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NATO, EU Condemn Serbian Militant Attacks

AP | By SLOBODAN LEKIC | Posted 12.01.2011 | World

BRUSSELS -- The European Union and NATO on Thursday condemned attacks by Serb militants in Kosovo that have injured 50 NATO peacekeepers and jeopardiz...

Balkan Countries Seek $700 Million To Tackle Refugee Problem

AP | JOVANA GEC | Posted 01.07.2012 | World

BELGRADE, Serbia — Balkan countries are seeking over euro500 million ($688 million) to resolve the problems of tens of thousands of refugees sti...

Serbia To Receive EU Candidate Status

AP | SLOBODAN LEKIC | Posted 12.12.2011 | World

BRUSSELS — The European Union granted Serbia candidate status Wednesday but refused to set a date to begin formal accession talks into the 27-na...

Police Ban Gay Pride March And Anti-Gay Protest In Serbia

AP | JOVANA GEC | Posted 11.30.2011 | World

BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbian authorities have banned a gay pride march and an anti-gay protest planned in the nation's capital this weekend to avo...

11 Wounded In Clash Between Serbs And Nato Troops

AP | ZVEZDAN DJUKANOVIC | Posted 11.27.2011 | World

MITROVICA, Kosovo — NATO peacekeeping forces clashed with Serb protesters in northern Kosovo on Tuesday, leaving 11 people wounded, officials sa...

Will Jack Nicholson Buy $12 Million Park Ave Apartment From Former Yugoslav States?

AP | By DUSAN STOJANOVIC | Posted 11.22.2011 | World

BELGRADE, Serbia -- At least there's one thing the six cash-strapped former Yugoslav states can agree on: Selling a $12-million Park Avenue apartment ...

Serbian Mother Claims Son And Nephew Are Human Magnets

AP | JOVANA GEC | Posted 11.16.2011 | World

GORNJI MILANOVAC, Serbia — Two small boys from a central Serbian town are able to attract metal objects, acting much like human magnets, accordi...

EU Forced To Fly Forces To Kosovo Border Crossings

AP | NEBI QENA | Posted 11.16.2011 | World

PRISTINA, Kosovo — European Union police in Kosovo used helicopters to ferry staff sent to take charge of border crossings in the north after mi...

No Asylum for Gaddafi in Serbia

Sasa Milosevic | Posted 11.07.2011 | World
Sasa Milosevic

Despite the fact that Serbian government rejects giving asylum to him, Gaddafi still believes in friendship with the Serbian people.

Sex And The Serbian City: Singles Opt For Clever Matchmaking Scheme

Posted 11.02.2011 | World

Faced with one of the lowest birthrates in Europe, Serbia is taking a "Sex and the City"-like approach to reversing the tide: a speed-dating, matchmak...

Rebel Flag Flying in Belgrade and Sarajevo

Sasa Milosevic | Posted 10.24.2011 | World
Sasa Milosevic

It seems that era of Gaddafi's popularity on Balkan is over. The rebel flag is flying on the Libyan embassies in Belgrade and Sarajevo.

NATO Sends Reserve Force To Kosovo

AP | NEBI QENA | Posted 10.02.2011 | World

PRISTINA, Kosovo — Serb protesters briefly stopped NATO's top commander on Tuesday night as he tried to ease tensions in Kosovo after a week of ...

Kosovo Prime Minister Says Won't Back Away In Serbia-Kosovo Border Crisis

AP | NEBI QENA | Posted 10.01.2011 | World

PRISTINA, Kosovo — Kosovo's Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said Monday he won't back away from his drive to extend authority over the Serb-run nort...

Did Pristina Miscalculate In Kosovo Border Crisis?

Posted 09.27.2011 | World

   BELGRADE/BRUSSELS, July 28 (Reuters) - Kosovo's escalation of tensions over an ethnically Serb area this week appears aimed at pushing the W...

Viminacium - A New Life for Balkan Pompeii (PHOTOS)

Sasa Milosevic | Posted 09.27.2011 | Travel
Sasa Milosevic

Hidden under the fields of the corn for the centuries, the ancient city of Viminacium is rightly called Balkan Pompeii.

Politics and Justice: The Outrageous Case of Jovan Divjak

Diana Jenkins | Posted 09.25.2011 | World
Diana Jenkins

It is time for Jovan Divjak to come home. For five long months, this hero and humanitarian has been unable to leave Vienna and return home to Sarajevo while Austrian courts sort out bogus Serbian accusations against him.

How A Painting Helped Capture A War Criminal

ARTINFO | Posted 09.21.2011 | Arts

The last major war crimes fugitive in Serbia has been arrested after a stolen Modigliani painting led investigators to discover his whereabouts. Looki...

Balkan War Crimes Fugitive Extradited To Hague Tribunal

AP | ARTHUR MAX | Posted 09.21.2011 | World

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The last suspect wanted by the U.N. war crimes tribunal was extradited and jailed Friday, paving the way for the final ...

Serbia Arrests Last Balkan War Crimes Fugitive

AP | JOVANA GEC | Posted 09.19.2011 | World

BELGRADE, Serbia — He was on the run for seven years, the last Serbian fugitive sought by the U.N.'s Balkan war crimes tribunal. Goran Hadzic, ...

U.N. Court Upholds Yugoslav War Crimes Spokeswoman's Conviction

AP | Posted 09.18.2011 | World

THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- An appeals court of the U.N. Yugoslav war crimes tribunal has upheld the conviction of a former prosecution spokeswoman for ...

Marina Abramovic Opera: 'Travesty'

Telegraph | Richard Dorment | Posted 09.10.2011 | Arts

It was to be the starriest artwork/theatrical event of the decade: an "opera" based on the life of the performance artist Marina Abramovic conceived a...

Srebrenica Mother Experiences Relief, Anguish As Son's Bones Are Identified

AP | By AIDA CERKEZ | Posted 09.09.2011 | World

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina -- Three bones make Kada Hotic feel like a winner. It may not sound like much after nearly two decades of anguish, but to...

Srebrenica Massacre Victims Win Dutch Lawsuit

AP | By MIKE CORDER | Posted 09.04.2011 | World

THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- The Netherlands is liable for the deaths of three Bosnian Muslim men slain by Serbs during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, app...

Serbia Denies Hiding Alleged War Criminal Mladic

AP | Posted 08.10.2011 | World

BELGRADE, Serbia -- Ratko Mladic was treated in a Serbian military hospital nearly a decade ago, but after that the army did not help him hide, the co...

General Mladic Faces Justice, However Late

Eric Margolis | Posted 08.06.2011 | World
Eric Margolis

Justice delayed is justice denied. Accused Serb war criminal Gen. Ratko Mladic killed at least five times more civilians than Osama bin Laden was accused of doing, yet at times no one seemed in any hurry to find the "Butcher of Sarajevo."