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How to Get Inspired

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I am at the top of a mountain in the French Alps. It feels amazing!

I wasn't like this just a little while ago.

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You know those days when you would rather just stay in bed? When my husband asked me if I wanted to go skiing this morning, I was still in my pajamas and to be honest, I sort of wanted to just go back to bed.

So how do we give ourselves permission to keep moving, get out of the house, or do something spontaneous? How to we give ourselves permission to experience how we want to feel?

This is what I do: I feel into what it will be like after I've created movement. How am I going to feel after I've spent a day skiing in the sun with my kids? How will I feel after I go an event? How will I feel after I go to yoga?

Focus on the feeling of how you will feel will experience when you have created movement and motivation. That will gift you the motivation to get out of the house and into the experience. Don't get stuck on how you're feeling trying to prepare for it.

Leave me a comment. What are your tips for getting out of the house, and into experiencing your life?

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