10/09/2013 06:32 pm ET Updated Dec 09, 2013

How to Be One of Those People

Last time I spoke with you, I talked to you about that little voice inside of our head that says, "Who are you to do that?"

This week I want to talk to you about being "one of THOSE people."

When I was growing up, I heard about "those people." The people that had money, that traveled, that had amazing experiences.

There was something inside of me; even as a little girl that knew I wanted that!

I want to talk to you about the courage it takes to be one of "those people."

Sometimes we see people accomplishing something we really want and we say to ourselves: "Well, she is probably one of those people."

What if we said to ourselves, "Wow, I wonder what it is, that I require to embody, to be one of those people.

What if instead of judging we asked ourselves, "What are those people doing or feeling to allow that into their life? I wonder what I can learn from those people?"

A couple days ago we were taking a walk. There was a gorgeous, huge house right on the coast. I stopped and asked myself, "I wonder what those people do? I wonder how they are living this incredible dream!"

Instead of being envious and pushing it away, we said, "I wonder what those people got going on?!"

So this week, find someone you want to embody. Instead of judging them, learn from them! Be inspired. Learn to embody that energy.

What do "those people" have that you are ready to bring into your life?

P.S. I happen to be right now on a little get away with my family in Italy. You have to see this view. Yes, I'm allowing myself to be "one of THOSE people."

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