"Glee" Goes Mobile

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Like millions of fans worldwide, I'm obsessed with the TV show Glee - it's High School Musical for adults. All the characters are brilliantly flawed with loveable dark sides, smart wicked humor, songs that I love and love to hate, and I see my own dorky high school self in each episode. I am also obsessed with mobile -- I follow Neil Diamond on Twitter and he tweeted about how much he loved the character Puck's rendition of "Sweet Caroline" on a recent episode.

Many will go through withdrawal during the World Series when Glee goes on brief hiatus. While you can follow Glee on Twitter, the show has taken it a step farther - fans can pick up their phones and leave messages and possibly even talk to the actors in character. Fascinating. They've partnered with social voicemail company SayNow. Their demo is largely teens - some studies say teens are much more likely to connect to voice messaging than to Twitter - the personal link is deeper and spam is less. The Jonas Brothers, for example, have received over 22 million phone calls from fans. The Jonas Brothers leave a message, fans call in and hear it, leave a message back, leave messages for other fans, and every once in a while may even get a live Jonas. Janet Jackson once answered a call from her SayNow account and the fan was so stunned he could only stutter "Janet??? On my god!"

But having Glee characters leave messages and interact takes it to a new level - fans interacting with fictional characters. Followers can dial 419-329-4868, the area code for Lima, Ohio, home of Glee McKinley High School.

It will be interesting to watch. How many fans will call in? Can it work for a TV show whose viewership touches multiple demos? Or is it really just a teen phenomenon.

Will voice ever be as big as Twitter? Call and find out.