07/24/2013 01:07 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2013

How to Follow Your Intuition

I'm back in France, without my mask on this time!

I have a confession to make. It has to do with my Indie... My intuition.

So, a few weeks ago I had this idea through my Indie: I got an Indie insight that I wanted to do this Timeless Evolution Tour. I felt deep down in my Indie and Intuition that I was supposed to do this.

But to be honest, as it got closer, I almost canceled the tour!

There was so much going on already, I wondered, "Can I really do this?"

I wasn't sure. I had a lot of resistance.

My Indie reminded me though: "Wait a minute. There's something here for you. Follow me, follow your intuition."

The times we feel resistance are also the exact moments we require to follow through.

So here's what happened:

At the end of the first tour stop, I started to feel a little tired, a little cranky.

But my husband told me there was somebody going to be at the next tour stop that was really special.

It turns out, it was Heather: Heather was one of my mentors when I first began my journey. She was one of the first people that really assisted me in stepping into my desires.

I couldn't believe it! After not seeing her in five years or more, this was a big deal.

She shared in front of everyone what it was like to witness me stepping into my desires. It was so beautiful, so honest, and incredible. It rocked my world.

My opportunity to evolve and receive took me to the next level. My Indie knew there was something here for me.

When we follow our intuition, and when we know we are supposed to do something or supposed to be somewhere, I want you to trust that. Even when it gets closer and we get a little nervous. That's when we are supposed to follow through. Show up and evolve.

One of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves is to follow our Indie and intuition.

I am encouraging you to step into this today.

What happens when you follow your Indie and take take that next step forward? I'd love to hear from you below in the comments.

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