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Qatar World Cup

Workers' Welfare in Qatar: Navigating a Minefield

James Dorsey | Posted 04.13.2014 | World
James Dorsey

FIFA publicly joined the fray following reports last fall in Britain's The Guardian and other media detailing a high death rate among workers and appalling living and working conditions

Qatar's Sports-focused Public Diplomacy Backfires

James Dorsey | Posted 04.08.2014 | Sports
James Dorsey

A perceived lack of real progress in the improvement of conditions for foreign labour, aggravated by a Qatari reluctance to engage in public debate beyond platitudes, is undermining the soft power goals underlying the Gulf state's sports strategy.

VIDEO: Topless Activists Protest Qatar World Cup (NSFW)

Posted 01.23.2014 | World

Two topless activists of the protest group FEMEN disturbed a German late-night show on Wednesday to raise awareness of the plight of guest laborers in...

Qatar Launches Politically Sensitive Survey Into Low Soccer Match Attendance

James Dorsey | Posted 01.24.2014 | World
James Dorsey

Qatari authorities, in a bid to counter criticism that the Gulf state lacks a soccer culture as well as a sense that low attendance of matches could constitute a form of protest, has launched a politically sensitive survey to gauge reasons for its empty stadia.

Qatar's World Cup Spectacle Brought to You by Slavery

Michelle Chen | Posted 01.23.2014 | World
Michelle Chen

The big controversies surrounding Qatar as the site of the 2022 World Cup have been the shady bidding process and fears that the desert heat will ru...

Amnesty International Report Undermines Qatar's Soft Power Defense Strategy

James Dorsey | Posted 01.25.2014 | World
James Dorsey

Qatar's failure to confront appalling working and living conditions of its foreign workers is undermining the very purpose of its staging of the 2022 World Cup.

Critics of Qatari Sports, Labor and Foreign Policy Target Its Commercial Interests

James Dorsey | Posted 01.23.2014 | World
James Dorsey

Opponents of Qatar's foreign, sports and labor policies are striking at the Gulf state's commercial interests in a bid to either force it to embrace reform or punish it for its support of Islamist groups.

Qatar: Perfecting the Art of Scoring Own Goals

James Dorsey | Posted 12.07.2013 | World
James Dorsey

State-owned Qatari television network Al Jazeera prides itself on hard hitting, let-the chips-fall-where-they fall reporting. Yet, it has systematically avoided in recent days the one story that potentially could affect the very future, shape and security of the wealthy Gulf state.

FIFA Debating Winter World Cup

AP | GRAHAM DUNBAR | Posted 10.03.2013 | Sports

ZURICH -- ZURICH (AP) — FIFA opened a two-day board meeting Thursday that will discuss whether to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from the traditio...

Harsh Qatari Labor Conditions Move Center Stage as FIFA Debates World Cup

James Dorsey | Posted 11.29.2013 | Sports
James Dorsey

Union objections on the grounds that Qatar bans independent labor organizations forced the Gulf state earlier this year to withdraw its proposal to move ICAO headquarters from Montreal to Doha. Qatar.

REVEALED: Qatar's World Cup 'Slaves' Dying At Shocking Rate

Huffington Post | Posted 09.26.2013 | HuffPost Live 321

An investigative Guardian report published Wednesday found that Nepalese workers are dying at a rate of one per day as they toil to build stadiums for...

Decision to Change Date of Qatari World Cup Risks Political and Legal Rows

James Dorsey | Posted 11.25.2013 | Sports
James Dorsey

A pending decision by FIFA on whether to move the Qatar 2022 World Cup from summer to winter threatens to open debate on whether to deprive the Gulf state of its right to host one of the world's two largest sporting events and could spark allegations of an anti-Arab bias.

Middle Eastern Investors Target Lower Tier European Clubs

James Dorsey | Posted 11.19.2013 | World
James Dorsey

Middle Eastern investors have adopted a new strategy of buying low and selling high with a series of acquisitions of second and third tier European soccer clubs.

Saudi Arabia Mulls Granting Women Access to Stadia

James Dorsey | Posted 11.17.2013 | World
James Dorsey

No Saudi official has suggested that the controversial issue is under discussion but if past experience is any indication, a series of statements and denials suggests that a debate is underway.

Qatar 2022: A Mixed Blessing

James Dorsey | Posted 11.12.2013 | World
James Dorsey

Winning the 2022 World Cup hosting rights has proven to be a mixed blessing for Qatar. The wealthy Gulf emirate, more than two years after world soccer body FIFA voted in Qatar's favor, is under greater scrutiny than it ever has been and that it originally had bargained for.

Pressure for Labor Reform in Qatar Increases Amid Calls to Move World Cup to Winter

James Dorsey | Posted 10.24.2013 | World
James Dorsey

Activists have stepped up calls for a boycott of the 2022 World Cup if Qatar fails to bring conditions for its majority foreign work force in line wit...

2022 World Cup Moving?

AP | GRAHAM DUNBAR | Posted 10.25.2013 | Sports

ULRICHEN, Switzerland — FIFA President Sepp Blatter expects his executive committee to decide soon on a switch that will shift the 2022 World Cu...

Should FIFA Remove 2022 World Cup From Qatar?

AP | Posted 10.15.2013 | Sports

LONDON -- The head of the Premier League has joined the English Football Association in urging FIFA to consider removing the 2022 World Cup from Qatar...

UAE Exploits Soccer to Counter Charges of Human Rights Abuse

James Dorsey | Posted 10.14.2013 | World
James Dorsey

UAE officials have insisted that the acquisition of Manchester City as well as this year's agreement to invest in the creation of a 20th Major League Soccer team was a personal rather than a government investment. Most analysts take that assertion with a grain of salt.

Winter World Cup?

AP | Posted 07.17.2013 | Sports

GOING, Austria -- FIFA President Sepp Blatter plans to ask the governing body's executive committee to consider moving the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to ...

What Would You Do If You Inherited the World's Richest Country?

Sharan Burrow | Posted 08.24.2013 | World
Sharan Burrow

Despite Qatari attempts to whitewash their image in the face of increasing international condemnation, the conditions for workers are arguably getting worse as the world's richest country ramps up infrastructure projects ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

Players' Complaints Overshadow Qatari Attempts to Project Improved Workers' Rights

James Dorsey | Posted 06.29.2013 | World
James Dorsey

Employment-related complaints by two international players, one of whom is barred from leaving Qatar, threaten to overshadow the 2022 World Cup organizing committee's release of a charter of worker's rights designed to fend off criticism of labor conditions in the Gulf state.

Turkey Gears Up to Give Gulf States a Run for Their Money

James Dorsey | Posted 05.28.2013 | World
James Dorsey

The Gulf states dominate headlines, with Qatar's controversial hosting of a World Cup and the high profile acquisition of European soccer teams, but they may be meeting their match in an emerging competition for being the region's prime sports, transportation and economic hub.

Qatar Broaches Sensitive Demography Through Soccer

James Dorsey | Posted 05.21.2013 | World
James Dorsey

Qatar's soccer league, in a break with a reluctance among Gulf states to give their largely expatriate majorities a sense of belonging, is next month organizing the region's first cup for foreign workers' teams.

What Secretary Kerry Won't See in Qatar

Sharan Burrow | Posted 05.04.2013 | World
Sharan Burrow

On Wednesday John Kerry will cross the finish line of his first listening tour as Secretary of State. His last stop is Doha, Qatar, a small gulf state with a big problem.