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The One Percent

Report: In 2009, Americans Paid Taxes At The Lowest Rate In 30 Years

Posted 07.11.2012 | Business

In 2009, Americans handed over the smallest percentage of their income to the government in 30 years. A major reason? Rich people paid less in taxes. ...

Saving Capitalism From Its Greatest Danger -- The One Percent

Allan Brawley | Posted 09.05.2012 | Politics
Allan Brawley

There is nothing inherently wrong with making lots of money but the present abuses of the capitalist system need to be fixed. Among other things, the wealth that is being accumulated needs to be earned honestly.

The One Percent And Mimetic Desire

Eric Simpson | Posted 09.01.2012 | Religion
Eric Simpson

We see other people fulfill or seek to fulfill their desires, and a kind of craving is born for the same object the other wants. This is why television advertising works. Desire is born from a concrete witness.

Sandusky Nation: The Powerful Abuse the Weak

Bob Burnett | Posted 08.29.2012 | Politics
Bob Burnett

Americans are aware that the powerful abuse the weak but we often turn a blind eye because we don't want to get involved.

You Don't Have To Be Larry Ellison To Own Your Own Island

Reuters | Posted 08.29.2012 | Money

(The author is a Reuters contributor.) By Lou Carlozo CHICAGO, June 29 (Reuters) - You don't have to be Larry Ellison t...

NOBAR: Could It End the Credit Gap and Get Banks Lending Again?

Adam Levin | Posted 06.22.2012 | Money
Adam Levin

I propose the creation of a new banking industry initiative called NOBAR (Nonstandard Borrowers Alternative Resource). Its mission is to help responsible individuals with bad credit scores -- where reasonable and appropriate -- secure a new mortgage or refi.

The Daily Szep- SUPERMITT

Paul Szep | Posted 08.18.2012 | Comedy
Paul Szep


The Daily Szep- rich guys

Paul Szep | Posted 08.15.2012 | Comedy
Paul Szep


Hamptons Twitter Feed Rips The Wealthy And Clueless

Posted 06.12.2012 | New York

We'd be worried about Joe Schwenk's career as a Hamptons "house watcher," if we didn't think he could probably be a successful comedy writer. Shwenk i...

What The 1 Percent Eats At The Ballpark

The Daily Meal | Posted 08.08.2012 | Food
The Daily Meal

In many stadiums, luxury suite fare is more varied than ever, from sushi bars to Mediterranean food for the true gourmet.

Democracy Improves Lives in China -- and Here, Too

Dave Johnson | Posted 05.31.2012 | Politics
Dave Johnson

Where democracy is weak, so is the economy for regular people. And when regular people are not doing well there isn't much of a "market." Democracy is the only economics that works.

The Daily Szep - CEO Salaries

Paul Szep | Posted 07.29.2012 | Business
Paul Szep


Why Are There So Few Latino Libertarians?

Daniel Cubias | Posted 07.29.2012 | Latino Voices
Daniel Cubias

Of course, there are Latino libertarians out there. But in general, talking Hispanics into espousing the Ron Paul agenda is only slightly easier than getting the pope to show up at the Stonewall Inn for a drink.

Here's What The One Percent Throw Their Money Away On Now

The New York Times | Paul Sullivan | Posted 05.27.2012 | Money

If there is one investment that has more to do with the heart than the head, it’s vineyards. It is also one that lends itself to jokes whose punch l...

Here's How Long It Would Take You To Earn A Top CEO Salary

AP | SETH BORENSTEIN | Posted 05.25.2012 | Money

WASHINGTON -- David Simon of Simon Property received a pay package worth more than $137 million for last year, and the typical CEO took home $9.6 mill...

Obama Has to Explain Why Fairness Is Essential to Growth (and Why Some Democrats Have to Stop Believing Otherwise)

Robert Reich | Posted 07.24.2012 | Politics
Robert Reich

Mitt Romney epitomizes the unfairness of the American economy in this new Gilded Age. For that same reason, Romney is the quintessence of an economic approach shown to be anti-growth and anti-jobs. The president needs to tell this to the American people.

Anarchists, Cops, the Super Rich -- It's New York 100 Years Ago

Rick Ayers | Posted 07.22.2012 | Books
Rick Ayers

In More Powerful Than Dynamite: Radicals, Plutocrats, Progressives, and New York's Year of Anarchy, many will find parallels to the current social crises, from the upheavals of Occupy Wall Street to the manipulations of the super rich.

Should the Super Rich Be Richer?

Rui Dai | Posted 07.17.2012 | Politics
Rui Dai

In the past few days, this fight was just sparked in a very interesting direction by TED censoring one of its own talks about U.S. inequality and publicity for the soon-to-be-published book by Edward Conrad.

Politicians Are Making Florida Good for Business But Bad for Floridians

Jose Suarez | Posted 07.11.2012 | Miami
Jose Suarez

Why isn't the so-called "well being" in Florida trickling down? Probably, because our politicians stopped working for us a long time ago.

We All Do Better When We All Do Better

Stan Sorscher | Posted 07.03.2012 | Business
Stan Sorscher

Lately, the public mood has gone the opposite way. Simply put, we are told that we will all do better when most of us do worse.

Welcome to the 2012 Hunger Games: Sending Debt Peonage, Poverty, and Freaky Weather Into the Arena

Rebecca Solnit | Posted 07.01.2012 | Politics
Rebecca Solnit

Collins's timely trilogy makes it clear that the 1%, having created a system of deeply embedded cruelty, should go, something highlighted by the surly defiance of heroine Katniss Everdeen who refuses to be disposed of.

Time for a 99 Percent Tax Revolt

Elizabeth Parisian | Posted 06.16.2012 | Chicago
Elizabeth Parisian

For the 99 percent of Americans who don't use lobbyists to bend the tax rules, Tax Day is a day for reflecting on why we pay taxes.

Obama vs. Romney: Class Warfare

Bob Burnett | Posted 06.13.2012 | Politics
Bob Burnett

Understanding Romney's perspective helps crack his campaign code. When Romney says Obama made the economic crisis worse, he means Obama did not follow Republican advice and do nothing; Obama did not stand by and let the economy crater.

The Politics of The Hunger Games

Bob Burnett | Posted 05.30.2012 | Politics
Bob Burnett

Sixty-three years ago, Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 turned out to be prophetic. Will that be true of The Hunger Games? Decide for yourself and "May the odds be ever in your favor."

Injured People and the One Percent

Don McNay | Posted 05.27.2012 | Business
Don McNay

Before I took the time to really study the legislation I called it Obamacare. I encouraged my Democratic Congressman to vote against it, which he did. Now I am calling it health care reform.