03/17/2008 10:37 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Poetry Beyond Words: Spitzer, Rooney -- A Few Bad Men?

they blame the law for letting these men in
saying we didn't do our research
before ushering them into their public roles

a man to be a leader of men
violating the trust of New York and his own wife

a man to be a guide for the children
violating the trust of our schools and an innocent child

it is not the law that let them in
it is the Land that breeds these men

this land where sex is cheap and everywhere
porn just one mouse click away
it heaves heavy upon us all

these men
you may say
are not bad
but just unlucky
they got caught

for the two of them
there are a million more
scuttling around
like naughty boys
sacrificing their lifeforce and manhood
for what?

boymen growing up on masturbation
learning to worship this obsession called sex
and losing their minds and morals

perhaps the truly courageous men
are not testing their manhood
through clandestine blowjobs in public restrooms

but rather are the ones turning from
instant gratification

toward the wholeness of themselves
their women and the Land