far longer than they'll recall what they read in social media, a blog, an eNewsletter or a case study.

5 Reasons Most Small Business Owners Suck at Selling (Don't Let It Be You!)

Marc Wayshak | Posted 10.29.2013 | Small Business
Marc Wayshak

The problem is not the small business owners themselves. In fact, I've watched many small business owners go from sales chump to sales star in only a few months' time. Instead, the root problem is that small business owners are following bad advice.

How Viral Emails Can Drive More Sales Than Promotional Emails

Ernan Roman | Posted 10.26.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Viral emails can often generate greater response and revenue than sales-focused emails. Following are examples and tips for sending engaging/interactive emails that do not contain sales pitches or feature products.

Marketing Tips: Building Brand Awareness

Anjali Varma | Posted 10.20.2013 | Small Business
Anjali Varma

Whether you're a new business or an established one, creating brand awareness and keeping your brand top of mind are two critical components of your marketing strategy.

Hewlett-Packard -- 5 Actions to Improve Social Media Effectiveness

Ernan Roman | Posted 10.12.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Social media has become one of the most important points of contact for consumers. Marketers however, seldom access the gold mine of information waiting on their fan pages.

It's How They Want to Buy... Not How You Want to Sell

Ernan Roman | Posted 09.28.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Companies that focus on what they want to sell -- not how customers want to engage -- miss the boat on opportunities to drive initial and ongoing sales.

5 Ways to Get Strong Referrals -- and Lots of 'Em

Marc Wayshak | Posted 09.28.2013 | Small Business
Marc Wayshak

It's no secret that getting referrals from clients who believe in your services is an effective way to connect with new clients. But in today's business world, it's not enough to just get referrals -- they have to be strong, and there have to be lots of 'em!

Free Shipping and Returns: Cost, Value and ROI

Ernan Roman | Posted 09.14.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

It's no secret that online shoppers don't like to pay for shipping. With carrier rates on the rise e-commerce businesses are fully aware that there is no such thing as "free shipping," it is an expense that has to be factored into pricing one way or another.

Content Overload

Gregory P. Demetriou | Posted 09.07.2013 | Small Business
Gregory P. Demetriou

Why do we participate in so many of these platforms? I suggest it comes from a sense of not wanting to be left out. Not wanting to miss out on anything new. Who wants to be the one who says "Gee, no I didn't see that." It's the "if you're not current you're nowhere," state of mind.

Is Social Media Damaging Your Brand?

Ernan Roman | Posted 09.01.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

The Challenge: Companies who do not monitor what customers are saying about them online can wind up using social media for damage control rather than ...

Thought Followship Marketing Results in Thought Leadership

Diane Primo | Posted 08.27.2013 | Business
Diane Primo

In this new era of marketing, the technology infrastructure of social media and the ability it gives us to search anything--instantly--online, has made it easier for thought-followers to find what they need when they need it.

Creative for Good

Peggy Conlon | Posted 08.21.2013 | Impact
Peggy Conlon

Rather than using our resources to create individual campaigns, it would be smarter and more efficient to create a resource for campaigners worldwide.

Facts of Business Life: If You Don't Market Your Business, You Don't Have One

Bill McBean | Posted 08.18.2013 | Small Business
Bill McBean

In my new book, The Facts of Business Life, I explore what's required to operate a successful business, and the facts every successful business owner knows One of those facts is: If you don't market your business, you don't have one.

Online Reviews: 4 Tips for Building Customer Trust

Ernan Roman | Posted 08.18.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Do you have a strategy for encouraging reviews? Do you monitor reviews? Are you responding to reviews and taking action based on this powerful voice of customer guidance?

JC Penney: If You Don't Listen to Your Customer... You Lose

Ernan Roman | Posted 08.04.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Few companies know as much as they should about their customers and their expectations for meaningful engagement.

New Research: It's Not About Satisfaction It's About Engagement

Ernan Roman | Posted 07.22.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Businesses that rely heavily on customer satisfaction surveys as a gauge of overall customer happiness, without an evaluation of total customer engagement, run the risk of losing valuable sales opportunities.

5 Tips For Getting Big Results From Small Marketing

Bill Blaney | Posted 07.14.2013 | Business
Bill Blaney

Every product, category and service has a devoted community somewhere online. Do a little research and you'll find them. If the community doesn't exist, you have a great opportunity to create one.

Making Your App a Customer Engagement Solution

Ernan Roman | Posted 07.08.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Businesses know mobile apps offer tremendous customer engagement opportunities -- if done correctly. Unfortunately, businesses can also eat up marketing budgets -- without the customer engagement payoff -- if mobile apps are not planned out with customer needs in mind.

70-75 Percent of Email Subscribers Are Inactive: Tips for Improvements

Ernan Roman | Posted 06.30.2013 | Business
Ernan Roman

Per recent guidelines, you will be penalized if your emails do not have adequate levels of deliverability and "engagement". Consider the following options to optimize your lists to increase open rates and engagement.