04/20/2008 10:52 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Poetry Beyond Words: "Mr. Mugabe, Go Gently, or Just Go"

Dear Mr. Mugabe

in case you weren't sure
it is time to go
i would say thank you but it is kind of hard
It is easier just to say goodbye
28 years of....well let's just say, it is enough

please don't make us mad
don't let us be disrespectful to a senior
be smart
it isn't polite to overstay your welcome

please pick up your bags and your friends
and go
but please leave your belongings are not really yours.

we don't really mind where you go
we would just prefer it if you went
your time is done

we are trying to be nice
you have done enough

please let us not wish you had never come
zimbabwe is not only yours
it is ours

don't burn your bridges
do not rage rage

rather go gently