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Tamara Henry
Inspirational filmmaker Tamara Henry, MA is a producer for Unbeaten (shortlisted for Best Original Song for the 83rd Academy Awards) and the co-founder/creator of Vanilla Fire Productions. She is the associate producer for the World War II film “Return To Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story,” narrated by Ed Harris.

Ms. Henry is a producer for various television shows including “Metro Motion,” a half-hour show featuring the impact of traffic in Los Angeles on the environment, carpooling and public transportation, which airs on a dozen cable television outlets across greater Los Angeles. She is one of the reporters for Santa Monica City TV 16, producing positive news and interviewing city leaders about issues that impact the community. Ms. Henry is a former WB and Fox evening news anchor who produced health and medical news. She also created and produced her own spiritual talk show interviewing actors, producers and directors, “IN with Tamara Henry,” which aired on Time Warner Cable Los Angeles.

Tamara has worked in television production for 14 years and produces in the studio and in the field with extensive coverage of red carpets for film festival circuits, award shows and celebrity events. She is a registered producer at Discovery Communications, having co-produced a film currently showing on the Military Channel. The movie appeared on CNN Larry King Live Dec 19, 2009.

Tamara has also appeared on “The Tonight Show,” “Access Hollywood,” Animal Planet, Oxygen, Style Network, Bravo, and USA Network. Tamara’s film acting credits can be seen at IMDb. In her newest venture, she is creator, producer and host of “Green T with Tamara” on www.GreenTwithTamara.TV.

Ms. Henry was Miss Arkansas USA 1997. She won the Fruit of the Loom – Quality of Life Award and the Community Service Award for an inspirational program about mind, body and spirit she created entitled “Promoting Health through Whole Person Wellness.”

Competing in the Miss Arkansas Pageant earned her scholarship money she used toward her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in radio, television and film. Since becoming a television news anchor in 1997, Ms. Henry has been giving back through a scholarship of her own: “The Tamara Henry Broadcast Journalism Award.” Now, she’s helping the nationally-televised 2010 Miss America Pageant to go green with the “Green Is Gorgeous” interactive eco-contest she produced for GreenTwithTamara.TV.

Ms. Henry has continued her education, earning a master’s degree in spiritual psychology with an emphasis in consciousness, health and healing. She is dedicated to conscious content and positive programming, and belongs to various Los Angeles groups that are dedicated to meaningful media and enlightened entertainment. Ms. Henry has worked as in the media covering Women In Film events throughout the years. She can be seen at recent Los Angeles Film Festivals, asking “whether film can change the world.” Ms. Henry has interviewed film actors including Morgan Freeman, Glenn Close, Sir Richard Branson and many more on deeper issues facing humanity.

Blog Entries by Tamara Henry

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In a time of mega-million-dollar special effects and 3-D spectaculars, it's reassuring to know that a good story with heart and soul can still move the Academy.

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