Will Obama's Job's Bill Pass?

09/12/2011 11:58 am ET | Updated Nov 12, 2011


Question: What will be the outcome of the legislative process concerning the American Jobs Act?

1 - The Subject - The Empress
2 - The Environment - Knight of Wands
3 - The Obstacle - Nine of Cups
4 - The Ideal - Page of Cups
5 - The Foundation - Judgement
6 - The Past - Three of Cups
7 - The Future - Ace of Wands
8 - The Attitude - Four of Pentacles
9 - The Influences - The Sun
10 - The Hopes/Fears - The Devil
11 - The Outcome - Temperance

Interpretation: I predict success for the Jobs Act, due in no small part to Obama's willingness to fight for it (Knight of Wands). As I began this reading, I noticed the light from a nearby lamp was shining too bright in my eyes, which I interpreted to mean that Obama will draw the media's spotlight to the jobs bill. The Sun card in the position of Influences would also support the interpretation that media coverage will be critical to the bill's success.

There is a sense that a great deal of creativity and inspiration went into the drafting of this bill (The Empress, Page of Cups, Knight of Wands), and it was put together in a spirit of cooperation (Three of Cups). I see a complex relationship for Obama with his Republican opposition. I see Republicans representing the most privileged (Nine of Cups) holding tightly together in a very disciplined way; however, I see Cantor (Page of Cups) as willing to work with Obama to get a modified bill passed. Like Obama, Cantor sees this as a "make or break" moment for himself and his party. There is a sense that the time is right for this bill and Americans want to see something happen on jobs. The way I interpret these cards, Cantor understands that the Republicans need to redeem themselves, or suffer the consequences of the Debt Ceiling Debate Debacle at the ballot box.

Obama sees this as a critical "do or die" moment for his presidency (Judgement). He is full of inspiration and vigor for this new project (Ace of Wands). His greatest fear is gridlock (The Devil). But he will succeed in creating bi-partisan support for a balanced bill (Temperance). A modified form of the bill will pass, and Obama will gain support by making the bill as appealing to fiscal conservatives as he can (Four of Pentacles).