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Obama Kill List

Laura Bassett

WATCH: David Axelrod Denies Attending 'Kill List' Meetings | Laura Bassett | Posted 06.03.2012 | Politics

Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod said on Sunday that reports of him attending President Obama's weekly "Terror Tuesday" meetings are blatantly ...

WATCH: Journalist Calls Obama's Drone Strikes 'Murder'

Benjamin Hart | Posted 06.03.2012 | Media

Weighing in on President Obama's targeted drone strikes in the Middle East, journalist Jeremy Scahill did not mince words. During his appearance on...

Yes, Virginia, We Can Do Something About the Drone Strikes

Robert Naiman | Posted 08.01.2012 | World
Robert Naiman

There's a conventional wisdom in Washington that there's nothing we can do politically to stop the U.S. government from killing innocent civilians with drone strikes. But it ain't necessarily so.

Columnists Compare Obama Administration To George Zimmerman Over 'Kill List'

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 05.31.2012 | Media

Two columnists have compared the Obama administration's expansive definition of "combatants" to the conduct of Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman....

A Drone-Eat-Drone World

Nick Turse | Posted 07.31.2012 | Politics
Nick Turse

When the first Terminator movie was released in 1984, its HKs seemed as futuristic as its time-traveling cyborg title-character. Nearly three decades later, we're living in an age in which armed robots do regularly surveil, track, and kill people.

Hope Burning

Robert Scheer | Posted 07.30.2012 | Politics
Robert Scheer

Now we have Rambo Obama, a steely warrior who hurls death-dealing drones at anyone who threatens the good old USA. Including children. The Obama answer to human rights groups is the same as that offered by George W. Bush: Get the Justice Department to say that anything goes.

Jason Linkins

Concerned Citizens Petition President To Not Kill Them With Drones | Jason Linkins | Posted 07.30.2012 | Politics

On Tuesday, The New York Times published a lengthy article on the process by which the Obama White House decides whom to dispatch from this earth with robot drones. There's a couple of things worth noting upfront. First, given the access the Times was accorded to write this story, it's pretty much a certainty that the White House is happy with the finished product. Second... wow, is there ever some cause for concern! Just check out the way the it defines "militants" for the purpose of after-action review of these drone strikes: "... Mr. Obama embraced a disputed method for counting civilian casualties that did little to box him in. It in effect counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants... unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent."

America As Self-Declared Victim

Michael Brenner | Posted 07.30.2012 | Politics
Michael Brenner

We have made torture a national policy, we have besmirched our good name in the eyes of the world, we have been passive accessories in repealing some of our most cherished liberties, we lie with impunity and we accept lies from our rulers as natural and necessary.

WATCH: Jake Tapper Presses WH Spokesman On Obama 'Kill List'

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 07.30.2012 | Media

ABC's Jake Tapper pressed White House spokesman Jay Carney on Tuesday about President Obama's expansive definition of who counts as a "militant" in th...

Joe Scarborough Criticizes Obama 'Kill List'

Posted 07.29.2012 | Media

Joe Scarborough expressed discomfort on Tuesday with President Obama's newly revealed "kill list" of alleged Al Qaeda suspects. The New York Times ...

Obama Uses 'Kill List' To Target Terrorists

New York Times | Posted 05.29.2012 | Politics

This was the enemy, served up in the latest chart from the intelligence agencies: 15 Qaeda suspects in Yemen with Western ties. The mug shots and bri...