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World Economy

The Impact Of Russia's Currency Crisis

HuffPost Live | Rahel Gebreyes | Posted 12.19.2014 | World

As the value of the ruble continues to fluctuate, having lost about 50 percent of its value in the past year, Russians are stocking up imported goods ...

The Global Economy Is Flying on One Engine -- But There Is Turbulence Ahead

Nouriel Roubini | Posted 12.18.2014 | World
Nouriel Roubini

If the Republican Party takes full control of the U.S. Congress in the midterm election, policy gridlock is likely to worsen, risking a rerun of the damaging fiscal battles that led last year to a government shutdown and almost to a technical debt default. More broadly, the gridlock will prevent the passage of important structural reforms that the U.S. needs to boost growth.

Brazil's Economic Future

Uri Dadush | Posted 11.26.2014 | World
Uri Dadush

Cynics, critical of Brazil's unfulfilled promise, like to say that Brazil is the country of the future and always will be. However, a look at Brazil's long-term record cautions against excessive pessimism.

Will Rain Stop Play? G20 Team on the World's Economic Playing Field Face Nail-Biting End to Season

Sharan Burrow | Posted 11.10.2014 | Politics
Sharan Burrow

Australia is known to many people for its sunshine and sporting prowess. But every so often rain stops play. As G20 labor ministers gathered at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, a wall of torrential thunderstorms and flash flooding hit the city. And rain nearly stopped play.

India-Japan Ties: Investing in the future

Samarth Pathak | Posted 11.02.2014 | Politics
Samarth Pathak

The time is ripe to infuse energy into this historic relationship. Not only are both governments stable with visionary leadership but there is also a strong will among businesses and policymakers on both sides to build a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Economic Forces Are Mightier Than the Sword

Jack Nadel | Posted 10.29.2014 | Small Business
Jack Nadel

We should do more to help potential entrepreneurs in places where domestic economies are too weak to assist. If we give this effort a higher priority in our country's foreign policy, we can create a healthier balance of world commerce.

Future of WTO Negotiations Hangs in the Balance at G20 Trade Ministers' Meeting

Deborah James | Posted 09.18.2014 | Politics
Deborah James

On July 19, Trade Ministers from the G20 group of countries will convene for their annual meeting in Sydney, Australia. The meetings can be used to build consensus toward positions that can be brought back to forums where decisions can be enforced, such as the WTO. And this is exactly what the US plans to do.

Understanding Bitcoin

David Bergstein | Posted 08.05.2014 | Business
David Bergstein

Through recent conversations with various friends and colleagues, it has become apparent that Bitcoin is somewhat of a mystery to the majority of the population. The common query, even among seasoned investors, is inevitably, "What is Bitcoin?"

G7, G8, G20, IMF, World Bank and Other Exclusive Groups

Ilias Sourdis | Posted 06.16.2014 | Politics
Ilias Sourdis

Given the fact that all these problems are man-made and can be fixed by humans, it is time to ask these exclusive groups: How do they define success and accountability?

Why Third World Economies Are Catching Up To Us

Gil Laroya | Posted 06.08.2014 | Business
Gil Laroya

So I'm at lunch with my friends Jeff and Sharyn. They are experienced business development folks who work with a large corporation. As we discuss busi...

Bill Gate's Vision of World Prosperity: Global Income Convergence

Nake M. Kamrany | Posted 05.12.2014 | Politics
Nake M. Kamrany

In a recent statement Microsoft innovator and entrepreneur Bill Gates declared an optimistic world economy forecasting convergence of low and middle i...

The Paradox of Africa's Growth

Obadias Ndaba | Posted 04.16.2014 | World
Obadias Ndaba

Why is Africa's job growth so weak while its economic growth outlook is just fine, even robust? The reasons are structural in nature and three-fold.

China and Emerging Markets: Riding Wild Horses

Otaviano Canuto | Posted 04.05.2014 | Politics
Otaviano Canuto

The world has kept close watch on the ongoing downward adjustment of China's shadow banking system -- credit intermediation involving entities and activities outside the regular banking system -- with the near-default of a large trust product during the last few weeks being part of the worrisome news coming from the country.

Hong Kong 101--An American's Guide to The Asian Financial Forum

April Rudin | Posted 04.01.2014 | World
April Rudin

About two years ago, I visited Hong Kong for the very first time and could not believe my eyes. Traveling from the dated, fraying JFK airport in NYC to the shining, efficient airport in Hong Kong, my world view was immediately changed: It was the U.S. that was a third-world country, and Asia was vivid.

Econocide by Carbon

William S. Becker | Posted 02.18.2014 | Business
William S. Becker

The international community is on a runaway coal train, the train is speeding toward a terrible wreck, and there appears to be no way to stop it. That...

Look Harder, Work Closer, Lead Better: How to Meet the Challenges of 2014

Martina Gmür | Posted 01.23.2014 | World
Martina Gmür

When it comes to identifying potential solutions to the world's greatest challenges, leaders and policy-makers are still too often locked in an old world, one-dimensional mindset.

The World Economy's a Ticking Time Bomb (and the Fuse Is Lit)

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted 08.04.2013 | Business
Richard (RJ) Eskow

Respected economist John Kay is about to make a public statements which essentially says that the world economy is a ticking time bomb and global markets are a lit fuse.

Jeremy Grantham Has Bad News and Good News

Robert Walker | Posted 07.07.2013 | Green
Robert Walker

Grantham's greatest concern, though far from his only one, is that the world's farmers may not be able to produce enough food at affordable prices to feed the 9 billion or so people that are projected to inhabit the planet by mid-century or sooner.

Asia's Energy Future Comes With Global Responsibility

Pierre Gadonneix | Posted 06.26.2013 | Business
Pierre Gadonneix

The region's rapid economic growth has fueled its enormous energy consumption. However Asia's heavy dependence on fossil fuels threatens to cause serious damage to the environment as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere could double over the next 20 years.

Elevator Assets and the Rules for the New Mercantilism -- Israel, Russia, China and the United States

Edward Goldberg | Posted 06.07.2013 | World
Edward Goldberg

Israel, dubbed the "Start Up Nation," with its increasing economic dependence on technology, could be the first nation to see the beginnings of this covert clash between its human assets and its state policy.

Minding Afghanistan's Financing Gap

Borany Penh | Posted 06.01.2013 | World
Borany Penh

Afghanistan has journeyed through nearly thirty years of war and dislocation. It should be no surprise then that it may take just as long for the country to arrive in its own.

Fed: China Faces Dramatic Slow Down

Reuters | Alister Bull | Posted 03.27.2013 | Business

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Economic growth in China faces mounting headwinds and could fade dramatically in the years ahead due to declining productivity ...

Economic Resilience in Afghanistan

Borany Penh | Posted 04.26.2013 | World
Borany Penh

Many now worry that as Afghanistan transitions away from its dependence on aid, the economy will collapse. But to the surprise of my colleagues, I am even optimistic at times about the country's abilities to weather the transition.

Progress Comes At A High Price In Russia

Reuters | Posted 04.12.2013 | World

By Douglas Busvine MOSCOW, Feb 11 (Reuters) - Group of 20 policymakers have an ideal chance in Moscow this week to ponder whether mone...

Looking Forward: A New Paradigm -- A Renewed Commitment, a Common Vision for a Civil Society World

Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick | Posted 04.07.2013 | Business
Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick

This new Civil Society world will help restore trust in business and confidence in government. It will also let NGOs move from continuous campaigns towards common redelivery of civil commitments. We all have a stake. Now we must hold it.