10/11/2011 02:05 pm ET | Updated Dec 11, 2011

Republicans Will Have a Fundraising Field Day With Occupy Wall Street


I predict that Occupy Wall Street will be a campaign cash cow for Republicans. If you've ever wanted to pull back the curtain and look behind the scenes at how the Republican message machine operates, these Tarot cards will give you a sneak peek.

In the center of the spread is the King of Swords, signifying FOX News president and mastermind Roger Ailes, sitting upon his throne. The Four of Cups on his far left indicates that he regards Occupy Wall Street as a serendipitous gift -- one he plans to fully exploit. The Wheel of Fortune suggests that Ailes believes the protests may be the game changer the Republican Party needs to sway independents decisively in their favor. The card to his right, the Three of Wands, depicts him gazing out into the future with visions of 2012 victory dancing in his head.

The Nine of Cups, representing the environment surrounding Ailes, symbolizes the strict message discipline Republicans will display on this issue. The Knight of Wands and Page of Cups, above and below Ailes, symbolize the brilliant Republican strategists who are busy crafting that message. They are spending every waking moment framing the Republicans as champions of Capitalism and the American way, who are keeping the marauding mobs at bay.

These cards practically hum with the industrious energy of operatives working at full throttle on a strategy they believe will bring them that much closer to victory. By the way, don't be surprised to see Chris Christie, represented by the Knight of Cups, becoming a point person for this message, as he auditions for the attack-dog role he could play as a vice presidential candidate.

The Two of Pentacles indicates that President Obama is in an awkward position, trying to juggle, in his typically cautious style, competing interests and views. Protesters are voicing their disapproval of Obama's 2008 decision to bail out banks and Wall Street. The president needs to defend the decision he made when the economy was headed for a cliff, and at the same time embrace the "we are the 99 percent" sentiments of Occupy Wall Street. If Obama doesn't champion the middle class with the same enthusiasm as OWS, he doesn't have a prayer of being re-elected.

The Nine of Pentacles in the Outcome position indicates that Republicans will raise a great deal of money through their demonization of the Occupy Wall Street movement. However, there is a wild card in this spread. The Four of Swords in the Obstacles position indicates that "Reagan Democrats" who have been voting against their own economic interests for decades might just wake up and smell the decaf Carmel Macchioato.

Many a regular guy has been played for a chump by Republicans, but, the placement of this card indicates a real chance that Joe Six Pack is getting wise. If Occupy Wall Street can make inroads with this huge portion of the electorate, they might have discovered the elusive defence against the dark arts of Roger Ailes.

Key to the Cards:

Subject -- King of Swords
Environment -- Nine of Cups
Obstacle -- Four of Swords
Ideal -- Knight of Wands
Foundation -- Page of Cups
Past -- Four of Cups
Future -- Three of Wands
Attitude -- Knight of Cups
Influences -- Two of Pentacles
Hopes/Fears -- Wheel of Fortune
Outcome -- Nine of Pentacles