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Turkey Kurds

The "Three Turkeys": Making Sense of 30 March Local Elections

Umut Özkırımlı | Posted 06.08.2014 | HuffPost Home
Umut Özkırımlı

The message these elections have hammered home, and here the "context" does matter, is the apparent lack of willingness on the part of these groups to continue to live together.

Kurdish Rebels Make 'Final Warning' To Turkey

Reuters | Posted 09.18.2013 | World

ISTANBUL, July 19 (Reuters) - Kurdish militants issued what they said was a "final warning" to Turkey on Friday to take concrete steps to advance a ...

Kurdish Rebels Start Historic Withdrawal From Turkey

AP | SUZAN FRASER | Posted 07.08.2013 | World

ANKARA, Turkey — Kurdish rebels have started their gradual retreat from Turkey to bases in northern Iraq, a Kurdish party leader said Wednesday,...

The Problem with Ocalan's Peace

Andrew Self | Posted 05.25.2013 | Politics
Andrew Self

This week, jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan made a historic call for the PKK to lay down their arms and withdraw from Turkey.

Kurdish Rebel Leader Calls For Ceasefire With Turkey

AP | MUCAHIT CEYLAN and SUZAN FRASER | Posted 05.21.2013 | World

ANKARA, Turkey — In a major step toward ending one of the world's longest, bloodiest insurgencies, the Kurds' jailed rebel leader called Thursda...

Fears and Expectations of Sykes-Picot

Taha Ozhan | Posted 05.18.2013 | World
Taha Ozhan

The Kurdish entity born out of the invasion in Iraq and the uprisings in Syria resulted both in exaggerated expectations and fears. This state, which in fact coincided to fears and expectations about Sykes-Picot, prevented a healthy analysis and discussion of the issue.

What Was It All For?

Andrew Self | Posted 04.05.2013 | World
Andrew Self

Ankara's recently acknowledged talks with jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan have spawned more questions than answers. Waves of speculation abound over the terms of the talks, the motives behind them, and their possibility for success.

Obama and the Kurdish Question: Drones Are Not the Answer

Kevin McKiernan | Posted 01.25.2014 | World
Kevin McKiernan

A few weeks ago, a U.S. diplomat disclosed that the U.S. had secretly offered Turkey a bin Laden-style assassination of the top leadership of a Kurdish rebel group. But the rebels aren't al-Qaeda -- and assassination isn't the answer to the Kurdish question.

Looking for Friends in the Middle East: Try the Kurds

David L. Phillips | Posted 12.03.2012 | World
David L. Phillips

Regardless of the outcome to Syria's civil war, the United States will have no friends in Syria except the Kurds. U.S.-Kurdish rapprochement would serve as a counter-weight to political demagogy and Islamist extremism.

Looking for Friends in the Middle East: Try the Kurds

David L. Phillips | Posted 09.25.2012 | World
David L. Phillips

Kurds understand that democracy and individual rights are compatible with Islamic values. The U.S. must not take its friends for granted and should take steps to consolidate friendly relations with the Kurds. Iraqi Kurds are proven, reliable partners.

Turkey and Syria: The Kurdish Dilemma

James Dorsey | Posted 10.08.2012 | World
James Dorsey

Syrian Kurdish assertiveness raises the question whether Turkey can sustain its opposition to the aspirations of the Kurds on its borders, or whether it would be better served by embracing a proactive Kurdish policy.

Dozens Of Kurdish Rebels Killed In Turkey

AP | SUZAN FRASER | Posted 08.05.2012 | World

ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkey's security forces have killed as many as 115 Kurdish rebels during a major security offensive over the past two weeks, the co...

Military Helicopter Crashes In Turkey

AP | Posted 09.21.2012 | World

ANKARA, Turkey — A Turkish paramilitary helicopter crashed Sunday in a southeastern region where troops are fighting Kurdish rebels, killing fou...

Kurdish Rebels Launch Deadly Attacks Against Turkish Military

AP | SELCAN HACAOGLU | Posted 08.19.2012 | World

ANKARA, Turkey — Kurdish rebels attacked Turkish military units with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades Tuesday in southeastern Turkey, spark...

Deadly Car Bomb Targets Turkish Police Station

AP | Posted 07.24.2012 | World

ANKARA, Turkey -- A car bomb driven by a pair of suspected suicide attackers exploded outside a police station in central Turkey, killing one policema...

All Eyes on Ankara: Can Turkey Lead in Syria?

Joshua W. Walker | Posted 06.12.2012 | World
Joshua W. Walker

For Turkey, leading on Syria and getting it right is critical. But Syria is a complicated challenge because of the interaction between domestic, regional, and international factors, which present Ankara with a nightmarish set of moving parts.

15 Female Rebel Fighters Killed

AP | SUZAN FRASER | Posted 05.24.2012 | World

ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkish forces killed 15 female Kurdish rebel fighters in clashes in southeast Turkey, officials said Saturday, in what is believed ...

Motorcycle Bomb Wounds 15 Policemen

AP | By SELCAN HACAOGLU | Posted 05.01.2012 | World

ANKARA, Turkey -- A remote-controlled bomb mounted on a motorcycle exploded in Turkey's largest city Thursday, wounding 15 police officers and one civ...

Blast Targeting Police Car In Southern Turkey Kills 1, Wounds 27

AP | Posted 03.20.2012 | World

ANKARA, Turkey — An explosion apparently targeting a police car killed one civilian and wounded 27 people, including seven police officers, in a...

Thousands Mourn Civilians Killed In Botched Air Raid

AP | CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA | Posted 02.29.2012 | World

ISTANBUL — Turkish Kurds vented their rage Friday over a botched military airstrike aimed at Kurdish rebels that instead killed 35 civilians, wi...

Report: Turkey's Air Force Kills At Least 20 In Raids

AP | SUZAN FRASER | Posted 02.27.2012 | World

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkish warplanes mistakenly killed 35 smugglers and other villagers in an operation targeting Kurdish rebels in Iraq, a senior...

The Kurdish Conflict: The Real Challenge to Turkey's Democracy

Alon Ben-Meir | Posted 02.04.2012 | World
Alon Ben-Meir

In the wake of the Arab Spring and Prime Minister Erdogan's championing of political reforms throughout the Arab world, it has now become more urgent than ever before to find an equitable solution to the Turkish-Kurdish conflict.

Turkish PM Apologizes For Thousands Of Kurdish Deaths

AP | SELCAN HACAOGLU | Posted 11.23.2011 | World

ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkey's prime minister apologized Wednesday for the first time for the killings of nearly 14,000 people in a bombing and strafing c...

Female Suicide Bomber Kills 2, Wounds Dozen

AP | Posted 12.29.2011 | World

ANKARA, Turkey — A female suicide bomber killed two people in Turkey's southeastern Kurdish region and wounded 12 others, authorities said. The...

US Withdrawal From Iraq: Good for America, or Good for Iran?

Haggai Carmon | Posted 12.23.2011 | World
Haggai Carmon

The Iranians are motivated to tear Iraq up not only because of the Iraqi oil; in the Middle East, injury to honor is never forgotten and must be avenged.