06/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Bachelor : Riverdale Edition

So we all know by now, Archie is proposing to Veronica. He has chosen the glamorous snob over All American Betty. (The Molly over the Melissa, Shayne over Chelsea or Deanna over Jenny, if you will.) But I have some serious questions to ask, before Riverdale's favorite single red-head takes the plunge.

1. Is Archie really ready to put his heart on the line?

2. Is he sure he isn't going to change his mind and go back to Betty? (And if he does, will Veronica get her own show? I mean comic book? And is that what she really wanted all along?)

3. Finally, why are Betty and Veronica still fighting over Archie? Have the past 50 years of Archie's indecision taught them nothing? (Like, say, maybe he isn't ready to make a commitment?) Besides, haven't these women noticed how long Jughead's fingers are? Just saying...

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