09/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Morning After Sex

Dear Matt and Tamsen,
I finally spent the night over at the guy's apartment I've been seeing and everything went really well. But the next morning, the conversation was weird. Any advice to keeping the sleepovers less than awkward the morning after?

Answer: The sun comes up and suddenly it's all clear. He sees your bedhead and you notice his place isn't quite as cool as it looked at 1am. The next morning after the first sleepover can be awkward no matter how relaxed and confident both people are.
Here are a few things that might keep the sleepovers as simple as the night before.

  • Don't feel the need to have a witty conversation ready and waiting.
  • Keep it low key. You don't have to have plans for the next rendevous, before you leave.
  • Exit gracefully. Just because you spent the night together, it doesn't mean he wants to see you for the next eight hours.
  • Let him miss you when you leave and let him call you before you return.

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