01/23/2008 10:15 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Pure Love -- On Heath's Passing

Michael, Kurt, River, Owen and Heath
What were they doing?
Alone in a moment when no one was watching.
How could they get themselves into these messes?
Suicide? OD? Tragic twist of circumstances?

To the edge.

These are the most loved men in the world.
And it seems they just don't love the world back.
These beautiful people
And they don't really want to be here.

Dying in the adoring.
All of us loving them and yet they die or are dying alone.
We love the glamour of who we think they are
And right before our media-ted eyes
Our heroes are falling.

Can we let our grown men cry?
Can we let our heroes share their wounds?
And let them be loved just for that.

Before we frighten them away and lose another.