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Recreational Marijuana

Sam Levine

Terry McAuliffe Weighs In On Weed | Sam Levine | Posted 08.28.2014 | Politics

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) said that he was open to legalizing medical marijuana in his state during a radio interview on Wednesday. He added ...

Matt Ferner

Colorado's Marijuana Black Market Is More Complicated Than It Looks | Matt Ferner | Posted 08.21.2014 | Politics

Depending on whom you ask, Colorado's marijuana black market has either vanished or expanded since weed was legalized in the state. Mexican pot farmer...

Oregon Could Generate A Tremendous Amount Of Tax Revenue From Legal Weed

The Huffington Post | Matt Ferner | Posted 08.12.2014 | Politics

If voters in Oregon decide to legalize recreational marijuana this November, the state expects it could generate up to $40 million per year in tax rev...

Matt Ferner

Gavin Newsom Will Back 'The Right Initiative' On Legal Weed | Matt Ferner | Posted 08.11.2014 | Politics

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who has made no secret of his overall support for marijuana legalization, has now said he's prepared to campaign...

Matt Ferner

Nation's Capital Will Vote On Legal Weed In November | Matt Ferner | Posted 08.06.2014 | Politics

Voters in our nation's capital will be the next to decide on marijuana legalization. Wednesday morning, the District of Columbia Board of Election...

Matt Ferner

Drivers Got High On Federal Weed For Stoned Driving Study | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.29.2014 | Politics

For several months in 2013 and 2014, federal researchers administered free marijuana and alcohol to a group of people and set them loose in a driving ...

Marijuana's Tipping Point?

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.28.2014 | Politics
Chris Weigant

According to the Controlled Substances Act, Eric Holder himself can reclassify anything on the list, with no more authority necessary than his own signature. Perhaps if Congress refuses to act, Holder (or Obama) will make this change on his own. That, more than a Times editorial, might more accurately be called marijuana's tipping point.

Friday Talking Points -- Prelude To Silly Season

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.25.2014 | Politics
Chris Weigant

Paul Ryan is attempting to address poverty, once again. What he's really doing is trolling the media to write "compassionate conservative" columns about him (which, so far, doesn't seem to be working very well), to bolster his chances to get the Republican presidential nomination.

Matt Ferner

Oregon Voters Will Be Next To Decide On Legal Weed | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.22.2014 | Politics

This November, Oregon voters will get to decide whether they want to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana. "Initiative Petition 53 has qua...

Matt Ferner

Why It May Be Difficult To Get Your Favorite Weed Edible In Washington | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.19.2014 | Business

Washington state regulators on Wednesday approved the sale of cannabis-infused treats by marijuana dispensaries, with one exception: nothing that may ...

Matt Ferner

If Legal Marijuana Was Supposed To Cause More Crime, It's Not Doing A Very Good Job | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.17.2014 | Politics

When Colorado legalized weed more than a year ago, opponents of the move warned that crime would rise. But half a year after the first sales of recrea...

Matt Ferner

House Votes To Allow Banking For Marijuana Businesses | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.17.2014 | Politics

Signaling growing acceptance of cannabis legalization nationally, the House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to allow banks to provide traditiona...

Matt Ferner

Former Congressman Scores Free, Legal Weed At Movie Screening | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.15.2014 | Politics

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) just scored his first bag of free, legal weed. In Denver on Thursday during a screening of a new documentary tha...

Friday Talking Points -- First Marijuana TV Ad Created

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.11.2014 | Politics
Chris Weigant

This ad will likely be followed by other companies' ads -- all competing freely in a marketplace for customers -- which means it does represent a historic turning point.

Colorado Shops Are Selling A LOT Of Pot

The Huffington Post | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.10.2014 | Business

In the first five months of legal retail sales, Colorado dispensaries sold about $90 million worth of recreational marijuana, The Denver Post reported...

GOP Senator Says Recreational Weed Will End In 'Tragedy'

The Huffington Post | Lydia O'Connor | Posted 07.09.2014 | Politics

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), one of three medical doctors in the Senate, offered an ominous prediction for states with legalized recreational marijuana ...

Matt Ferner

Washington State Sells Legal Weed, World Does Not End | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.09.2014 | Business

Washington state completed its first day of legal, recreational marijuana sales -- and the world did not end. Despite fewer than 10 shops opening a...

The Next Five States In Line For Marijuana Reform

AP | Posted 07.09.2014 | Politics

BY JONATHAN J. COOPER, ASSOCIATED PRESS SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Advocates seeking more lenient marijuana laws have no intention of stopping with Color...

Matt Ferner

2 States Now Allow Marijuana Sales To Adults -- And Our Minds Are Blown | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.10.2014 | Politics

Washington state joins Colorado Tuesday in allowing the sale of recreational marijuana to adults, delivering another sharp blow to the federal governm...

Marijuana Legalization Update

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.07.2014 | Politics
Chris Weigant

This year may see some progress on legalization, but it will be limited. But there are five state-level efforts where news is being made on the legalization front.

Saki Knafo

Nation's Capital Takes Next Big Step Toward Legalizing Marijuana | Saki Knafo | Posted 07.07.2014 | Politics

Thousands of residents of Washington, D.C., have signed a petition calling for the nation's capital to join Colorado and Washington state in legalizin...

Matt Ferner

Former Congressman Catches 'Contact Buzz' As Filmmaker Smokes Legal Weed | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.03.2014 | Politics

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) may have lost the GOP gubernatorial primary in Colorado this year, but he did get a major role in a new documentary...

Matt Ferner

Washington State Is Low On Weed For Retail Marijuana Debut | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.03.2014 | Politics

Washington state's new recreational marijuana shops will open next week for the first time to legally sell marijuana to adults. But there's a problem:...

Matt Ferner

Colorado Introduces Major Shift In Its Marijuana Program | Matt Ferner | Posted 07.01.2014 | Politics

Want to get in on the Colorado green rush? If you're a resident of the state, you finally can. Starting Tuesday, for the first time, any adult Colo...

Pot Advocates Deliver Petitions For Oregon Ballot

AP | CHAD GARLAND | Posted 06.26.2014 | Politics

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Sponsors of an initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana traveled to Salem on Thursday to turn in boxes stuffed with ...