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Memo to Single Men: Man Up or Shut Up

Elizabeth Tannen | Posted 01.30.2012 | Style
Elizabeth Tannen

A few weeks ago, I got a random Facebook message from an attractive man I know. I was excited for approximately three seconds before feeling, instead, furious.

Seduced by a Love Story

Robert Levithan | Posted 01.28.2012 | Gay Voices
Robert Levithan

A couple of weeks ago, a charming man on Facebook suggested that we meet for a drink, and I accepted. That drink turned into an instant committed relationship. Why am I surprised that now we are discussing what went awry?

Cleaning Out My Love Closet And Moving On

Julia Moulden | Posted 01.26.2012 | Fifty
Julia Moulden

This fall, I told all my friends it's time. It's been a few years since my divorce, I have plenty of practice dating under my belt, and I figure I'm ready to meet someone new. First, it seems, I had to clean out my love closet.

Cara Santa Maria

How Well Do You Know Your Partner? | Cara Santa Maria | Posted 01.04.2012 | Fifty

You may think that the longer you and your partner have been together, the better you know your likes and dislikes. You may think that, but you'd be w...

Why You're Never Too Old To Flirt

ThirdAge | Eve Marx | Posted 11.14.2011 | Fifty

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but that's so not true. Old dogs learn new tricks all the time -- that is, when they have the incentiv...

The Necessary Death of Romance

Judith Acosta | Posted 01.02.2012 | Healthy Living
Judith Acosta

When I speak of romance in this sense, it is not just a reference to that flurry of the heart when we are falling in love. It is there then, as well. But it is more than that.

Book Review: (Save The Pearls Part One) Revealing Eden

Irene Rubaum-Keller | Posted 01.01.2012 | Books
Irene Rubaum-Keller

What would happen if global warming continued to the point where resistance to deadly solar radiation determined class and beauty? This is the future we encounter in Victoria Foyt's captivating new novel, Revealing Eden.

WATCH: Let's Talk About Sex

Cara Santa Maria | Posted 01.05.2012 | Education
Cara Santa Maria

2011-11-01-jkfdkfdkgdgjkjkdjkwwe.jpgNovember is sexuality month, and we're going to strip down the science of sex.

Sexless in the City: The Dating Realities You Don't See on TV

Nikki Luongo | Posted 12.24.2011 | Women
Nikki Luongo

Why do we still romanticize the romance we see on television and not the reality of what's before us in our everyday lives?

Why I Don't Offer To Pay Unless...

Amary Wiggin | Posted 12.07.2011 | Women
Amary Wiggin

An intelligent man recognizes that paying isn't quite fair, but a man who cares pays.

Listening to Ambivalence

Tara Fass | Posted 12.06.2011 | Divorce
Tara Fass

Are you feeling gloomy, feasting on crumbs in the exile of the lonely hours asking, "Should I stay or should I go?" Here are five suggestions to consider in making your next move.

The World Is Flat Screened

Jayanti Tamm | Posted 12.06.2011 | Women
Jayanti Tamm

It was meant to be romantic, a rare few hours without the kids. But I was wrong. I hadn't realized that we'd have an intruder -- a rash of unexpected, uninvited company.

How Important Is Romance?

Wendy Litner | Posted 11.08.2011 | Women
Wendy Litner

I turn to my husband and I tell him that my whole life I have dreamed of a man rushing to me, holding me in his arms and whispering to me whatever it is Bill whispers to her. I wait.

But I'm Not Ready For The Two of You to Divorce Yet!

Robi Ludwig, Psy.D. | Posted 11.07.2011 | Divorce
Robi Ludwig, Psy.D.

Perhaps our notions of love and marriage cause us to give up prematurely on relationships that with a little more faith, effort, and reason could really stand the test of time.

Can Your Relationship Survive Midlfe?

Douglas LaBier | Posted 11.07.2011 | Style
Douglas LaBier

Whether you're entering a new relationship or hoping to resurrect your existing but flagging relationship, the upheavals and changes of midlife can make anyone pretty apprehensive about what lies ahead.

Loving Jane Austen

Lev Raphael | Posted 10.31.2011 | Books
Lev Raphael

Jane Austen is so popular these days she's probably been a write-in candidate in more than one election. Who knows, she might even have won some of them. I'd vote for her.

The Perfect Man - Revealed!

Posted 10.25.2011 | Books

The perfect man is loyal, honest and clean. These, at least, were the top attributes as voted for by 58 British romance novelists in a poll sent out b...

ReThink Review: One Day -- A Revenge Fantasy for Women Who Love Jerks

Jonathan Kim | Posted 10.24.2011 | Entertainment
Jonathan Kim

One Day isn't so much a romance movie as it is an emotional revenge fantasy for women who've had the misfortune of falling for jerks.

Romantic Love, What It Is, What It Isn't, How to Get It and How to Keep it!

Margaret Cochran, Ph.D. | Posted 10.17.2011 | Women
Margaret Cochran, Ph.D.

Mature adult romantic love is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding relationships you will ever have. It combines friendship and sexuality in such a way as to inspire monogamy and lifelong devotion.

Why Limit Romance To Your Partner

Gabrielle Bernstein | Posted 10.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Gabrielle Bernstein

Rather than place all of my romantic needs and desires onto one partner, I've learned to recognize romantic sparks in my friendships, my work, my physical activities and more.

The One That Couldn't Get Away: Man Cuffs Himself To Would-Be Date

Posted 10.12.2011 | Crime

Oh, the things we'll do for love. A Ringgold, Ga., Taco Bell employee came on a bit too strongly when he allegedly handcuffed himself to a co-worke...

Pride and Prejudice and Hebrews

Lev Raphael | Posted 09.25.2011 | Books
Lev Raphael

I've published twenty books in genres from memoir to mystery but I never thought of doing an Austen mashup until I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombie...

Crazy, Stupid, Love -- More Important Than the Title Might Suggest

Roger Wolfson | Posted 09.29.2011 | Entertainment
Roger Wolfson

Spending almost two hours in the dark with Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone is really so much fun that you're to be forgiven if you don't realize, by the time you walk out, that you've just seen a very important film.

I Have To Be Romanced When I Shop

Jason Bolden | Posted 09.28.2011 | Style
Jason Bolden

Romance is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. And this is how the best brands in the world communicate with you and it started when we were just children.

Islands with Heart

Stefanie Michaels | Posted 09.26.2011 | Travel
Stefanie Michaels

Galesnjak, an island off Croatia's coast, became all the rage virtually overnight thanks to Google's Earth's aerial view of its perfectly heart-shaped mass.