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How to Stop Making Excuses

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I'm joining you from the Phoenix airport on the way home from our Timeless Evolution Tour. (Yes, I am receiving a mud mask!)

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Even though I'm in the middle of a big travel day, I wanted to show up for you. As women, we often time makes excuses for why we can't show up. This gets in the way of receiving our desires.

One of the things we do as women is that we say this to ourselves , "I can't do (blank) because I'm not (blank)" (organized enough, rich enough, powerful enough, thin enough -- you can fill in the blank).

How many times have you found yourself moving in the direction you want to go and then catch yourself saying "I'm not (blank) enough?" We let that stop us, and we use this as an excuse to not receive what we really want in life.

So today, I want you to choose the thing you really want. Maybe it's the relationship. Maybe it's a certain amount of money. Maybe it's a client.

1) Make a list of everything you are really desiring.

2) I want you to make a list of all the reasons why you're not (blank) enough. List all the excuses that come to mind (Example: I'm not rich enough, I'm not pretty enough).

3) Then, go back through it, and write down the exact opposite. Say what you really want is the relationship, but you find yourself saying I'm not pretty enough." Write down the opposite (Example: "I'm not ugly enough." or "I'm not poor enough)."

Again, write down the exact opposite of your excuse. You're going to start to change what you've been holding onto into your mind. This process will help clear the energy and help you realize you are ready.

You absolutely have everything you require to step into what you desire.

Leave me a comment: What are some of your excuses for not stepping into your desires? And what are you really ready to receive?

I'm going to go wash my face now!

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This is for your Indie; she loves clearing negative energy.

Your New Yorker knows this will help you prepare and receive so you can take action.

Your Frenchie expands and receives her desires.

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