The Daily Fix: No More Excuses!

11/17/2011 09:02 am ET
  • Tara Stiles Named Yoga Rebel by the New York Times, founder of Strala Yoga.


Working women finish deadlines, fire off countless emails, make time for family and friends, stay engaged in current events, and so much more, all with efficiency and ease. Why is it that wellness slips so easily down the priority list? Alexa L. Fishback's The Daily Fix answers all your questions and concerns, and provides manageable solutions to maintain wellness. While Fishback is sympathetic to your challenges, be prepared to have every one of your excuses debunked, and get ready to optimize your health and surprisingly enjoy every minute of it. Have no fear, the scary word "diet," along with all of the emotions adhered to its personal history, is a welcomed no-show in this handy read.

The Daily Fix raises an interesting point: that highly-functioning women who hold great jobs and sustain healthy relationships often give their health last priority. I cheered after reading the following. "If you are eating well, are on a routine schedule, and are working out regularly, you will feel better, look better, and be more competent at work. You will not face the day groggy and irritable, rather you will be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. Remind yourself that your health and well-being should be your first priority."

The Daily Fix speaks to women in a language with which they are familiar: task management. Fishback assigns the job of personal health analyst to the reader. Outsourcing and spreadsheet programs are not required. The Daily Fix solution is simple. A simple mathematic equation weighs your daily consumption against exertion and points to a caloric range to stay within, alongside a range of goals from shedding pounds to maintaining current weight.

Fishback's system is extremely practicable. She also grazes the sociological and ethical areas of food consumption, giving the reader just enough of an appetite to continue research. Areas of probing include fair trade, pesticide and mercury levels, high fructose corn syrup, organic, local production, and a variety of health claims.

The Daily Fix is a well-packaged informative guide to maintaining health that speaks to highly capable women in their own language. It's a necessary read for any woman who has seen wellness slip down her to-do list and has the desire to bring it back to the top.


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