10/08/2013 06:03 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2013

Get Clients by Blogging - 7 Steps

I was a sales executive for many years in my corporate life. So I feel it's safe to say I've done more than my fair share of hitting-the-pavement and dialing-for-dollars.

When I left corporate America and started my own business everything was starting to change. The digital age was coming into play. There are so many amazing tools out there now and businesses' not taking advantage of them is blasphemy.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? According to Wikipedia, the Law of Attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

I want to introduce you to a new term, client attraction. The law of client attraction is about attracting your client by attracting them to you, instead of pursuing them.

I have filled a practice with clients using these techniques so I promise this works! However, it doesn't happen in a day. You do need to take time to build up content and a following but once you're there, it makes prospecting so much easier! Imagine never having to "dial for dollars" ever again!

The law of client attraction starts with having an ideal client profile that you have targeted for your products or services. It's too hard to sell to everyone in the new economy, we need to narrow down our focus, and do very targeted marketing. That way you can customize your marketing messages and everything you use to get clients specifically for that particular client.

Once you have identified your ideal client, you should know what their obstacles and needs are. What do they need to be more profitable in their businesses or have a better lifestyle? How do your offerings fit into that? How are you the answer to their problems?

When you write content for your blog it needs to speak directly to your ideal client in the language that they understand. You want them to identify themselves in your marketing messages. When that happens - they can sell themselves!

It's not about what you want to sell - it's about what your ideal client needs to buy.

Let's talk about the steps to get you well on your way to getting all the clients you need by attracting them.

1. Know who your ideal client is. As I have already pointed out you need to narrow your marketing focus and get a target in mind. You can really use the power of client attraction well when you are speaking directly to your ideal client. If your focus is all over the place, this strategy won't work for you.

2. Write content that solves their problems or fills their needs. I want you to imagine that you're the light bulb and your ideal clients are the moths. How are you going to write content that's going to pull them to you? How will you attract them? So in other words you won't be focusing on what you need to sell but instead what your ideal client needs to buy. What are their needs? What keeps them up at night?

3. Be known as a resource. Over time you will be seen as a resource because you have content that speaks directly to their needs. You'll gain credibility and leadership. This is when people buy from you. They'll see you as an expert that understands their business. This is how you'll build a tribe - your tribe.

4. Share where your ideal clients are. When you write great content directly for your ideal clients you want to make sure that you're building a tribe of them. You'll use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or wherever your ideal clients hang out, share the articles you write there.

5. Use email marketing for measurement. I'm shocked that more entrepreneurs don't use email marketing, it literally catapulted my business. Its power is good for so many uses but the one we're going to focus on right now is measurement. The incredible thing about email marketing is that after sending out a mailing you'll get very valuable data that you'll use for client attraction. You'll be able to see how many people opened your email, how many times they opened it, if they clicked on any links, and if they shared it. This is how you'll measure response and gage what your ideal client likes to read about the most. Then what will you do with that information? Yes, you'll write more about that topic.

6. Use Google Analytics. You'll use Google Analytics the in the same way you use your email marketing piece. How long does your ideal client spend on your website? What pages do they visit the most? What articles on your blog have the highest reads? Is your traffic going up? If it isn't, your marketing efforts need to be stepped up a notch. I'll just level with you and say if you don't pay attention to your analytics then you probably shouldn't waste time blogging. Just remember your analytics is the pulse of your website, you should always have your finger on it.

7. Develop premium content and grow your list. When you figure out who your ideal client is, and you start developing content that pulls them into your website you'll want to be able to connect with them on a deeper level. You need to have a strategy to get their email address. You should have on your home page or landing page what I call your irresistible offer. This will be premium content that you'll give to them free in exchange for their email address. So whatever your offer is, it needs to speak directly to your ideal client and make them want to give you their email address to get it.

If your list grows, your email marketing reach grows. When your email marketing reach grows, you'll get more clients. When you get more clients - you grow your business!

Stop dialing for dollars! Put a strategy in place today to start bringing clients to you!

See my video on client attraction below!

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