09/23/2011 11:02 am ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

How Will Voters Respond to Obama's "Buffett Tax"?


President Barack Obama's proposed "Buffett Tax" will improve his re-election prospects, according to the Tarot cards. Setting up a guideline to ensure millionaires aren't paying lower tax rates than middle income Americans will help Obama connect with the 99% of voters still waiting for the immense wealth concentrated in the top 1% to trickle down.

The King of Cups at the center of this spread is symbolic of the kind of leader voters are looking for right now -- someone with lots of genuine "I feel your pain," Clinton style empathy. The cards on either side paint a picture of Americans hanging on to middle class status by their fingernails and fearing that they will soon lose their grip and fall into poverty.

The Page of Pentacles indicates that voters' hopes at this point are modest. They aren't looking for miracles, just some improvement and the feeling that things are moving in the right direction. On some level, the voters understand that what we have been going through isn't so much a recession as it is a global economic restructuring; and anyone running for president needs to understand that this race isn't so much about the economy as it is about empathy. It's the empathy, Stupid, that matters most this time.

The Lovers and The Devil provide a point and counter point -- the voters long for more cooperation in Washington, signified by The Lovers, and they are frustrated by the gridlock they see instead, signified by The Devil. The Ace of Wands, in combination with the Knight of Swords, says that Americans are ready to be inspired again, by a Knight riding in on his white horse.

I sense that The Queen of Swords in this spread represents Hillary Clinton -- I drew a clarification card for confirmation, and the card that came up, The World, would seem to indicate that, yes, this is indeed the Secretary of State. These cards would say that the president has sought Mrs. Clinton's advice on this domestic matter and she has some reservations about the Buffett Rule.

Perhaps, like her husband, she supports the Buffett Rule in principal but is concerned about the timing. Maybe she would agree with the assessment President Clinton gave when he appeared on Face the Nation on Sunday and advise waiting for the economy to recover before raising taxes as part of a "long term" deficit reduction plan. (I know. I confess to the ultimate sin of assuming Bill speaks for Hillary. Forgive me, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit.) Or, it could be that she agrees with Mark Penn, her 2008 campaign strategist, who recently blogged on Huffington Post, "Obama -- Don't Bring Back Class Warfare."

But getting back to the voters, the Ten of Pentacles "covering" the King of Cups would seem to indicate that most Americans believe in a progressive income tax and see a certain amount of "wealth redistribution" as appropriate. The card to really watch in this spread is the card in the Outcome position -- The Chariot. This card represents the will of the voters and suggests that, in this presidential race, middle class Americans are looking for someone to champion their cause.

Key to the Cards:

1 - The Subject - King of Hearts
2 - The Environment - Ten of Pentacles
3 - The Obstacle - Queen of Swords
4 - The Ideal - The Lovers
5 - The Foundation - Knight of Swords
6 - The Past - Four of Pentacles
7 - The Future - Five of Pentacles
8 - The Attitude - Ace of Wands
9 - The Influences - The Devil
10 - The Hopes/Fears - Page of Pentacles
11 - The Outcome - The Chariot
Clarification Cards: The World, Page of Cups