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Social Impact

Entrepreneurs and Innovators Changing Lives

Elizabeth Gore | Posted 11.24.2012 | Impact
Elizabeth Gore

Entrepreneurs, innovators and technologists have skills and ideas that can't be found anywhere else. That's why we need their engagement to help solve global challenges.

Three Ways Millennials Are Using Technology to Change the World

Allison Jones | Posted 11.24.2012 | Impact
Allison Jones

We use technology to access and share information about causes, organizations, and people whom we may want to support; we use technology to connect with others who share our passion; and finally we use technology to take action and see the results of our efforts.

Get Shoppers To Give Charity Without Guilting Them

Phillip Haid | Posted 10.27.2012 | Impact
Phillip Haid

Whether you are being asked to give at a Walmart, Toys R Us or Walgreens the ask is basically structured in the same way (add a dollar and put your pin up on the wall). And they are generally premised on the same behavior, namely, guilt. Who wants to be the person in line saying no to a child with autism?

Runway to Rwanda: Reflections of a Fighting Pacifist

Anjhula Mya Bais | Posted 10.24.2012 | Impact
Anjhula Mya Bais

Do I pay the price in my fashion career? Absolutely. I've been told by many an agent to "dumb it down," yet I do it in reverse.

Donate Dignity

Thea Montanez | Posted 10.14.2012 | Impact
Thea Montanez

In the end, allowing the person on the receiving end of your helping hand to keep their dignity doesn't cost a thing, except maybe for your ego.

How Impact Investing Can Revitalize Distressed Communities

Geri Stengel | Posted 09.30.2012 | Impact
Geri Stengel

The more we can bring together the entrepreneurial energy and ideas with the capital required to bring them to life, the better for all.

Businesses With Impact: Fenix International, Maker of The Fenix ReadySet Solar Kit

Jesse Seaver | Posted 09.18.2012 | Impact
Jesse Seaver

Inspired by how "mobile banking" revolutionized financial independence, Fenix believes that "mobile energy" is the next exciting frontier that will power laptops, tablets and even water purifiers and vaccine refrigerators off-grid.

Piecing Together Impact Investing, $4 Billion at a Time

Ben Thornley | Posted 09.15.2012 | Business
Ben Thornley

Whatever the reason for growth in double bottom line funds, the important point is that we can now have the conversation, thanks to the data. And the data is grounded in the perfectly workable definition of impact investing that we already have at our disposal.

To Change the World, Ignore Your Parents

Jonathan Lewis | Posted 08.10.2012 | Impact
Jonathan Lewis

First in his family to go to college, paid for by parents of humble and modest means, Jerry Hildebrand resisted their "tremendous pressure" to pursue a conventional career and, instead, opted to join the very first Peace Corps cohort.

The Civic 100

John Bridgeland | Posted 08.08.2012 | Impact
John Bridgeland

The Civic 100 itself is an innovative effort that will ensure civic efforts get the support they deserve from the very institutions that drive and sustain our economy.

Bid On the World's Only Power Lunch With Warren Buffett

Jesse Seaver | Posted 08.01.2012 | Impact
Jesse Seaver

I've purchased a computer on Ebay, a few watches, countless computer parts, and even helped my brother buy a car -- but never had I thought I could p...

Good Work in the Private Sector

Tom Vander Ark | Posted 06.22.2012 | Impact
Tom Vander Ark

U.S. education needs more private capital and the horsepower of private enterprise to make the transition to personal digital learning. More broadly, we have an historic opportunity in this decade to extend quality secondary and tertiary education to every young person on the planet.

Jesuit Social Entrepreneurship

Thane Kreiner | Posted 06.09.2012 | Impact
Thane Kreiner

Our mission at the Center is to help more social entrepreneurs help more people. Last year, we launched a GSBI Network among the network of Jesuit institutions of higher learning around the world -- all with a common mission to create a more just, humane, and sustainable world.

Helping Social Entrepreneurs Succeed: Lessons From 10 Years of the GSBI

Thane Kreiner | Posted 06.05.2012 | Impact
Thane Kreiner

Social impact is much more challenging to measure than financial results, so we use a combination of metrics to gauge our success in helping social entrepreneurs build sustainable and scalable enterprises.

Don't Dismiss 'Slacktivists' -- Give Them The Tools To Do More

Bob McKinnon | Posted 05.25.2012 | Impact
Bob McKinnon

How does social change happen - with marches or clicks? To anyone who grew up in the 60's this seems like an absurd, if not offensive question. But t...

Look to Business Operations, Not Philanthropy, for Social Impact

Judith Samuelson | Posted 06.11.2013 | Business
Judith Samuelson

If the impact of business on society is measured in oceans, corporate philanthropy would barely fill a bucket of water. What might be possible if we were to unleash this business genius on problems of consequence?

Transforming Communities: Siva Principle Of Change In Action

Anju Bhargava | Posted 04.28.2012 | Religion
Anju Bhargava

Shiva symbolizes removal of negativity of life. Maha Shivratri is transformative constructive destruction in the cycle of life

Public-Private Partnerships Are Key to U.S. Competitiveness

Bridget van Kralingen | Posted 02.17.2012 | Technology
Bridget van Kralingen

Collaboration between the public and private sectors has long served as the model for addressing major challenges faced by the U.S. But in today's political and economic environment, is it a thing of the past?

The Obama Administration's Social Innovation Fund: An In-depth Interview with Director Paul Carttar

Rahim Kanani | Posted 01.03.2012 | Impact
Rahim Kanani

This is part one of a two-part interview. Part two can be found here. Recently, I interviewed Paul Carttar, Director of the Social Innovation Fund--a...

Setting the Right Goals for Your Social Marketing Campaign

Dorie Clark | Posted 12.21.2011 | Impact
Dorie Clark

If you want a successful social marketing campaign, the first step is devising a measurable campaign goal that involves a specific group making a specific behavioral change within a specific amount of time

How to Market Your Social Marketing Campaign

Dorie Clark | Posted 12.20.2011 | Impact
Dorie Clark

If all it took to change behavior was hearing a message, then we'd have world peace. You know better. Leveraging all "Four Ps" will help ensure your social marketing campaign makes a real difference.

What Happens When Millennials Come Together

David D. Burstein | Posted 12.10.2011 | College
David D. Burstein

We're the first generation to spend all of our grown years in a world where connecting to people from all over the world, instantly and constantly, seems normal and natural.

New Ranking Spotlights Business Education That Works for the Planet

Judith Samuelson | Posted 11.21.2011 | Business
Judith Samuelson

Business educators are stepping up to the plate to bring the so-called "soft stuff" -- like values, ethical considerations and long term environmental impacts -- right smack into the B-school classroom.

Join Me in the Huddle to Fight Hunger

Joe Montana | Posted 06.18.2012 | Impact
Joe Montana

One out of every 6 Americans doesn't know where their next meal is going to come from. It is unconscionable that anyone should be facing food insecurity in this land of plenty, which is why all of us should do our part to ensure no one has to go hungry again.

8 Virtuous Investment Options

Jonathan Lewis | Posted 10.30.2011 | Impact
Jonathan Lewis

If you have secured an independent income and are ready now to practice a bit of virtue, here are the 2011 Opportunity Collaboration Delegates working to "solve poverty" and create virtue with your capital.