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How Improv Prepared Me For Motherhood

KnowMore TV | Posted 08.19.2014 | Comedy
KnowMore TV

I came late to motherhood, as I came late to most things, like blooming and general adulthood. The craziness of my early 20s went on and on until I essentially spent 20 years being 20, and now that I'm 40, I'm doing what 20-somethings are supposed to do (chasing two preschoolers around).

The Special Way DWTS' Tony Dovolani Embraces Fatherhood and Raising His Autistic Son

Caroline Presno | Posted 08.19.2014 | Entertainment
Caroline Presno

Tony Dovolani of ABC's Dancing With the Stars puts his family above all else:"Love your family more than anything else in the world. If you treat your family the way they should be treated, then your family will always, always be there for you."

How Splitting Up Made Us Better Parents

Jessica Woodbury | Posted 08.19.2014 | Divorce
Jessica Woodbury

My husband and I both come from families with parents who've been married for decades. Deciding to separate and then to divorce meant taking our children into a world we'd never experienced ourselves. More than anything else, we've both worried about them and how this will affect their lives.

Prettier Than John Stamos

Lisa R. Petty | Posted 08.19.2014 | Parents
Lisa R. Petty

I went to the Beach Boys concert because John/Uncle Jesse/Blackie Parish is not just eye candy; he is the equivalent of Belgian truffles for the eye.

Confessions of a Sober Egoist | Posted 08.19.2014 | Women

Being told to do things I don't want to do is very difficult for me. I think, Surely I deserve to chew on these lordly thoughts a bit before they go.

Bottoming Out: The Tale of a Woman and Her Butt

Ashley Allen | Posted 08.19.2014 | Women
Ashley Allen

Strange as it may sound, I never contemplated the existence of my butt until one fateful day in the eighth grade.

Doing Well in School Matters... So Does Good Character

Christine French Cully | Posted 08.19.2014 | Parents
Christine French Cully

People can't be truly happy if cruelty and insensitivity are part of their make-up. To raise successful children, we must cultivate kindness.

Today I Glimpsed Total Joy

Angela Keck | Posted 08.19.2014 | Parents
Angela Keck

When was the last time I was that carefree? When was the last time I gave up total control over myself and let life, or friends, bounce me around? When was the last time I felt that joyously happy and filled with total abandon?

Letter To My Daughter On The 10th Anniversary Of Her Passing

Sukey Forbes | Posted 08.19.2014 | Parents
Sukey Forbes

Charlotte, two of the most profound life experiences for me were the day you came into the world as my daughter and the day you left the world as my daughter.

Where 'Back-to-School' Means Private School

Jed Kolko | Posted 08.19.2014 | Education
Jed Kolko

One way or another, good schools cost money. Private school tuition can easily exceed monthly housing costs, but home prices in top-rated public school districts are 32% above the local average.

Why Grandma Might Not Be the Best Babysitter

Lynn Perkins | Posted 08.19.2014 | Parents
Lynn Perkins

Before you pull the trigger on hiring Grandma to be the babysitter, give some thought to these four reasons why she might not be the best choice for the job.

Top 10 Children's Health Concerns

Suren Ramasubbu | Posted 08.19.2014 | Parents
Suren Ramasubbu

Every parent has concerns about children's health and safety, but sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone. The C.S. Mott Children's Hospital publishes a national (US-wide) poll based on an annual survey, and this year's results are as revealing as they come.

Kids' Drawings May Predict Intelligence Later In Life

The Huffington Post | Jacqueline Howard | Posted 08.19.2014 | Science

They may look like random doodles and smiley faces, but a new study suggests that children's drawings are an indicator of their intelligence -- and no...

How I Survived My Daughter's Sleep Away Camp

Rachael Stark | Posted 08.19.2014 | Fifty
Rachael Stark

What is it about my generation? Like Navy Seals, the "Mom Squad" stands at attention, ready to swoop down and scoop up our children at a moment's notice. But from what? From growing up? Do we spend too much time with our kids and need to get a life -- as the expression goes?

How My Son Taught Me To Slow Down

Pallavi Gadepalli | Posted 08.18.2014 | Parents
Pallavi Gadepalli

We have made listening to music in the car our special time together. It is something we even crave sometimes. We will take a ride in the car just because we want to, with no destination in mind. I sometimes thank God that his school and camp are at least a 30-minute drive away.

A Pause To Watch My Teenage Son Grow Up

Lillian Duggan | Posted 08.18.2014 | Parents
Lillian Duggan

I won't be there on the beach waiting, worrying about his safety, asking myself whether he put on enough sunscreen. Nor will my husband, or any other adult. My son will be an adult looking out for himself.

Find Yourself a Lisa

Nancy Davis Kho | Posted 08.18.2014 | Parents
Nancy Davis Kho

When my daughter was about to enter high school, I gave her just one piece of advice: "Find yourself a Lisa."

A New Study on Parental Control Before Conception

Christopher Herz | Posted 08.18.2014 | Science
Christopher Herz

Everyone wants the best for their children. You can see it in the faces of parents shopping for strollers, preschools and nannies who speak five langu...

Singing in the Car

Rabbi Ilana Garber | Posted 08.18.2014 | Parents
Rabbi Ilana Garber

An era ends, and I'm sad, terribly sad. But also so very grateful for the incredible community and the wonderful experiences we have shared as a family.

How Growing Your Own Vegetables Will Make You A Happier Person

Jason Saltmarsh | Posted 08.18.2014 | Green
Jason Saltmarsh

The vegetable garden represents a small effort on the part of the gardener to be a producer and not just a consumer, to give and not take, to create something beautiful and useful where nothing existed before.

3 Sacred Rules Of College Drop-Off

Becky Blades | Posted 08.18.2014 | Parents
Becky Blades

Yes, after feeding and sheltering a person for 18 years, you are entitled to a little storybook sentimentality. But today is not the day.

How Can We Get Our Children Off Their iPhones and Spend Some Time Together?

Allison Carmen | Posted 08.18.2014 | Parents
Allison Carmen

Our family just spent a lovely weekend at my home with my sister-in-law and her children. Because our children are getting older, each one seems to have an iPad, iPhone or some other electronic gadget attached to their hand at all times.

Adoption, Food and Acceptance

Allison Barberi | Posted 08.18.2014 | Parents
Allison Barberi

One of our children collected everyone's apple cores and saved them next to her seat. We tried to assure her that we had more food, but nothing could persuade her to let us throw the apple cores away. We felt it was best to just let her have them, if it made her feel safer.

Dear Problem Parents: 3 Ways You Sabotage Your Child

Debra Jenkins | Posted 08.18.2014 | Parents
Debra Jenkins

We want you to know about three issues you create for us -- and by default, your kids. You're the ones who fixate on the small things so much that you miss the big picture. You're the ones who think everything is someone else's fault.

Vegas, Baby! (Well, Minus Our Babies)

Marco Gonzalez | Posted 08.19.2014 | Parents
Marco Gonzalez

After zipping by that line and getting inside, I made my way up to the bar. What?! $15 for a watered-down Jack and Coke? Good thing my wife's feet were killing her in those five-inch heels because she was ready to go. Yep, we were in there for a whole 15 minutes. Good times.