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Anna Almendrala


Beer Float Showdown 2012: LA Cools Off With Two Indulgent Treats (PHOTOS)   |  Anna Almendrala   |   October 1, 2012

GLENDALE -- With LA's year-round sunny weather and unusually hot summer, it's a wonder there aren't more beer floats on the menus of local restaurants....

'GQ' Names The 5 Best Beer Cities In America

  |   October 1, 2012

Beer is one of America's favorite beverages. We love high-end craft beers, bottom-shelf cheap beers and everything in between. Each city has a favorite beer,...
Jason Gilbert


Blossom One Limited: Former Apple/NASA Engineers Create $11,000 Coffee Machine   |  Jason Gilbert   |   October 4, 2012

Apple design and NASA engineering have finally come together to make the Blossom One -- but it's not a sexy-looking space shuttle that's really easy...

The CD Turns 30: The Top 9 Things We Used To Love About It

The Huffington Post   |  HuffPost Tech Staff   |   October 2, 2012

Do you remember the thrill of your first CD purchase? Or the hours you spent making a mix and picking the perfect songs for your...

Mushrooms As Building Material For Architectural Structures And Furniture By Philip Ross

HuffPost Home   |  Shana Ecker   |   October 1, 2012

We were always told to eat our vegetables, but never to sit on them.

Cooking Light Magazine's Light Up The Night (VIDEO)

  |   October 4, 2012

With the recent focus in food moving toward healthier eating, many people are looking for recipes that are just as flavorful without all the calories...

Thanksgiving Recipes: David Rocco's Key To A Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

CP   |  Lois Abraham, The Canadian Press   |   December 1, 2012

TORONTO - Celebrity chef, TV show host and cookbook author David Rocco says Thanksgiving is his favourite holiday."It's really the spirit of what holidays should...

How To Make Jim Meehan's Croquet Cooler Cocktail (VIDEO)

  |   October 4, 2012

Yes, it's technically fall, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy those last warm and summery days of the year without a cooling cocktail in...

How To Throw A Brunch Party That Will Energize (Not Sedate) Your Guests

  |   October 1, 2012

The beauty of brunch is that it can be as complicated or simple, as elegant or casual, as health-conscious or splurgy as you want. But...

World Vegetarian Day 2012: Celebrities Who Embrace A Meat-Free Lifestyle

  |   October 1, 2012

While we tip our hats to the meatless population every Monday, this upcoming week is particularly significant: October 1st is World Vegetarian Day, kick-starting Vegetarian...

Vein-Shaped Wine Carafes By French Artist Etienne Meneau Are Stunning (PHOTOS)

  |   October 1, 2012

French artist Etienne Meneau was inspired by the grape vines of Bordeaux when he fashioned these amazing wine vessels. But we have to admit, we...

Neil Patrick Harris' Food Porn Collection (PHOTOS)

  |   October 2, 2012

If you don't know about Neil Patrick Harris' food obsession, proudly announced via his Twitter feed dedicated entirely to food porn, we're here to tell...

How To Make Cookies On The Stove

  |   October 1, 2012

There are constant truths we hold on to in life: The sky is blue. The laws of gravity keep us rooted to the earth. And...

Recipe Of The Day: Black-Bean Turkey Chili

  |   October 1, 2012

Sadly, fall means summer has come to an end. But, it also means chili season is just beginning. And chili season is something to be...

Bacon Weave: Get Bacon In Every Bite

  |  Julie R. Thomson   |   October 18, 2012

What better way to celebrate dodging the aporkalypse (man, that was a close one!) than with a quick tutorial on how to make a bacon...

Goji Berry Recipes (PHOTOS)

  |   October 1, 2012

Known as one of the superfoods, goji berries (a.k.a. wolfberries) have become increasingly popular among the health food crowd because they're packed with antioxidants. The...
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