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Terrible Threes

Mama, Will You Hold My Hand?

Danielle Ripley-Burgess | Posted 09.07.2014 | Parents
Danielle Ripley-Burgess

Three is the age of extreme emotion. One minute I've got a sweet-as-pie charming little girl who can squeeze not one cookie, but two out of me with a smile and big bear hug. Minutes later, she spits in my face .

Sorry, Son, But It's Not Me, It's You!

Mike Julianelle | Posted 05.28.2014 | Parents
Mike Julianelle

Several months into the carnival of horrors that is my son's threenage wasteland, I'm done taking the blame for his crappy behavior.

Three Is the New Two

Susannah Lewis | Posted 02.26.2014 | Parents
Susannah Lewis

He doesn't always get his way, but I've learned to pick my battles. I don't spoil him, I don't give into his every whim and desire, I don't let him play in the street or swim without floaties just because he says he's a "big boy." But, I pick my battles. If you have a difficult toddler, then it is best to pick your battles, too.