Reporting from the Capitol

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET
  • Taylor Marsh Political writer and cultural voyeur, author and speaker.

by Taylor Marsh


The vote is on to make Nancy Pelosi the first female Speaker of the House. An exciting moment in history. We are watching it on a beautiful flat screen TV in the blogger room.

The other headline of the day: RANGEL BOOTS VEEP.

Charles Rangel has evicted Vice President Dick Cheney from his office in the Capitol, and the Harlem heavyweight is moving into the prime digs today, The Post has learned.

As you can tell by the photo of Matt Stoller above, we are all having a very fine day.

Earlier I had an interview with Rep. Louise Slaughter. She is terrific and a real heroine. We talked about a few things, which I'll share in the interview when I can get somewhere to upload it. When I turned the questioning to Iraq, I also mentioned Senator Reid and the bipartisan tone struck earlier today with Senator Mitch McConnell. Slaughter's reply was that the Senate was in a lot better shape than the House, because of Republican senators who want a change in Iraq.

It's here I'd like to offer a comment from the cab driver who took me to the Capitol today. We were listening to Reid talk about the new spirit of getting along when he was about to turn off the radio. I asked him to leave it, please, as well as turn it up. After Reid finished the guy went off. Why is impeachment off the table? The Republicans did votes in the dead of night... on and on he went. He lost a son in Iraq. He wants Bush impeached. I tried to explain to him that investigations are long overdue and coming, but it did nothing to console him. He wants Rep. Conyers turned loose and said so in no uncertain terms. Nothing I said could dent his ire.

Back to the blogger room... Rep. Patrick Murphy swung in quickly. He has his little baby girl with him today and said he may come back through with her. If so, I'll nab a picture.

I must tell you that everything is running like clockwork here. Karina and Jesse Lee from Pelosi's office have done a great job. We even got lunch. Bill Scher, Chris Bowers, Josh Orton of Senator Reid's office are all here. Tracy from the DNC, as well as everyone from PoliticsTV and Americablog. But it is Americablog's Rob from Baltimore who got me online and is trouble shooting all connection issues. He's amazing. Thanks, Rob!

...and right now Nancy Pelosi is on the verge of being the first female Speaker of the House. I know, I already said that, but this is huge. Some of us have been waiting a lifetime for it to happen.

by Taylor Marsh