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Poetry Beyond Words: Olympic Games: Bigotry, Strong-Arming, Boycotting and More

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I thought the Olympic Games were about
Running and Swimming and Triple Jump and
Ah! Gymnastics
Not about people dying in Africa
And religious bigotry
And corporate sponsorship
And Hollywood opinions

What happened to this world?
What is happening to this world?
Where the Ticks are suffocating the Host
Where every Move means Something
And the "Games"
Becomes an ugly game
And the real players are Forgotten

The Olympian
Dreaming of the moment
When the world
On the edge of its seat
Will come into one accord
Watching The Race
(Which is just that...A Race)
Holding it's breathe in a moment of Unison
Until the final second where the Best Man triumphs

A breath taking moment
Where a win for One
Becomes a win for us All.
A good clean fight to the finish
In a collective heartbeat
That no Picketing
Nor Lobbying
Nor Boycotting will ever achieve...

Can we come clean
And let the Spirit of the Games Pervade
And leave the Ugliness alone?

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