Talk To US: How Has The Recession Affected Your Family?

The financial crisis has had a profound effect on communities around the world. The International Labor Organization says worldwide job losses could reach 50 million by the end of 2009. As more and more people lose their jobs, families have had to make tough decisions on what to do and where to cut back.

How has the global recession affected you and your community? Have shops around you closed? Are bills piling up? How is your family's life different?

Show us and tell us about the changes in your life in a short video and post it as a response to this question. The most creative and compelling videos will end up on the Worldfocus TV broadcast and on the Huffington Post.

This is your chance to have a conversation with Americans about the economy and how it has changed your life.

Go to the Talk to US YouTube channel to upload your video. See it here:

Deadline: February 28

About Talk To US: In a partnership with WorldFocus and GroundReport, our Talk to US initiative invites people around the world to share perspectives on and help us shape international news.

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