02/04/2008 05:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tomorrow, I Vote for Women

For 3 women. One already in adulthood and 2 who watch her every day to learn what it means to be a woman. They are Michelle, Malia, and Sasha Obama.

Barack Obama will be a great president. He's the only candidate who actually, truly represents change. Change being a tangible difference. Something contrary to what we've been told is presidential, successful, American. Something my mom felt in Kennedy (both), my entire family felt in King, something I've never come close to until now.

Yes, i understand that there's never been a female president. And that it would be noteworthy. Noteworthy, but not change. I firmly believe that both Obama and Clinton are professionally capable, which has freed me to vote based on who i think will help shape America into a more egalitarian place. A position i relish greatly.

But I also understand that most of the people voting for Hillary are really voting to bring back Bill. Frankly, a Hillary win opens doors not for me, not for you, but for other women who are married to popular former presidents. And we all know that's a marginalized group who really needs our support.

I want Barack Obama in the White House. I want him to lead me. I want him to keep making me believe. I want his very presence to change the way we see each other. I want him to usher in an era where "black" is no longer synonymous with "ghetto."

I want someone raised by a poor single mother in the White House making decisions that will make life easier for others in his old shoes.

I want someone who has a badass, Harvard-educated woman at his side (not numbly behind him) fighting with him for women like me.

I want to see two beautiful black girls, wearing the same braids I had as a kid, playing on the White House lawn.

I want to see these things because I won't be the only one watching. I already have a job. I already went to Harvard. And was graduated. With honors. But it took a lot of people convincing me that it was possible for someone who looks like me, comes from a poor single mother family unit, and is told every day by the media that I should be snapping and shouting and "girl"-ing my way to "da club" instead of a country club, that I could do so.

I've grown up being attacked as "white" because i read a lot, and i got good grades, and my friends are all kinds of Benetton.

Michelle won't have that problem with Malia and Sasha. Because the simple fact that America saw fit to elect their daddy, despite his historically maligned heritage will give them and all generations to come the confidence to look detractors in the eye, thank them calmly for sharing their opinions, and respectfully disagree with a clear, unfettered, and overdue YES, WE CAN.