How To Get Away With Sleeping On The Job

04/08/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Tired at work? Are your mornings feeling like Groundhog Day? Can't seem ever to catch up on sleep? Falling asleep at work? I totally feel you! What if you could catch some shut eye while at work without getting busted by a co-worker or your boss? There is a special sleeping technique that can refresh your body and mind, and no one will even know you're in recharge mode!

When we feel like we discover something, we are usually uncovering or realizing what has always been there. The laws of nature are always present, waiting for us to tune in. We have our whole lives to delve into and absorb as much as we can. The more we work to remove our fears and insecurities, the more aware we become of the interworkings of the universe and tap into the laws of nature, which to most will appear like we're doing some magic trickery.

Sleeping while appearing awake. Totally do-able. I know I'm not the only one with a crazy schedule who has felt like there is not enough time in the day to get it all done, and definitely not enough time to sleep. But I have begun to tap into a "law of nature" that seems to be working. Let me know what you guys think, if this works for you, or if this is one of those laws that you've already discovered and is as common as the blue sky.

Law of nature One. Go to bed. Don't think that you can cheat nature or your body for an extended period of time and everything will continue to work as it should. Get yourself to sleep already!

Law of nature Two. Carve out your boundaries. I've learned that the more I streamline what my actual tasks are and where I'd like to direct my energy, as opposed to where I let my energy go in an unaware state of mind, the more energy I have to place where my intentions are. Boundaries are good! Use them and know where they are.

Law of nature Three. Disengage. This is the real secret. You can sleep on the job when you disengage from unnecessary activity in your surroundings. This is the yoga / meditation / whatever you'd like to call it. When we find the balance between strength and flexibility in our bodies, we can extend that into our lives. It works the other way around also. Work to peel away your own fears and insecurities. A big part of that is disengaging from other people's fears and insecurities. Getting wrapped up in unnecessary mental and physical activity drains us. When we emotionally and energetically disengage from draining moments, we go into recharge mode, which is almost as good as sleeping in on the weekends.

The results may look and feel like magic, but it's really just aligning with the laws of nature.