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Small Business

25,000+ Moms-to-Be and One Woman On a Mission

Cari E. Guittard | Posted 07.08.2014 | Small Business
Cari E. Guittard

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought it would be fitting to interview Sarah for this series to learn more about her experiences guiding 25,000+ moms-to-be on their journey to becoming mothers.

The Art of Y: Space for a Natural Energy Drink?

Alex Schattner | Posted 07.07.2014 | Business
Alex Schattner

It was a beautiful morning in Long Island City when I visited the headquarters of Frava, a natural energy juice.

Entrepreneurs Say Strong Clean Energy Standards Make Good Business Sense

John Arensmeyer | Posted 07.07.2014 | Small Business
John Arensmeyer

It's time lawmakers vote on the Shaheen-Portman legislation. Small business owners are doing their part to boost the economy. Political leaders need to follow suit.

3 Money Questions Your Husband Asks About Your Business (and How to Answer Them Without Starting a Fight)

Kim Pisolkar | Posted 07.07.2014 | Small Business
Kim Pisolkar

Money is the root of so many problems in "normal" marriages, but when you're a married entrepreneur things become exponentially more complicated.

5 AdWords Tips to Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Jonathan Long | Posted 07.06.2014 | Small Business
Jonathan Long

Many business owners give AdWords pay-per-click marketing a try and quickly throw their hands up in defeat as they deplete their budget quickly and ha...

The 6 Tasks That Highly-Successful Entrepreneurs Outsource

Posted 06.12.2014 | Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you know you can’t do it all, but let’s face it, sometimes you try. Business owners admit they lack knowledge ...

Finding Our Way Out of the Woods

Nell Merlino | Posted 07.06.2014 | Small Business
Nell Merlino

With all the new opportunities brought on by better education, technology, availability of data and women's growing power in all sectors, why are millions of women still stuck not making enough money?

Collaboration Is the New "Black": Tips for Your Next Collaboration

Carol Roth | Posted 07.02.2014 | Small Business
Carol Roth

As the 35.DL line has recently launched, Andrea talks about why collaboration is important for small business owners and entrepreneurs and how to collaborate effectively.

How to Disrupt and Dominate Any Industry

Steve Mariotti | Posted 07.06.2014 | Business
Steve Mariotti

One key to entrepreneurship is and always has been disruption. In any market, the potential for a disruptive business is tantamount to guaranteed success.

4 Essential Tips on How to Grow Your Consulting Business

Brian Horn | Posted 07.05.2014 | Small Business
Brian Horn

For many successful entrepreneurs, the business that can deliver many lucrative rewards is a consulting practice.

Who's Looking Out for Consumers in the Sharing Economy?

Tarun Wadhwa | Posted 07.05.2014 | Technology
Tarun Wadhwa

The only thing surprising about Airbnb's ugly confrontation with New York's attorney general is that it took six years to get to this point. Despite o...

How to Increase the Odds of Success for Venture-Backed Companies

Faisal Hoque | Posted 07.05.2014 | Business
Faisal Hoque

While the venture capital industry has changed a great deal since the days of Georges Doriot, portfolio management styles have not. The industry still places the greatest emphasis on financial analysis vs. operational capabilities.

Building a Community That Takes Care of Its People

Ann Fry | Posted 06.30.2014 | Small Business
Ann Fry

At the heart of any company that offers empathy and strong incentives and engagement is a company that is "employee centric." What that refers to is a company who puts the needs of their employees in the forefront.

Top 9 Networking Tips From a Celebrity Florist

Carly Cylinder | Posted 07.02.2014 | Weddings
Carly Cylinder

While I own a floral design business, these tips for networking and succeeding in the wedding industry can be applied to anyone looking to build up or increase their business on a local level.

Small Business Owners' Most Frequently-Asked Questions About Online Presence

David L. Brown | Posted 07.01.2014 | Small Business
David L. Brown

If you could ask an online expert about maximizing your small business' online presence, what would you ask? As the leader of a company that has more ...

How to Write Strong Pay-Per-Click Ad Copy

Jonathan Long | Posted 07.01.2014 | Small Business
Jonathan Long

Ad copy is one of the most important components of a pay-per-click advertising campaign. While traditional advertising allows the advertiser to get th...

If You Can Rise, You Can Shine: Tips for Small Business Success

2morrowknight | Posted 07.02.2014 | Small Business

Despite any perceived advantages, the fact remains: across gender, ethnicity, region and race, success in business takes time, and it is anything but easy.

Kickstarter Gets Saucey

Elana Joelle Hendler | Posted 05.01.2014 | Taste
Elana Joelle Hendler

One of my favorite traits of millennial entrepreneurs is the innate desire to infuse their passion and world views into their businesses. It's a conce...

Reasons Given for Economic Inequality Are Meritless

Steve Siebold | Posted 06.30.2014 | Politics
Steve Siebold

Americans agree economic inequality has grown, but don't agree on why. That's according to a new Pew Research article that gives varying reasons. A closer look into what those polled on the issue said reveals these are more excuses rather than reasons.

Multicultural Marketing: A Must for Multicultural Countries

N. Kimron Corion | Posted 07.02.2014 | Small Business
N. Kimron Corion

What may appeal to one person and induce them to buy your product may not appeal to another, based on their culture and beliefs -- even though the benefits of the product or service may very well be the same for everyone.

5 Tactics for Greater Income in Your Small Business

Melinda Emerson | Posted 06.30.2014 | Small Business
Melinda Emerson

Revisit goals if necessary and clearly communicate updates to your employees and close advisers so everyone is on the same page. This is important for the short- and long-term success of your small business.

Comedian Dave Chappelle and Laugh Factory Charged With Murder?

Jamie Masada | Posted 06.28.2014 | Comedy
Jamie Masada

Should I have an EKG by the door to check on vulnerable hearts before admitting them? Or maybe a sign that says it's like being at a ball game, if you are hit with a foul ball, it's part of your wager of attending?

5 Lessons I Learned While Developing My Product

Harley Finkelstein | Posted 06.29.2014 | Small Business
Harley Finkelstein

By Sara Rose Anderson, Britelites A few years ago, after my daughter was born, I considered getting a serious makeover. Nine months of preg...

4 Components Required to Sustain Innovation

Daniel Goleman | Posted 06.29.2014 | Business
Daniel Goleman

It's clearer today than ever before: Businesses must continuously innovate to survive. But how do we determine the factors necessary for sustaining continuous innovation?

5 Things You Must Know About Branding Your Small Business

Ian Mills | Posted 06.28.2014 | Small Business
Ian Mills

Every communication about your brand should articulate what is best and most compelling about you. By uniting research, design, and message consistency you can develop long-lasting and profitable relationships with your ideal prospects.