11/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Clinton, The Closer

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

All doubters come forth.

Watch, listen, release any qualms you've been harboring.

Bill Clinton joined Barack Obama last night in Florida and lit it up. Nothing was spared. No question remains.

"Are you ready for a new president? And are you ready for this new president? ... .. Barack Obama represents America's future and you've got to be there for him next Tuesday. ... I want to say a few things that he can't say on his own behalf. ... There are four reasons they ought to be for Barack Obama. ... Number One: The philosophy. Number Two: The policies. Number Three: The ability to make a decision. ...Number Four: The ability to execute that decision and make changes in people's lives." - William Jefferson Clinton

Obama's got the right philosophy. America works from the ground up, not from the top down.

"They talk about redistributing the wealth. They just presided over the biggest redistribution of wealth upward since the 1920's, and we all know how that ended." - William Jefferson Clinton

There is no one who can talk about economic justice and the importance of equality like the Big Dawg.

"Nobody, nobody, makes the case for change that works for the middle class like President Bill Clinton. Nobody. And while I'm at it I also want to say just a little something about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton -- applause -- because I learned from her and President Clinton as a candidate. I'm proud to call them my friends. I know how much we'll need both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton in the months and years to come. Florida, I think you'll all agree with me that we all wish that the last eight years looked a lot more like the Clinton years when he was in the White House." - Barack Obama (video)

There was no one who could close in Florida for Barack Obama like Bill Clinton, the last Democrat to win that state in a national election. He did it with class and generosity of heart and spirit, with his usually WJC style and intellect, and without any reservations whatsoever.

The rest is up to you.