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Mitt Romney 47 Percent

Friday Fathers and the Return of the Grumpy Columnist

Christopher Caen | Posted 11.21.2012 | San Francisco
Christopher Caen

Every now and then something happens in the world that enrages me so much that in true Incredible Hulk-like fashion, I transform without any control over the process.

It Takes a Lot of Brass: Romney and America's Veterans

Lee A. Saunders | Posted 11.21.2012 | Politics
Lee A. Saunders

Romney has made no secret of his contempt for the men and women who sacrifice for all Americans. It is the same contempt he feels for every American who relies on government to help when there is a need for a helping hand.

The Wrong Side of a Class War

Sheri and Allan Rivlin | Posted 11.20.2012 | Politics
Sheri and Allan Rivlin

The problem goes far deeper than a few gaffs and a secretly taped video. The Republican Party failed to rebuild its governing philosophy after its foreign policy was rejected in 2006 and the global economy tanked in 2008.

We Are All in This Together

Tammy Duckworth | Posted 11.21.2012 | Chicago
Tammy Duckworth

I am just one of the overwhelming majority of Americans who is responsible and hard-working, and at one point in their life benefited greatly from government programs such as student loans, Medicare and Social Security.

Jeffrey Young

'Please, Let Me Have That Problem,' Says 47 Percenter And Business Owner | Jeffrey Young | Posted 09.21.2012 | Small Business

Doug Walter seems like just the sort of self-starting, up-by-the-bootstraps small-business owner with whom politicians like to have their pictures tak...

GOP Candidates Lounge

Jonathan Richards | Posted 11.21.2012 | Politics
Jonathan Richards


Obama To Virginia Voters: I Don't See A Lot Of Victims In This Crowd

The Huffington Post | Sabrina Siddiqui | Posted 09.22.2012 | Politics

President Barack Obama is stepping up his attack on Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's controversial 47 percent comments, taking his oppone...

Dave Jamieson

Romney's Plan To Slash Federal Jobs | Dave Jamieson | Posted 09.22.2012 | Politics

In a now-infamous, surreptitiously recorded video of a talk with donors, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney made a number of startling statements, m...

A Preview of Romney-Ryan World

Jan Schakowsky | Posted 11.21.2012 | Politics
Jan Schakowsky

I simply refuse to believe that Mitt Romney's cold, selfish, self-satisfied vision represents the views of most Americans, and not simply because so many of our brother and sisters, friends and neighbors today are looking to government for just a little help.  

GOP Senate Candidate Criticizes Romney Comments

The Huffington Post | Daniel Lippman | Posted 09.21.2012 | Politics

A GOP Senate candidate in a solidly red state is distancing himself from Mitt Romney's controversial comments that "47 percent" of the American public...

Sarah Bufkin

Paul Ryan Saw Victimhood Class Back In 2005 | Sarah Bufkin | Posted 09.21.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Since a secret video of Mitt Romney surfaced in which he decried 47 percent of Americans as "dependent on government," reporters have pr...

Herman Cain: I Would Have A 'Substantial Lead' Over President Obama

The Huffington Post | Sabrina Siddiqui | Posted 09.21.2012 | Politics

Herman Cain took a shot at Mitt Romney on Friday, stating that if he were the Republican presidential nominee, he would have a "substantial lead" over...

PHOTOS: '47 Percent' Students Respond

The Huffington Post | Joey Francilus | Posted 09.21.2012 | Miami

Secretly recorded Mitt Romney comments from a May fundraiser about a dependent "47 percent" have created a firestorm throughout the country, includin...

WATCH: 'SNL' Spoofs 'Fox And Friends'

Posted 11.21.2012 | Comedy

Jon Stewart isn't the only one out there impressed by Fox's Romney coverage. On Thursday night's "SNL Weekend Update Thursday" -- the show's first sin...

What Do Voters Make of Mother Jones' Leaked Romney Fundraiser Video?

Quora | Posted 11.20.2012 | Politics

This question originally appeared on Quora. By Ian McCullough, Consultant for Consumer-Facing Startups, Armchair Policy Wonk, and Quora User Since N...

47 Percenter: 'I'm Not Sure I Want Him As My President'

Posted 09.22.2012 | Politics

Cayt Lawley is a 22-year-old Walmart worker from Arkansas who says that the secretly videotaped statements made by Republican presidential nominee Mit...

Romney's 47 Percent Solution

Harlan Green | Posted 11.20.2012 | Money
Harlan Green

Neither trickle-down economics, nor the wealth redistribution upward that accompanies it have been good for the country -- certainly not Romney's 47 percent solution.

The Irony of Mitt Romney's 47 Percent

Leonard Steinhorn | Posted 11.20.2012 | Politics
Leonard Steinhorn

Here's the irony of Mitt Romney's 47 percent: he hails himself as an economic savior because he knows how to create jobs, yet many of the jobs he had a hand in creating through his work at Bain Capital fall right into that 47 percent.

Why Mitt's Meltdown Matters for the Senate

Stephanie Schriock | Posted 11.20.2012 | Politics
Stephanie Schriock

While it's bad enough that candidates like Mitt Romney and Tommy Thompson are dismissing half of the American population, they are doing so while spreading false information. Nearly all Americans pay taxes.

Jaweed Kaleem

Muslim On The 47 Percent: Islam Says Governments Have "Responsibility To Provide" For The People | Jaweed Kaleem | Posted 09.21.2012 | Religion

For 14 years, Umar Hakim has devoted his life to working with people who depend on food stamps, public housing, homeless shelters, Medicaid and Social...

Mitt Romney Campaigns In Florida

AP | DAVID ESPO and KEN THOMAS | Posted 11.20.2012 | Politics

MIAMI — President Barack Obama cast Mitt Romney on Thursday as an out-of-touch challenger for the White House and an advocate of education cuts ...

Romney's Poisoned Gift to Obama, and to the American People

Mark Levine | Posted 11.20.2012 | Politics
Mark Levine

With Romney shooting himself in the foot every other day, the president has little incentive to do anything but play it safe and let the Republican(s) hand him the election. This might be a good electoral strategy, but it will do little to help move the country forward.

Sam Stein

Obama Hits Back At Romney's 47 Percent Comments | Sam Stein | Posted 09.21.2012 | Politics

Speaking at the Univision candidate forum in Miami Thursday, President Barack Obama was asked about Mitt Romney's claim that he is campaigning for 100...

John Rudolf

Disabled Veteran 47 Percenter: 'I Guess I'm One Of The Leeches On The System' | John Rudolf | Posted 09.21.2012 | Politics

CAMDEN, N.J. -- John Hoskins is not proud of his dependence on government. He scrapes by on a $900 monthly check from the Veterans Administration and ...

Ryan Grim

Another Clueless Romney Remark Emerges From Secret Video | Ryan Grim | Posted 09.20.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- In a less-examined portion of the recently revealed remarks Mitt Romney made during a private fundraiser in May, the presidential candid...