05/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Simple Ways to Deal With Distractions (VIDEO)

Distractions can take us in an exciting direction, but most often borrow our attention briefly without much resistance, and take their sweet time giving it back. Distractions lure us in with an easy escape and then trick us by stealing our attention.

Our lives are full of distractions and that's life. The sounds of the street, the thoughts in our minds, family on-goings, tasks at work, and Facebook friends, oh my! I surely have had my moments working away on my book, Slim Calm Sexy, (Rodale/Women's Health, shameless promotion) and finding myself on an endless chain of web surfing that starts with Twitter or Facebook and leaves me in the same place an indefinite amount of time later. It's not good. I've had to disable my wireless to get work done at points.

The good news is, the book is with the designer and it is finished, but distractions are still all around. I've learned a bit on how to deal with them. It's more like maintenance and acceptance. Like the laundry. You can't get mad at the laundry because it keeps filling the bag no matter how many times you wash it. Well, I suppose you could get mad at the laundry, but that's pretty silly if you think about it. You can get mad about anything. And that's the hook right there. When we allow distractions to wobble us away from ourselves that's when our intuition starts to fade and our focus dulls.

There are simple things we can do to set up our lives so we are less easily distracted, like making our bed in the morning (I have problems with this one) and straightening up our work area (problems with this one too), but I'm trying to make time for these simple things that can result in saving time and maintaining focused energy, which we all can use a good dose of.

And then there is meditation -- a straight-forward practice that I'm aiming to normalize into mainstream American culture. Why? Because it's good for you! And if you have a bad reaction to the word yoga or meditation because of a not-so-good experience with a teacher, yoga studio, or group of yoga people, or eh hem cult, I don't blame you. I have too! The practice of yoga is for you, and can't be owned by anyone, so don't let the bullies scare you away. They are full of fears and insecurities and feel the need to control and possess. Grown up life presents the same challenge as grade school. Interesting, but when we realize we can navigate with ease and lightness.

Meditation (and yoga) isn't a religion. It brings you back to YOU. That feels so amazing and aligns you with your creativity, intuition, and sets you in a state of energized inspiration. Yoga isn't attached to a specific style, leader, or group. It is available for all of us to enjoy, like air, or water (well that whole issue of free water is getting pretty tricky) but for now, lets say air. Yoga and mediation exist whether we choose to acknowledge or practice. It's like a tree. You can walk by the tree and inhale the oxygen it provides consciously or unconsciously. You'll still be benefiting from the tree.

Here is a straight-forwad short meditation on dealing with distractions. Enjoy!