07/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bachelorette Week Three Recap: "Do You Have Any Questions For Me?"

They say that love don't come easy, and apparently song lyrics don't either. This week, Wes played the same one line of his song about 18 times. True, this may be the result of editing, but I like to think the song only has one line.

Also, I feel compelled to mention Tanner P's foot fetish, because although this one-note joke has run its course, it has not ceased to get screen-time. Tanner P put it best when he said: "I'm not here for an agenda, I'm here to suck on some toes and to meet Jillian."

Throughout the episode, Jillian kept asking the guys if they had any questions for her. So, in honor of the most repeated line of the week, yes Jilly, I do have some questions for you.

What was the best part of the first date, a one-on-one with Ed?
a.) Helicopter! As I told Ed, I got to pop his helicopter cherry! (And this season's helicopter cherry, thanks ABC!)
b.) Belaying slowly (soooo sloooowly) from a high-rise building.
c.) Getting to know Ed's soul. As if learning that he likes dive bars and karaoke wasn't personal enough, he also shared the fact that he struggles to balance his work and personal life. Deep.
d.) Having my thoughts interrupted by kisses - again! It's my favorite thing.

Date 2 was a group date to a real live movie studio! What was your favorite part?
a.) The fact that all 11 guys wore green and black shirts. What are the odds?
b.) Getting to kiss 7 of the guys, one right after the other. Acting is tough!
c.) Tanner P's cowboy costume. It looked like Tigger had died on him!
d.) Kissing Robby. He seemed nervous, but then he made me feel soooo comfortable. That's why I gave him the rose.
e.) The love scene between Mike and Michael. All the other guys seemed to really like it too. Like - a lot. Hmm...
f.) Being in that hot tub with 11 guys! You know how I love hot tubs. . . .

Why did you send Sasha home after your date?
a.) Like I said, Sasha's never been heartbroken. And I need a husband with emotional baggage.
b.) I know I said I liked that story about how he almost died once in a car accident. But really, the whole time I was listening, I was like: Eeee too serious. (That's also why I sent him home on the bus.)
c.) I think he might have, like - problems. He said he was looking for a mythical unicorn, and I might be all the way from Canada, but I know unicorns don't exist. I hope he finds some help.
d.) He has a girl's name!

What is your favorite thing about Juan?
a.) How that vaguely Latin music plays every time he approaches. How cool is that?
b.) How he compliments my clothes. He can list like, every outfit I've ever worn on the show.
c.) How he's teaching me Spanish. I already know one word! No, wait, I can't remember it. . .
d.) How he interrupts all my conversations with other guys. Especially when I'm about to kiss them.

Why haven't you gotten rid of David, even though he is clearly crazy with a side of anger management issues?
a.) All that swearing gets me hot. The more he drinks, the more he swears, and I just wanna drown him in booze.
b.) He's looking out for me. Seriously. He just wants to make sure my suitors are there for the right reasons.
c.) He's so manly! Did you see how he tried (and failed) to get the other guys to start a rumble with Juan? Oooh almost fight!
d.) He said he's used to getting "attention and what not". I need to know: what is this mystery "what not"!

Who is your favorite Seemingly Normal Guy Who Never Gets Camera Time?
a.) Reid. Like I told him, if there were two roses on the group date, he totally would have gotten the second one!
b.) Mark
c.) Tanner F. No wait I kicked him off. . .
d.) Hmmm. Does Wes get a lot of camera time? Cuz I like him.

You had a lot of great lines this week. Which one are you most proud of?

a.) "I know I'm paving the road to my happiness"
b.) "I know it [love] isn't all peaches and cream"
c.) The word "wicked". I am totally bringing it back!
d.) "They say that love don't come easy" Oh wait- that's Wes' line. It's so catchy!

Booted: Tanner F. and Bradley. Both were pretty inconsequential.
Drinking Game Tally:
Kisses: 16.5 (the half was a cheek kiss)
Hand holds: 6
Jillian outfits: 17!

Next Week's Game:
David gets bleeped
Wes breaks out the guitar
The words "abOUt", "sOrry" and "Eh". We're going to Jillian's hometown in Canadia!