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Forget Willpower: A Smarter Strategy to Resist Temptation

Samantha Boardman MD | Posted 11.04.2014 | Healthy Living
Samantha Boardman MD

The thing is, it takes a great deal of energy and effort to combat "hot" emotional impulses with cognitive cool thinking. Plus, suppressing emotions is stressful and takes a toll physically and emotionally.

The Panic Attack That Saved My Business

Nellie Akalp | Posted 11.04.2014 | Business
Nellie Akalp

I thought about my employees. I thought about my kids and their future. I was baffled about the fact that I had already launched and sold a successful business in the exact same industry years before -- why was it so much harder the second time around?

Leadership in Real Life: Trade Form for Substance

Edward Muzio | Posted 11.03.2014 | Business
Edward Muzio

Sooner or later, they're going to catch you picking your nose. Well, maybe not. Maybe you'll be fishing your keys out of a storm drain, or talking t...

Change Your Shoes, Lean in, and Believe!

Kathy Andersen | Posted 11.03.2014 | Women
Kathy Andersen

What we think, we become. With our thoughts, we shape our world.

10 Important Reasons To Start Making Time For Silence, Rest And Solitude

Thai Nguyen | Posted 11.03.2014 | Healthy Living
Thai Nguyen

Practice becoming an observer of your thoughts. The human will is strengthened whenever we choose not to respond to every actionable thought.

How To Recover When Stress Builds Up

James Clear | Posted 11.02.2014 | Healthy Living
James Clear

Recovery is not negotiable. You can either make time to rest and rejuvenate now or make time to be sick and injured later. Keep your bucket full.

My Running Medals

Sarah Warman | Posted 10.30.2014 | Women
Sarah Warman

When I look at my medals I don't just see some award I picked up at the end of race. I see the story of my life. Although the medals represent the "highs" I'll always remember the "lows" in between.

Who's Packing Your Parachute?

Darren Hardy | Posted 10.30.2014 | Business
Darren Hardy

Charlie laid awake that night thinking about all the times he had walked through the long narrow room, below sea level on the aircraft carrier, where the men sat at tables packing the parachutes.

How to Uncover Your Creative Talent By Using the 'Equal Odds Rule'

James Clear | Posted 10.29.2014 | Healthy Living
James Clear

If you want to make a masterpiece, you have to be willing to create a little garbage along the way.

Why You Need Your Own Theme Song

Jennie Sutherland | Posted 10.29.2014 | Parents
Jennie Sutherland

Parenting is tough. Actually, it can be downright exhausting. And sometimes you just need some extra OOMPH to get through the day. Amiright?

Why It's Important To Keep Your Eyes On The Stars

Posted 11.04.2014 | Healthy Living

With the partial solar eclipse just behind us (or as some refer to it, "the moon taking a bite out of the sun") why not -- while we're on this metapho...

Yes, Life Does Come With Instructions

Jennie Sutherland | Posted 10.28.2014 | Good News
Jennie Sutherland

In the early 1990s Life's Little Instruction Book by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. was a New York Times bestseller and a perfect graduation present. With its unassuming red plaid cover, the book consolidated more than 500 suggestions, observations and reminders that Brown shared with his son who was going off to college.

My Bike And Me: A Love Story

Amy Yoelin | Posted 10.28.2014 | Teen
Amy Yoelin

The next time you are feeling angry, excited, motivated or any emotion in between, ride a bike. You are able to shed any outside thoughts bouncing around in your mind. It's just you and the bike, together, united.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Daniel Scalco | Posted 10.29.2014 | Small Business
Daniel Scalco

Success is not an overnight phenomenon. It requires a unique set of skills built over time. While there is no manual outlining what makes someone successful, the most successful entrepreneurs in the world seem to share these 7 habits.

Are You Addicted to Thinking?

Christine Hassler | Posted 10.31.2014 | Healthy Living
Christine Hassler

Most of us are addicted to thinking. Our addiction tends to intensify when our mind perceives there is a problem to be solved. We want answers. We want resolution. We want to figure it out. Because we believe once we do, that everything will be better.

The Lion and The Gazelle

Daniel DiPiazza | Posted 10.27.2014 | Business
Daniel DiPiazza

You're no longer safe. This is life or death. So get out there and hunt. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful. But not a minute before that.

12 Inspiring Quotes About Doing What You Love

Jinna Yang | Posted 10.27.2014 | Healthy Living
Jinna Yang

The most important thing that I've found, however, is to do what you love. I always got distracted from taking the time to truly search my soul with what fulfilled me when it came to work and my passions. I thought about what would be more likely to make me money.

The Life You Want

Mike Sheridan | Posted 10.24.2014 | Healthy Living
Mike Sheridan

A lack of importance on your health and relationships now, may mean a lack of health and relationships when they're most important. Decide what matters, plan your perfect life, and start living it!

Warren Buffett's 'Two-List' Strategy: How to Maximize Your Focus and Master Your Priorities

James Clear | Posted 10.24.2014 | Healthy Living
James Clear

Given his success, it stands to reason that Buffett has an excellent understanding of how to spend his time each day. From a monetary perspective, you could say that he manages his time better than anyone else.


Antoinette Tuff | Posted 10.24.2014 | Religion
Antoinette Tuff

I want to talk about darkness. Not just the darkness that happens when the sun goes down and the lights go off -- I'm talking about the darkness that sometimes descends on our lives, making everything seem bleak and hopeless

If You Self-Publish Your Book, Can You Sell It to a Big Publisher Down the Road -- And Would You Even Want To?

Allison Carmen | Posted 10.23.2014 | Books
Allison Carmen

As many of you know, my book The Gift of Maybe is being published by Perigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House, on November 4, 2014. What some of ...

Leadership Matters: Never Too Many Leaders

Stedman Graham | Posted 10.23.2014 | Healthy Living
Stedman Graham

No one is immune to the need for leadership. There are already too many followers in our world, and the oft-quoted idea that only 1 percent of the population leads the many is actually true. This is not an effective, humane or sustainable paradigm for humankind.

The Next Time You Don't Get What You Want, It Might Be Just What You Need Most

Gideon Amichay | Posted 10.23.2014 | GPS for the Soul
Gideon Amichay

Where does the drive to succeed come from? I've realized that drive can come from surprising places. In my case, the drive that motivates me was born out of the first time I didn't get something I really, really, really wanted.

Shock and Awe

Darren Hardy | Posted 10.23.2014 | Business
Darren Hardy

What is your most important (valuable/profitable) prospect group? What's your shock-and-awe package and campaign? Create one this week.

'Transparent' Truth

Jen Grisanti | Posted 10.22.2014 | Los Angeles
Jen Grisanti

Is there transparency that others can see in our truth? Will our truth connect us, or will it isolate us from those around us? Does living our truth come with consequences?