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Taryn Haight
Taryn is a professional writer and editor living in New York City. She is currently the Marketing Manager for Ultra Records - the leading independent electronic music label. Ultra's current and international roster includes artists deadmau5, Benny Benassi, Kaskade Above & Beyond, The Bloody Beetroots, Wolfgang Gartner and others.

Prior to her current position, Taryn helped to launch DanceOn as the YouTube network's first Music Supervisor. Taryn also worked as the Staff Editor for Track Entertainment and Editor of, the largest nightlife resource guide on the web covering electronic music, nightlife news and events across the country.

Taryn has interviewed numerous world-renowned artists including Mick Fleetwood, David Guetta, Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Erick Morillo, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Holy Ghost!, Pendulum and many more. She was also the Editor and Manager of five national blogs hosted on Clubplanet, which have received recognition on prominent entertainment sites including Page Six, Eater, BlackBook, Guest of a Guest and more.

Prior to her position at Clubplanet, Taryn held the title of Music Editor at The Daily Free Press and Assistant Editor at The Paris Times. Her passion for music can be traced back to years of studies in piano, cello and music theory and is apparent in numerous past published works.

Entries by Taryn Haight

Sundance Music Festival: 5 Ways to Grow the Live Shows Without Overdoing It

(0) Comments | Posted January 30, 2012 | 4:48 PM

It was night two of my first Sundance experience and I had yet to see a film. I wasn't planning on seeing one, either.

But that didn't mean I wouldn't see any actors. Off-screen I had spotted them all over Park City -- sloshing in their furry boots up and...

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The Civil Wars: Fighting the Indie Music Battle and Winning

(8) Comments | Posted January 25, 2012 | 5:08 PM

To start an article by saying that things have been tough this year for indie bands would not be entirely true. Sure there are still hundreds of thousands of indie artists fighting to make it on their own or get picked up by a major, but as a whole, 2011...

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T-Mobile and Google Music Launch "Magnified Artists" Music Store at Sundance

(0) Comments | Posted January 23, 2012 | 4:31 PM

"In the spirit of Sundance," as Google's Director of Digital Content for Android, Jamie Rosenberg, put it, Google and T-Mobile have paired up to launch "Magnified Artists" -- a new promotion behind the launch of Google Music's Artist Hub, which allows indie artists to connect and sell music more directly...

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Interview With Mick Rock And Photos From "Rocked" At The W Downtown, NYC

(0) Comments | Posted December 19, 2011 | 7:18 PM

The recipe for a quality rock 'n roll photo is typically simple and standard: put a badass rock star in front of the lens and a photographer blessed with an eye for composition behind it. Let a few hours pass, a few photos develop and the whole process culminates with...

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Mick Fleetwood and Nicole Atkins Bond in First Episode of Cabo Wabo's "Off The Record" Series

(7) Comments | Posted October 11, 2011 | 8:28 AM

When asked how she and Mick Fleetwood were getting along at their first arranged meeting, Nicole Atkins responded nonchalantly, as if the two had known each other for years.

"This is what I do with my friends back in Brooklyn -- have drinks and talk about bands," she said. "So it's nice to talk music with the person who's actually in the band."

The pairing of "rock's royalty" with "rock's future" is the premise behind Cabo Wabo Tequila's Off The Record series -- a collection of filmed conversations and jam sessions between two musicians of similar stylings, separated only by their generations. Mick and Nicole were the first to test out this venture -- the former being the drummer and founding member of legendary rock group Fleetwood Mac, and the later, a Brooklyn-based blues-rock singer whose voice channels the same commanding tones as that of Stevie Nicks.

Mick and Nicole connected this past August at Fleetwood's on Front Street, Mick's newest restaurant venture set to open in early 2012 in his hometown of Maui. Over a glass of tequila and a few hours, they delved into untold stories of touring, music making and everything that falls between, as cameras recorded the landmark encounter.

"The Off The Record series is something long overdue and highly invaluable to aspiring musicians and music fans alike," said Mick. "Bringing together musicians of varying ages and genres to discuss common experiences gives a one-of-a-kind insight into our craft and world."

While the footage achieved is no doubt historical, contextually it's only a fragment of their immediate and undeniable chemistry, which rolled naturally even when the cameras were off. The full weekend spent on the lush Hawaiian island felt comparable to a tourist's attempts at capturing the Road to Hana in photos: though the video reveals a fascinating snippet of their many parallels, nothing can compare to witnessing the two musicians interact in person.

"How it came about couldn't be more perfect and more meaningful for what we get out of it," said Mick. "And that is the truth. There's probably a lot more than what ends up on the tape."

For three days, their banter flowed in a seamless nostalgic dialogue. Mick recounted scenes from years blurred by cities, songs and heavy doses of dangerous living and Nicole responded with effortless comparisons to her own parallel adventures. The two seemed cosmically destined to meet -- sharing influences, a love of the sea and a soft spot for the Peter Green era of Fleetwood Mac. Nicole even covered the band's hit "Oh Well" at her album release -- coincidentally, one of Mick's favorites from the Fleetwood Mac archives. For two artists with such complementary qualities, it's amazing to think that their paths could have just as easily not crossed.

"It's sort of uncanny, really," said Mick. "I knew a little bit about her, but nowhere near this. And that's made everything sort of fluid and seamless."

The exceptional pairing could have never been certain, but with Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer and Van Halen frontman, Sammy Hagar, behind Cabo Wabo, it was clearly not left up to chance. Hagar founded the tequila brand back in 1996 and has since dedicated a large portion of its focus to showcasing talented up-and-coming artists. Another similar campaign run by the tequila brand is grounded on the same motives. Cabo Wabo's Your Shot To Rock, a battle-of-the-bands type contest, aims to propel the top rock bands in America into the limelight.

"Cabo Wabo Tequila's association with rock music is well known," said Hagar. "And we have always been strong supporters of new artists."

But the support coming from Cabo Wabo's Off The Record series runs deeper than just helping a new artist get noticed -- especially since Nicole is not really new to fame. The songstress, wise beyond her years, has already married and divorced a major label (Columbia) and just last year turned to indie label, Razor & Tie, to release her second album, Mondo Amore.

"Some people define themselves by the car they drive. I don't play music to impress people, I play it to share something," said Nicole. "That unwillingness to compromise what you're doing because art is really important. And if that's what your whole life is based around, then you're lucky."

Embarking fearlessly on this unchained, unlabeled phase in her career marks an ideal time for fans to get to know Nicole personally, making Off The Record's timing perfectly relevant for her.

While Nicole has been spending time renovating her career, Mick has been renovating in a more concrete sense. The musician has been busy readying his new restaurant, set in a building that dates back to 1916 (coincidentally the same year his mother was born). The aim is to transform the historic venue in appearance and appeal to a restaurant, music venue and cocktail refuge, fully stocked with Mick's own Private Cellar wines. Mick stresses that the establishment is going to be a "real working restaurant" rather than a "shrine for Mick Fleetwood," shifting the focus from his name to the names of the local artists that venue aims to attract.

There have also been hints to other stirrings in Mick's musical career. Rumors of a Fleetwood Mac album and tour and have been buzzing about, and although the details are constantly shifting (in typical Fleetwood Mac character), Mick has at least confirmed that it's something on their radar.

"Latest thing is I met with Stevie [Nicks], and in truth, her album is creeping along. It's going from one sort of thing to another and she's not sure she's going to be ready to tour next year," said Mick. "Right now, for the tour, I am deferring to Stevie, but at the very least, the tour will not happen until late next year. With Stevie, this is one of those things that you just don't know. For now, she's loving what she's doing, and in truth, we'll all see soon."

Removing themselves from their own personal happenings and their initial reasons for getting involved with Off The Record, Mick and Nicole found a more profound side to participating in the series. The two got an up-close-and-personal look at another artist shaped from the same mold and grounded by the same foundations, and in turn, they each got a closer look at their own personal knowledge and accomplishments.

"[Nicole] has done something really lovely to hand over. And I have a little bit of that, maybe more of it than I realize," said Mick, getting a bit teary-eyed. "I get reminded by people around me and I think, 'what have you done?' I'm being reminded about what I've done with our new little liaise here, which really makes me emotional."

There's no word yet who Cabo Wabo will pull together for episode two of Off The Record, but cheers to hoping it's two more artists, similar to Mick and Nicole in the sense that they can be inspired and driven by their introduction.

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Interview With David Guetta: Where Pop Music Meets Dance Music

(0) Comments | Posted September 23, 2011 | 4:53 PM

It may be a bold statement, but I doubt there has ever been a producer to cross over from the electronic realm to the world of pop as smoothly and as successfully as David Guetta. The name, which has long been synonymous with French house music, has transitioned to mainstream...

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The Rapture Make a Comeback, Play SPIN Headquarters

(0) Comments | Posted September 22, 2011 | 4:20 PM

To avoid a complete cheeseball cliche, I'm going to scrap the end-of-the-world nonsense and say it like it is: The Rapture are back and sounding exactly as I remember them -- like a flawless rock/pop/dance melange, distinguished by their reliable drums, unmistakeable vocals and one hell of a steady cowbell.

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Recap: Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2011

(2) Comments | Posted September 15, 2011 | 9:27 AM

Year after year, venue after changing venue, and killer lineup after killer lineup, Virgin Fest holds on to its reputation in 2011 as one of my absolute favorite festivals of summer.

It doesn't span three massive days like Electric Zoo, look out over the breathtaking Gorge like Sasquatch or round...

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The Perfect Balance of Art vs. Science

(2) Comments | Posted August 11, 2011 | 4:43 PM

A few months back, I wrote a blog (or rather, a sermon) preaching the importance of experiencing music live. Living in an overly-saturated, underly-differentiated era of mass music production, I have started to get more and more concerned about the distractions: auto-tuned vocals, laptop-manufactured basslines and piles upon...

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A Darwinian Evolution: Introducing Darwin Deez

(1) Comments | Posted July 13, 2011 | 12:22 PM

After about a year of procrastination, I finally sat down to watch Exit Through The Gift Shop -- a documentary detailing the life of an overnight street art celebrity by the name of "Mr. Brainwash." The story is told by the originator of urban art terrorism, Banksy, who grew to...

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Social Media: Allowing Youth to Rule the Electronic Music Industry Online

(0) Comments | Posted May 5, 2011 | 5:55 PM

I'm at the age where it's hard to distinguish which is a better compliment -- being told that you look much younger or being told that you seem much older. The middle ground is an odd chasm to straddle when you're looking for both the credibility that comes with age...

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10 Electronic Music Acts to Catch at SXSW

(2) Comments | Posted March 10, 2011 | 2:43 PM

With Miami festivals WMC and Ultra hogging the electronic music scene this month, Austin isn't exactly the first place you'd target for a deejayed dance party that can press on til sunrise. It's a thick scene for the indie rock bands and raspy guitar-strumming folk singers, but nestled between them...

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9 Websites for Music Lovers

(19) Comments | Posted February 3, 2011 | 1:00 PM

A few months back, one of my favorite sources of raunchy, honest commentary -- a Twitter handle by the name of @NotGaryBusey -- ousted MySpace as "The PT Cruiser of the internet." Like most funny and offensive jabs, the humor here is planted firmly in truth. The website, which was...

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Music for Ecstasy's Sake

(46) Comments | Posted January 7, 2011 | 2:45 PM

There's nostalgia and truth in the words Eminem rattles off bluntly. "Nowadays these kids don't give a shit about lyrics. All they want to hear is the beat and that's it, as long as they can go to the club and get blitzed." I've never considered Eminem the type to...

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Why Music Should Be Experienced Live

(7) Comments | Posted December 20, 2010 | 12:30 PM

After sitting on the question of what to write all week, I eventually landed on one common theme that has been following me around effortlessly: Making new friendships, letting go of old friendships and revisiting friendships that work has gotten in the way of have filled the past seven days...

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Trying to Fit a New Song in a Square Hole

(3) Comments | Posted December 13, 2010 | 2:47 PM

I am hugely critical, and hypocritical, of the way people categorize musicians. It's not that I'm some omniscient music guru or even fully immersed in the industry; I just hate how everyone (myself included) tries to squish some artist into a premade mold in order to make sense of his...

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