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Hong Kong's 10 Greatest Dishe

David Rosengarten | Posted 07.07.2013 | Taste
David Rosengarten

Here are the top 10 funky bites of my Hong Kong visit, arranged in a likely order of attack.

The Mediterranean's 10 Best Hidden Beaches

minube | Posted 07.07.2013 | Travel

With it's picturesque villages, laid-back lifestyle and world-famous cuisine, it's no wonder that the Mediterranean has been a go-to destination for summertime travelers for years. Here's a list of the top hidden beaches, tucked away in secluded corners and closely guarded by locals.

Watch Your Wallet Overseas

Christopher Elliott | Posted 07.07.2013 | Travel
Christopher Elliott

If you travel overseas, some merchants hope you won't bother to ask basic questions or do a little mental math before you plunk down your credit card. Don't turn off your brain when it comes to using money overseas. Because they're counting on you to.

Carnival Cruise Lines: A Prescription for Navigating Rough Media Waters

Lin Humphrey | Posted 07.06.2013 | Business
Lin Humphrey

Despite the criticism the line has received, Carnival has the opportunity to show great leadership in how it responds going forward. Here are five steps Carnival should take to improve its media problems.

Fellow Foreigners

Erin Michelle Threlfall | Posted 07.06.2013 | Travel
Erin Michelle Threlfall

It was her gorgeous hand washing ritual, made complicated by unexpected bathroom facility developments, that made me see her as a woman just starting a new adventure.

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Ask for on a Plane

SmarterTravel | Posted 07.06.2013 | Travel

From shrinking seats to ever-dwindling in-flight amenities, the airline industry really earns its tightfisted reputation. But if you know what to ask ...

Eight Perfect Suitcases You'll Want to Use Forever

SmarterTravel | Posted 07.06.2013 | Travel

The forever suitcase: defined as the one bag that will last a lifetime, be your constant companion on trips of all kinds, and meet your particular tra...

5 Right and Wrong Ways to Get Your Flight Attendant's Attention

Bobby Laurie | Posted 07.06.2013 | Travel
Bobby Laurie

Your flight attendant is a very popular person! With fewer flights comes fuller planes and a smaller flight attendant to passenger ratio. In fact, the...

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Buying Airfares Cheap

George Hobica | Posted 07.05.2013 | Travel
George Hobica

It used to be all so simple. Back in the days when the peppy stewardess (that's what they called them back then) would pin little plastic pilot wings ...

A Room with a Show: The World's Top Hotel Entertainment | Posted 07.05.2013 | Travel

-Julia Dilworth, Have you ever stayed at a hotel where the pool maintenance crew was also the evening entertainment? Sure, a lip-s...

Your Weekly Travel Zen: California

Brittany Binowski | Posted 08.28.2013 | Travel

This week's Moment of Travel Zen comes to us from Dianne Gowder close to the Terranea resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. I had just finished hiking...

8 Simple Steps To Guard Against Identity Theft When You Travel

Jim T. Miller | Posted 07.05.2013 | Fifty
Jim T. Miller

Most people don't realize that when you travel, your risk of identity theft increases. Here are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself while you're away.

Enjoy the Beach ... For $200 or Less Per Night (PHOTOS)

Islands | Posted 07.04.2013 | Travel

Vacations don't come cheap. Plane fare. Luggage fees. Cabs. Beach chair rentals. Even those umbrella drinks add up. So ISLANDS magazine has found some...

The Life and Not-So Crazy Times of a Travel Writer

Sanjay Surana | Posted 07.03.2013 | Travel
Sanjay Surana

Here are 10 things that I would like to, though never will, read in a travel writer's or blogger's bio.

The 60 Best Beaches In The World

Bridal Guide | Posted 07.03.2013 | Weddings
Bridal Guide

Unsure where to head on your honeymoon? Check out some of the most incredible beaches in the world.

Best Places to Travel After a Divorce (PHOTOS)

Travel + Leisure | Posted 07.03.2013 | Travel
Travel + Leisure

"I went through a bad divorce with a lot of heartache," says Lucie Muns, who went surfing in Costa Rica following her split. She found the ocean heali...

Why Do People Back Up into Parking Spaces?

Quora | Posted 07.01.2013 | Travel

This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Ben Reimers, Student of Everything It's much easier to reverse into a car space where r...

Coolest Hotel Amenities in the Hamptons

Oyster | Posted 05.03.2013 | Travel

Take a look at these hotel perks that make weekends away in the Hamptons even better!

A Guide To New Orleans and All Its Jazz

Dwight Brown | Posted 07.03.2013 | Travel
Dwight Brown

Yes New Orleans, Louisiana is steeped in history, culture, fine arts and friendly gregarious people. And all those ingredients seem to peak every Apr...

A Tourist's Guide to the New York City Subway System, or How Not To Be A D**K

Kyle Shamberg | Posted 07.02.2013 | Comedy
Kyle Shamberg

The best approach is to stare blankly straight ahead at a fixed point roughly 10-12 inches above the other passengers' heads. If you're feeling slightly more adventurous -- after all, you are on vacation -- you can always pretend to read one of the text-heavy advertisements over and over.

Home Is Where the Local Is

Global Yodel | Posted 06.28.2013 | Travel
Global Yodel

We reached out to our contributors and asked them to share pictures of their homes. Click through the slideshow below to meet a speedo-clad man named Cloudy Cloud, see a LA pillow fight and learn what happens when a group of travelers take over a 4,000-square-foot warehouse.

6 Tips on Finding the Best Italian Gelato

Andy Steves | Posted 07.02.2013 | Travel
Andy Steves

After many years exploring Italy's towns and cities sprinkled across the "touristy" spectrum, I've picked up a few tips on how to select the right gelateria for your newly-found discerning tastes.

Amazing Places to Swim With Sharks!

The Active Times | Posted 07.02.2013 | Travel
The Active Times

Nothing sends ocean swimmers fleeing for shore faster than a fin sighting. For some brave souls, however, the thrill of floating alongside these big fish far outweighs the fright. Here are the best places in the world to get nose-to-snout with sharks.

Amsterdam's Red Light District By Night

Viator | Posted 07.02.2013 | Travel

From tree-lined canals and museums by day, to an explosion of electronic music and illicit offerings at night, Amsterdam certainly lives up to its nam...

What To Know Before You Go To Cuba

Peggy Goldman | Posted 07.02.2013 | Travel
Peggy Goldman

It wasn't until very recently that American travelers were allowed to visit Cuba legally. But since The U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control...