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Valentine's Day: Time to Open Your Heart... To Your Kids

Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D. | Posted 04.16.2013 | Parents
Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D.

With Valentine's Day upon us, I'm thinking about the importance of connection -- to ourselves, to our kids, to our partners. How wonderful if we could allow our hearts to blend with the people we love more of the time

Why I’m Excited For Valentine’s Day... As A Single Woman

Annette Powers | Posted 04.15.2013 | Divorce
Annette Powers

I know Valentine's Day is a silly greeting card holiday that shouldn't really matter to me -- and yet, it does. As a single woman, all the hearts and flowers can be a painful reminder of what I don't have. As a divorced woman, they can be an even more painful reminder of what once was.

Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye...

Natalie Thomas | Posted 04.15.2013 | New York
Natalie Thomas

New York is a hard place to say no to. There's an undeniable energy percolating the air, a vibrant heartbeat pulsing the streets. Sure space may be limited and at a premium, but the backyard is the world's greatest playground.

Love: Unequal And Incomparable

Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP | Posted 04.15.2013 | Parents
Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP

My love for my boys isn't "equal" in height, weight or circumference. The love I feel for my second is absolutely incomparable to the love I feel for my first. As if it's a different color, a different language, a different texture or a different tonality.

How to Scare Off Mommy Mean Girls

Shannon Sutherland | Posted 04.15.2013 | Parents
Shannon Sutherland

I am here to tell you that you don't need mom friends. Because the last thing you want to do after spending the whole day changing your baby's diapers is spend the whole night listening to your friend complain about changing her baby's diapers.

A (Different Kind of) Love Story

Lisa McElroy | Posted 04.16.2013 | Parents
Lisa McElroy

The very best love stories, I think, are of conflict resolved. And all the baby (or big kid) steps it took to get there.

Of Ashes and Invitations

James M. Chesbro | Posted 04.15.2013 | Parents
James M. Chesbro

Many people think of Lent in terms of giving up indulgences such as chocolate or wine. What I'd like to give up this season is being hard on myself.

A Busy Mom Organizes Her Overwhelming Schedule Into A Million-Dollar Business

Posted 02.14.2013 | MarloThomas

One of the reasons I started my website is that I wanted a place for women to come together and dream. We women need to know that we don't have to ha...

14 Valentine's Gifts Your Husband Will Not Appreciate

Adrian Kulp | Posted 04.14.2013 | Weddings
Adrian Kulp

If you've already got the perfect present for your hubby, let's hope it isn't on this list. This is stuff we just DON'T need...

Love Lessons I Hope To Teach My Daughters | Posted 04.14.2013 | Parents

From the moment I knew of your existence I couldn't imagine life without you. I knew what an honor and a gift it would be to get to be your mother. And so, it has been my heart's desire to guard your heart, to protect it, and to cherish it all the days of my life.

'I Have Nothing to Wear!'

Susan Stiffelman | Posted 04.14.2013 | Parents
Susan Stiffelman

Every morning, my 12-year old daughter has a fit when it comes to getting dressed. By the time I drop her off at school, we're either yelling at each other or not speaking. I'm not willing to buy her a new outfit every week. What should I do?

12 Reasons I Will Miss 'Downton Abbey'

Grown And Flown | Posted 04.14.2013 | Fifty
Grown And Flown

Discovering a show that both my husband and I enjoy is a gift. We watch together even if it means one of us must wait for the other to be available. In our almost empty nest, enjoying "Downton Abbey" has turned Sunday evening into a new date night.

The Elective C-Section that Saved My Soul

Katie Hurley | Posted 04.14.2013 | Parents
Katie Hurley

Eventually, I stopped talking. I provided a vague due date and nodded along when people told me to bring a body pillow, music and even a mirror (no thank you). People, as it turns out, have a lot of opinions about childbirth.

What Those Conversation Hearts SHOULD Say After Marriage and Children ...

Jenny Isenman | Posted 04.14.2013 | Parents
Jenny Isenman

I've had some awkward V-Day Moments, from my 5-year-old trying to soap opera kiss me to my hubby trying to stuff himself and champagne into an undersized NYC bathtub in our undersized NYC apartment. I've decided this year will not be awkward.

How Far Will a Jewish Mother Go For Her Son?

Darryle Pollack | Posted 04.14.2013 | Parents
Darryle Pollack

The next time you wonder how far a Jewish mother will go for her son, the answer is 15,000 feet.

The Most Surprising Change In My Marriage After Having Kids

Francesca Kaplan Grossman | Posted 04.14.2013 | Parents
Francesca Kaplan Grossman

We expect that our children will grow to resemble us, in looks and in actions. Our son has my husband's soul, our daughter has my spirit; they both have his eyes. But I never expected to grow to resemble him. Or him me. And it is this change that is the most surprising of all.

The Perils of Pauline Multiplied: My Girly Girl Daughter Now Mothers All-Boy Boys

Lisa Carpenter | Posted 04.14.2013 | Parents
Lisa Carpenter

My girly daughter, previous lover of all things pink, ruffled, soft and sweet, had no girls, only boys. Two of them. Along with their dad, the household filled with wrestling, racing, truck and car and emergency vehicle driving, as well as the requisite sound effects for all of the above.

Nanny Emma's Picks: The Best Books for Kids, Part I (ages 1-6)

Emma Jenner | Posted 04.13.2013 | Parents
Emma Jenner

It's hard to tell which recently published books will stand the test of time, but in my decades of experience as a nanny, I've learned what to look for: Books that are designed to be read with children, not to them. Here are some of my recent favorites.

The Thigh Gap -- A Disturbing New Trend Among Teen Girls

Barbara Greenberg | Posted 04.13.2013 | Women
Barbara Greenberg

February is Eating Disorder Awareness Month. Many female teens set up impossible standards for themselves, which are incredibly hard to meet unless they are willing to put their health at risk by engaging in severely restrictive dieting.

Social Media Training for Kids: A 60-Minute Class Workshop

Scott Steinberg | Posted 04.13.2013 | Parents
Scott Steinberg

Worried about kids and social networks? While services like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest are among the most public of online spaces, it may help to recall that a little education can go a long way towards teaching children how to behave on them.

Life After College

Irvin G. Schorsch III | Posted 04.13.2013 | Business
Irvin G. Schorsch III

What do young adults need after graduating college? A steady, well-paying job would be nice -- but as we all know, such entry-level positions have been few and far between these past few years.

Babble Plans E-Book Series

AP | Posted 04.13.2013 | Parents

NEW YORK — A top parenting site has teamed with Hyperion for a series of e-books featuring stories from "connected and engaged" mothers and fath...

17 Parenting Lessons From 'Downton Abbey'

Grown And Flown | Posted 04.12.2013 | Parents
Grown And Flown

What the PBS drama can teach us about unconditional love, loyalty and reinvention.

6 Things You Shouldn't Say When Visiting Your Adult Children

Anthonia Akitunde | Posted 04.12.2013 | Fifty
Anthonia Akitunde

Sometimes a well-meaning observation can just be annoying no matter the person's relation to you. Though we can't quite pull "My house, my rules" rank (you're still our parents after all), here is a list of six things you should never say to your adult children when you're visiting them.

As Novelist, Focus On The Family Founder, Paints Bleak Future For Families

Religion News Service | Adelle M. Banks | Posted 02.10.2013 | Religion

(RNS) Christian conservative leader James Dobson, the founder of the Focus on the Family ministry, has gained a new title: novelist. Working with c...